Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Power of Spiritual Knowledge, Pythagorean style

Bust of Pythagoras of Samos,Capitoline Museums, Rome

One thing Popes do is study Spiritual Philosophy! Pope Benedict's visit reminded me how people seldom understand the teachings of Spiritual Philosophy. Spiritual Philosophy has been forgotten by the masses. Spiritual Philosophy is necessary for everyone to learn before we can begin our internal journey of growth and change as a human species. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us about the dual patterns of us and why we must live these dual patterns as a Dual Soul to truly shift into and understand the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. Knowing that we are a Trinity of Consciousness as a Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness that is living within our physical body to guide us through our physical lives, helps us to thoroughly understand ourselves and our potential for Spiritual growth.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy that gives us life as a physical being. Our Spirit Consciousness guides us in our life through its three focuses of the structure of our brain. We have a thinking mind and loving emotions that are the design of the Dual Soul that is part of our Spirit Consciousness. The other part of our Spirit Consciousness is our infinite senses that make up our Cerebellum, which is a distinctly Spiritual part of us that allows us to use the energy of our Spirit Senses in a physical manner. This helps us to see that when we believe that we have only five physical senses, we do not understand our human design in the way that we should, therefore we know very little about our brain in general.

We are energy, which has its source in our brain, and we are matter, which has its source in our physically designed body. Our matter cannot live without the energy that is generated within our brain and that flows into our body through our Nervous System. Our nervous system is a system of neural tubes that contain strings of chemicals that flow constantly through our body and come from the foods that we eat. The chemicals that we eat and drink become the chemicals that flow through our nervous system to create the energy that gives us life and health, as well as disease. When we eat the wrong foods and drink chemically contaminated water, we do not supply our human body with the chemicals that it needs to stay healthy and happy. Without the right foods and water, our human body cannot function in health and happiness.

An understanding of the Spiritual Design of our human body and its need to live from the foods and water of Nature and Earth has been known for many centuries. These were the teachings of Hippocrates in 400 BC. Therefore the information on how to stay healthy and live for hundreds of years is available to us. That does not mean that we cannot get some form of infectious disease and need medicine, but it does help us to understand that we can improve our health through the purity of our air, foods, and water, all through knowledge and follow-through in our daily lifestyle.

I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy in the Pythagorean style since 1984 because every human needs this information to help them see the truth of our human design and how to take care of themselves. To me, Pythagorean style means that Pythagoras thought of every living thing as spirit energy. He defined everything in proportion to itself, then to Nature, and the Universe. Everything is divisional, and also part of a Whole. We are fabulous human beings with a flawless physical design, and it is pitiful that we have not been taught the truth of who we are so that we can do our best to avoid disease and death. Our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness has been designed to help us “Know Thyself” and to avoid the pitfalls of our physical reality. We can learn to live from this knowledge and help ourselves to stay happy and healthy as human beings. We cannot understand ourselves when we look at ourselves as simply physical beings. We are first and foremost “energy” beings living in matter, which helps us to understand that when we expand our energy of thinking, we increase the health of our matter. Join us at our monthly classes and become a believer in the power of Spiritual knowledge.

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