Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is our Spirit Consciousness?

As human beings we are created as energy and matter. Our energy gives life to our matter. Where does our energy come from? Our energy comes from the chemical pattern that is our Spirit design which is part of us as our Spirit Consciousness. Our Spirit Consciousness energy is also part of our human design and it is the part that teaches us how to live, how to grow and change, and how to be Spiritual Beings living in physical matter. The chemicals that make up our human design from our Spirit Consciousness are “smart chemicals” that know themselves and their intention. Without our Spirit Consciousness energy as “smart chemicals,” we would not be living beings.

We have a human responsibility to our Spirit Consciousness energy that encourages us as humans to constantly seek new levels of growth and change. This keeps our energy growing and changing as it moves us closer and closer to truly understanding ourselves as both energy and matter. Without the internal chemical energy of us, we would not be living beings. If the chemical energy of us could not create us as physical matter, we would not have the internal design for our eternal growth and change. But we do have and we live in both energy and matter as human beings, which means that we are designed for constant growth and change as a thinking mind and physical body. We must remember this simple chemical philosophy of us before we can open our thinking mind to growth and change. When we believe that we live only one physical life, we lose the ancient memory that is hidden within our cells and we focus on external physical beliefs to help us remember the truth of our internal self.

Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of us as human beings. Our Spirit Consciousness is unique to us as human beings, but as human beings we must consciously learn about the design of us before we can understand ourselves as energy beings living in matter. Spiritual Philosophy has taught us about our human design for thousands of years. But in the last two thousand years, we have gradually pulled away from the study of ourselves as an eternal Spirit Consciousness Energy and we have focused upon ourselves as primarily physical beings that live one physical life and that are dependent upon “Jesus” to be saved. Jesus is a metaphor for our internal Spirit Energy of Consciousness that is the eternal energy of how we save ourselves. It is because of this human design that we must learn about ourselves and begin to take personal responsibility for who we are and how we live. Once we can fully accept within our thinking mind that no one is responsible for saving us but us, we begin to look at our thinking mind expansion as having a real purpose in our growth and change.

Why are we making ourselves sick to death? We are attempting to capture our attention to awaken us to the reality of our own chemical self-abuse. When we are consistently making ourselves sick, we must understand why this is happening to us and how we can take back our power of healing and health. As human beings, we are designed as both energy and matter. The energy of us is our eternal Spirit Consciousness energy. The matter of us is our physical body. We are designed as chemical matter which relies on the purity of the Earth, Nature, and the Air to keep us healthy and happy as human beings. When we pollute our Earth, Nature, and Air, we pollute the three things that we use to restore and maintain our chemical health. When we pollute the cells of our human body, we pollute our Spirit Consciousness as the energy of our cellular design as a human body. When we destroy the energy of our Spirit Consciousness that lives in the cellular design of our physical body, we literally destroy ourselves and our chemical energy fields. When we begin to heal, we begin to think differently and we restore our health and happiness as our Spiritual levels of human life.

We must each look within ourselves and make the decision to change, or we won’t change. No one else can change for us. As we begin to change how we think, we begin to change how we act as physical beings. For many years we have been on a landslide towards the bottom of our awareness levels. Now we must change if we want to be happy, joyful, and excited about our human life. Change is no longer our option, because it has become a necessity if we want to live a healthy and happy life. Physical change is our external journey of internal change and growth. We can never separate the two. As we learn the truth of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, we begin to see how important change is and when we recognize the energies that we are working with to change, we become excited about who we are and our goal of change as a human being who wants to understand the energy of us.

As a human being, we are energy and we are matter. When we think that we are simply matter as human beings and we do not recognize our own internal energy, we do not know and live from the truth of who we are. Spiritual Philosophy teaches us who we are as Spiritual Beings living as energy and matter in a physical world. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy (in the Pythagorean Concepts) since 1984. We must go back to this level of learning so that we can understand where we have gone astray in our teaching concepts and correct them, one by one. We are Spiritual Human Beings as energy living in matter. Many of our teachings have been totally wrong, but we have learned them anyway and we have lived them. Now is the time for change, so that we can change the energy of ourselves from sick to well, of our country from sick to well, and of our society from sick to well. Come join us for a Sunday class or a three-day weekend conference.

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