Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is our Spirit Consciousness?

As human beings we are created as energy and matter. Our energy gives life to our matter. Where does our energy come from? Our energy comes from the chemical pattern that is our Spirit design which is part of us as our Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Consciousness energy is also part of our human design and it is the part that teaches us how to live, how to grow and change, and how to be Spiritual Beings living in physical matter. The chemicals that make up our human design from our Spirit Consciousness are “smart chemicals” that know themselves and their intention. Without our Spirit Consciousness energy as “smart chemicals,” we would not be living beings.

We have a human responsibility to our Spirit Consciousness energy that encourages us as humans to constantly seek new levels of growth and change. This keeps our energy growing and changing as it moves us closer and closer to truly understanding ourselves as both energy and matter. Without the internal chemical energy of us, we would not be living beings. If the chemical energy of us could not create us as physical matter, we would not have the internal design for our eternal growth and change. But we do have and we live in both energy and matter as human beings, which means that we are designed for constant growth and change as a thinking mind and physical body. We must remember this simple chemical philosophy of us before we can open our thinking mind to growth and change. When we believe that we live only one physical life, we lose the ancient memory that is hidden within our cells and we focus on external physical beliefs to help us remember the truth of our internal self.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of us as human beings. Our Spirit Consciousness is unique to us as human beings, but as human beings we must consciously learn about the design of us before we can understand ourselves as energy beings living in matter. Spiritual Philosophy has taught us about our human design for thousands of years. But in the last two thousand years, we have gradually pulled away from the study of ourselves as an eternal Spirit Consciousness Energy and we have focused upon ourselves as primarily physical beings that live one physical life and that are dependent upon “Jesus” to be saved. Jesus is a metaphor for our internal Spirit Energy of Consciousness that is the eternal energy of how we save ourselves. It is because of this human design that we must learn about ourselves and begin to take personal responsibility for who we are and how we live. Once we can fully accept within our thinking mind that no one is responsible for saving us but us, we begin to look at our thinking mind expansion as having a real purpose in our growth and change.

Why are we making ourselves sick to death? We are attempting to capture our attention to awaken us to the reality of our own chemical self-abuse. When we are consistently making ourselves sick, we must understand why this is happening to us and how we can take back our power of healing and health. As human beings, we are designed as both energy and matter. The energy of us is our eternal Spirit Consciousness energy. The matter of us is our physical body. We are designed as chemical matter which relies on the purity of the Earth, Nature, and the Air to keep us healthy and happy as human beings. When we pollute our Earth, Nature, and Air, we pollute the three things that we use to restore and maintain our chemical health. When we pollute the cells of our human body, we pollute our Spirit Consciousness as the energy of our cellular design as a human body. When we destroy the energy of our Spirit Consciousness that lives in the cellular design of our physical body, we literally destroy ourselves and our chemical energy fields. When we begin to heal, we begin to think differently and we restore our health and happiness as our Spiritual levels of human life.

We must each look within ourselves and make the decision to change, or we won’t change. No one else can change for us. As we begin to change how we think, we begin to change how we act as physical beings. For many years we have been on a landslide towards the bottom of our awareness levels. Now we must change if we want to be happy, joyful, and excited about our human life. Change is no longer our option, because it has become a necessity if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Physical change is our external journey of internal change and growth. We can never separate the two. As we learn the truth of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, we begin to see how important change is and when we recognize the energies that we are working with to change, we become excited about who we are and our goal of change as a human being who wants to understand the energy of us.

As a human being, we are energy and we are matter. When we think that we are simply matter as human beings and we do not recognize our own internal energy, we do not know and live from the truth of who we are. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us who we are as Spiritual Beings living as energy and matter in a physical world. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy (in the Pythagorean Concepts) since 1984. We must go back to this level of learning so that we can understand where we have gone astray in our teaching concepts and correct them, one by one. We are Spiritual Human Beings as energy living in matter. Many of our teachings have been totally wrong, but we have learned them anyway and we have lived them. Now is the time for change, so that we can change the energy of ourselves from sick to well, of our country from sick to well, and of our society from sick to well. Come join us for a Sunday class or a three-day weekend conference.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Power of Spiritual Knowledge, Pythagorean style

Bust of Pythagoras of Samos,Capitoline Museums, Rome

One thing Popes do is study Spiritual Philosophy! Pope Benedict's visit reminded me how people seldom understand the teachings of Spiritual Philosophy. Spiritual Philosophy has been forgotten by the masses. Spiritual Philosophy is necessary for everyone to learn before we can begin our internal journey of growth and change as a human species. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us about the dual patterns of us and why we must live these dual patterns as a Dual Soul to truly shift into and understand the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. Knowing that we are a Trinity of Consciousness as a Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness that is living within our physical body to guide us through our physical lives, helps us to thoroughly understand ourselves and our potential for Spiritual growth.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy that gives us life as a physical being. Our Spirit Consciousness guides us in our life through its three focuses of the structure of our brain. We have a thinking mind and loving emotions that are the design of the Dual Soul that is part of our Spirit Consciousness. The other part of our Spirit Consciousness is our infinite senses that make up our Cerebellum, which is a distinctly Spiritual part of us that allows us to use the energy of our Spirit Senses in a physical manner. This helps us to see that when we believe that we have only five physical senses, we do not understand our human design in the way that we should, therefore we know very little about our brain in general.

We are energy, which has its source in our brain, and we are matter, which has its source in our physically designed body. Our matter cannot live without the energy that is generated within our brain and that flows into our body through our Nervous System. Our nervous system is a system of neural tubes that contain strings of chemicals that flow constantly through our body and come from the foods that we eat. The chemicals that we eat and drink become the chemicals that flow through our nervous system to create the energy that gives us life and health, as well as disease. When we eat the wrong foods and drink chemically contaminated water, we do not supply our human body with the chemicals that it needs to stay healthy and happy. Without the right foods and water, our human body cannot function in health and happiness.

An understanding of the Spiritual Design of our human body and its need to live from the foods and water of Nature and Earth has been known for many centuries. These were the teachings of Hippocrates in 400 BC. Therefore the information on how to stay healthy and live for hundreds of years is available to us. That does not mean that we cannot get some form of infectious disease and need medicine, but it does help us to understand that we can improve our health through the purity of our air, foods, and water, all through knowledge and follow-through in our daily lifestyle.

I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy in the Pythagorean style since 1984 because every human needs this information to help them see the truth of our human design and how to take care of themselves. To me, Pythagorean style means that Pythagoras thought of every living thing as spirit energy. He defined everything in proportion to itself, then to Nature, and the Universe. Everything is divisional, and also part of a Whole. We are fabulous human beings with a flawless physical design, and it is pitiful that we have not been taught the truth of who we are so that we can do our best to avoid disease and death. Our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness has been designed to help us “Know Thyself” and to avoid the pitfalls of our physical reality. We can learn to live from this knowledge and help ourselves to stay happy and healthy as human beings. We cannot understand ourselves when we look at ourselves as simply physical beings. We are first and foremost “energy” beings living in matter, which helps us to understand that when we expand our energy of thinking, we increase the health of our matter. Join us at our monthly classes and become a believer in the power of Spiritual knowledge.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Male and Female Competition: Personality in Bloom

views from the Rigmor House

Our need for covert relationships is nothing ecept our own lack of "self-confidence" which we are attempting to hide from ourselves. We are struggling to learn the lessons of life, even when we are denying our need to change and grow within our own thinking mind. Our fears come from many roots of life and it is important for us to understand what we gain from living our fears.

Male and female competition is the impetus for growth and change within the human species. As we interact with each other and especially the opposite sex, we begin to grow and change as our memories are triggered, and the overall picture of our human journey falls into place. As each person grows, they challenge other people to grow and change to keep up with them as their sense of competition is triggered. Throughout history our journey of competition has waxed and waned as we have attempted to understand each other through the roles of our interactive male and female relationships. Competition has been a major issue between the male and female form the very beginning of life on Earth,and jealousy has from the beginning played an enormous role in the male and female interchange as an energy polarization. We are designed to learn the opposite before we can learn the truth about our internal design of Ethical Values. As we have lived our competition, fear, and jealousy, we have been attempting to learn the value of living our communication, compassion, and cooperation.

The design of our competition is coming from the fear and jealousy roles of the male and female within our societal structure. As the roles begin to merge, we feel less competition towards the opposite sex and we feel more love. We have never fully understood the competition that we have each lived in our attempt to change and grow, but once all of us as human beings can understand that we have been competing against ourselves with our thinking mind focused on competition and our emotions focused upon fear and jealousy, we will see the effect of competition internally and externally, which will give us the internal freedom to stop our competition and live our equality as our true Spiritual design. We are made to balance each other in every aspect of our human design. Once we can accept that the male and female are equal as a Spirit Consciousness, the focus on our sexual difference will fade from our thinking mind, and we will accept the male and female equality as the asset that it is in living the truth of ourselves in our interaction.

Competition in today's world is acted out through extra-marital affairs (even in marriages that are seemingly perfect), business arrangements, open agreements between individuals, businesses, governments, and with anyone else that we relate to on a consistent basis. We use competition to learn more about ourselves and our hidden issues that are really the lessons that we are attempting to learn as part of our human growth potential in this physical life. The most common competition is always found in our liaisons with the opposite sex or same sex, when we are already intimately involved in a committed "lover" relationship with another person. As we focus on our internal and external competition, we live our fear of discovery and our jealousy of other people who have lived similar situations without being caught and disclosed for public view.

as excerpt from my April seminar handout

Monday, April 07, 2008

What Does it Mean To Be Spiritual?

Many times the easiest path is not the best path to our destination of growth and expansion. When you do not know that another path exists or you fear to take a path because you believe that it is heading in the wrong direction, it is time to look, to listen, and to find guidance.

It is easier for you to seek guidance when you lose your physical way than it is to seek internal guidance when you fail to see your spiritual path clearly. You are less willing to share your feelings of the heart than you are your observations of the physical world.

Overcoming the fear of relationships is overcoming the fear of self.

When you understand the beauty and wisdom that is within you, you will choose to share it in your relationships. Sharing the beauty and wisdom within you is celebrating your relationships.

You create the energy of your relationships and you create your own conscious awareness of that energy. When you experience events in your world that appear to you to be negative, try to perceive them in a different energy. Look for the positive message.

Ask yourself, What am I trying to learn? What am I teaching myself? Why am I celebrating this event as part of my life?

You created the design. You created the event. It is your consciousness of the event and of the creation that will allow you to look within and change the energy form of the event.

The energy within you is only affected by your perception of self.

In each and every event of your physical world there is a celebration that is hidden. It is hidden from your conscious view by your own resistances to learning the lesson. Celebration is inherent in learning. Learning is movement, change, and growth.

If you were studying math and you hate math but you have a tutor who is trying to teach you to understand the basic principles of math, these principles will not absorb within your mind. You cannot grasp what it is that makes the formula work.

Someone suddenly comes into the room and present this mathematical process to you in a totally different way that relates it to your world. Suddenly your entire understanding of math changes because you are presented the lesson in relationship to all past knowledge.

If you do not learn the lesson you will continue to create and recreate the same circumstances with a different image form. If you want to create something positive in your world, you have to make the commitment, you have to accept the responsibility, and you have to produce the physical work to create the event within your physical world. Once you set the stage the Universal energies will then be able to allow this energy to flow in a harmonious rhythm.

from pp.340-342, Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Divine Idea

We have a new CD available for sale, along with some of our tape inventory of past events. The Divine Idea is a Live Teaching Event excerpt.

Our brain is the essence of The Divine Idea as our Intelligent Design. Our human design is Spirit Consciousness living in physical matter. Understanding this enables us to choose to live our healing ability and create a different life. Spirit Consciousness is the only true and authentic loving pattern of us as human beings.


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