Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Difference Between our Actual and Potential Brain Development

The most important internal physical approach to expanding our intellectual knowledge is an adequate and healthy blood supply to our brain provided by our oxygen, water, and nutrition, to insure the credibility of the chemicals that are internally operating the electromagnetic energy of our brain as well as our entire body. These same chemicals affect the sensory stimulation that we use to trigger our seven physical senses on all three dimensions of our consciousness, which expands our aware consciousness of the everyday life that we are living.

Our soul has designed relationships into our life to act as the fiber of our physical experience. Without relationships we would not trigger our aware consciousness into its different levels of expansion nearly as efficiently. We also use our environment of family and friends to trigger our growth. As we act out the behavior of our precise level of consciousness, we receive feedback from our family and friends by their acceptance of our behaviors or their challenge of us because of our behavior.

It is always important not to reward bad behavior or the ego consciousness of the soul thinks it has reached its destination of perfection and will try to control the behavior of everyone else in its life to match its own perception of perfection. Positive feedback for negative behavior has been common in the journey of untruth, and fear from the beginning of our soul descent. Every facet of our physical lives in our immature soul journey has supported the inappropriate behavior of religion, family, science, medicine, politicians, education, and society.

Our brain is known to have one hundred trillion brain cells with only five to ten percent considered to be developed and used. Those brain cells that we have developed have only a limited number of messenger cells acting as neurotransmitters that connect them. The difference between our actual and potential brain development is immense. Because we focus our consciousness in a linear direction we don't grasp the reality that our consciousness must function in a clockwise motion, forming a complete cycle. Our immature soul mind functions counterclockwise as chaos, with a linear focus to the ego. It is the scientific intention to identify the precise point for each function of our body within our brain. This is impossible because that creates limitations upon our brain and ignores our mind and emotional consciousness. The only factor that limits our consciousness is our beliefs. Every brain cell has the absolute potential of every cell.

Our brain is like an endless beach of sand where we sit fearfully aware and intensely focused upon a single grain of sand as our reality. In focusing upon the single grain we worry about our survival. If we knew the drama that we have lived as a soul we would laugh, and laugh, and laugh at ourselves. Our fear limits us and it is one of the most ridiculous concepts that we have created because it denies the joyfulness, beauty, magnificence, and wisdom of our soul.

The Joy of Health is our Journey Home.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I am an ovarian cancer survivor and live with multiple sclerosis, I also believe as your brain does and as your soul does. I laugh every day.