Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What are the roots of common disease?

When I was living in Annapolis, MD, I saw many clients that had cancer.  I still see many clients that have cancer as I live in North Carolina.  Why do some people get cancer and other people escape the ravages of cancer?  How can we help ourselves and each other to “save ourselves” by living a healthier life? Our ability to get cancer is dramatically enhanced by the foods that we eat, the liquids that we drink, and the air that we breathe.  Therefore it is not just the foods that we must change, but we must change what we drink, how we think,  how we live, and the “toxins” that we spray and use in our homes. 

Some people truly believe that “we are protected by the government, big business, and the medical community.”  This is not true.  Doctors die of cancer in the same way that other people die of cancer and so do the people that manufacture drugs.  Business people, farmers, all human beings, die every day from cancer.  The cancer frequency makes us look at ourselves and ask “why?”  Why are we creating cancer?  Why are we dying from cancer?  The answer to these questions is “the chemicals that we are putting on our soil, that we are ingesting, breathing, and rubbing on our skin” are the very real ways that we get cancer.

Newspaper headlines read, "A Decade Later, Gene Map Yields Few New Cures: Despite Early Promise, Diseases' Roots Prove Hard to Find." What are the roots of common disease?  What is the common denominator in everyone’s life?  We all eat, drink, and breathe, therefore each of us live with the “risk” of disease and especially cancer, no matter how hard we may try to prevent cancer by restricting the chemicals in our foods and in our physical lives.  There is a secret to keeping ourselves healthy and happy.  Learning to stay young and healthy, which is what I teach, should be our goal.  My first book, The Joy of Health, was written in 1989 and it is now going through its second printing.  The Joy of Health is the first of my eight books total and it is the focus of my classes this year, which I offer here in Pittsboro (NC), at the Community House.  We must all learn what it means to live the “Joy of Health,” and to stay happy and healthy in our own physical lives by the way that we think, breathe, eat, and drink.  We are increasingly toxic to our own human energy, body, and brain.  It is time that we begin to understand our own personal energy and the energy of other people.

The WHO predicts 21 million annual cases of cancer by 2030.  Cancer is a dreadful disease, but it can be prevented, and often healed completely once we intimately understand what is causing our cancer and heal those specific aspects of our life that are supporting cancer. My intention is to work intensely with people to really understand how to live the Ethical Values as the behaviors of our thinking mind, which actively creates the joy of health and prevents disease. Getting the Ethical Values to feel like our normal behavior is how we shift our conscious focus in life from a physical focus of survival as a one-life being to eternal life as an energy being.   Our behavior, speech, and lifestyle always reflect the level of energy that we are living, therefore we must change the way that we think, the emotions that we live, the senses that we live on a daily basis, and our own physical belief systems.  The more intensely that we can understand energy, the easier it is to consciously work with our energy fields to help protect our physical life.  Just because we have not been taught about energy, does not mean that we cannot learn “energy” and help ourselves strengthen our consciousness reality to get more out of our physical life and our relationships.

Changing our lifestyle and our thinking into a healthy program of healing can add many years to anyone’s life, but we have a personal responsibility to be consistent with our changes and growth.  We have to do the work to reap the benefits.  Once we understand our health, we can live the fun and excitement of our physical life, as we bask in our health, joy, and optimism.

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