Monday, April 07, 2008

What Does it Mean To Be Spiritual?

Many times the easiest path is not the best path to our destination of growth and expansion. When you do not know that another path exists or you fear to take a path because you believe that it is heading in the wrong direction, it is time to look, to listen, and to find guidance.

It is easier for you to seek guidance when you lose your physical way than it is to seek internal guidance when you fail to see your spiritual path clearly. You are less willing to share your feelings of the heart than you are your observations of the physical world.

Overcoming the fear of relationships is overcoming the fear of self.

When you understand the beauty and wisdom that is within you, you will choose to share it in your relationships. Sharing the beauty and wisdom within you is celebrating your relationships.

You create the energy of your relationships and you create your own conscious awareness of that energy. When you experience events in your world that appear to you to be negative, try to perceive them in a different energy. Look for the positive message.

Ask yourself, What am I trying to learn? What am I teaching myself? Why am I celebrating this event as part of my life?

You created the design. You created the event. It is your consciousness of the event and of the creation that will allow you to look within and change the energy form of the event.

The energy within you is only affected by your perception of self.

In each and every event of your physical world there is a celebration that is hidden. It is hidden from your conscious view by your own resistances to learning the lesson. Celebration is inherent in learning. Learning is movement, change, and growth.

If you were studying math and you hate math but you have a tutor who is trying to teach you to understand the basic principles of math, these principles will not absorb within your mind. You cannot grasp what it is that makes the formula work.

Someone suddenly comes into the room and present this mathematical process to you in a totally different way that relates it to your world. Suddenly your entire understanding of math changes because you are presented the lesson in relationship to all past knowledge.

If you do not learn the lesson you will continue to create and recreate the same circumstances with a different image form. If you want to create something positive in your world, you have to make the commitment, you have to accept the responsibility, and you have to produce the physical work to create the event within your physical world. Once you set the stage the Universal energies will then be able to allow this energy to flow in a harmonious rhythm.

from pp.340-342, Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships


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I too am a nurse and also a part-time minister.

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