Monday, April 28, 2008

Male and Female Competition: Personality in Bloom

views from the Rigmor House

Our need for covert relationships is nothing ecept our own lack of "self-confidence" which we are attempting to hide from ourselves. We are struggling to learn the lessons of life, even when we are denying our need to change and grow within our own thinking mind. Our fears come from many roots of life and it is important for us to understand what we gain from living our fears.

Male and female competition is the impetus for growth and change within the human species. As we interact with each other and especially the opposite sex, we begin to grow and change as our memories are triggered, and the overall picture of our human journey falls into place. As each person grows, they challenge other people to grow and change to keep up with them as their sense of competition is triggered. Throughout history our journey of competition has waxed and waned as we have attempted to understand each other through the roles of our interactive male and female relationships. Competition has been a major issue between the male and female form the very beginning of life on Earth,and jealousy has from the beginning played an enormous role in the male and female interchange as an energy polarization. We are designed to learn the opposite before we can learn the truth about our internal design of Ethical Values. As we have lived our competition, fear, and jealousy, we have been attempting to learn the value of living our communication, compassion, and cooperation.

The design of our competition is coming from the fear and jealousy roles of the male and female within our societal structure. As the roles begin to merge, we feel less competition towards the opposite sex and we feel more love. We have never fully understood the competition that we have each lived in our attempt to change and grow, but once all of us as human beings can understand that we have been competing against ourselves with our thinking mind focused on competition and our emotions focused upon fear and jealousy, we will see the effect of competition internally and externally, which will give us the internal freedom to stop our competition and live our equality as our true Spiritual design. We are made to balance each other in every aspect of our human design. Once we can accept that the male and female are equal as a Spirit Consciousness, the focus on our sexual difference will fade from our thinking mind, and we will accept the male and female equality as the asset that it is in living the truth of ourselves in our interaction.

Competition in today's world is acted out through extra-marital affairs (even in marriages that are seemingly perfect), business arrangements, open agreements between individuals, businesses, governments, and with anyone else that we relate to on a consistent basis. We use competition to learn more about ourselves and our hidden issues that are really the lessons that we are attempting to learn as part of our human growth potential in this physical life. The most common competition is always found in our liaisons with the opposite sex or same sex, when we are already intimately involved in a committed "lover" relationship with another person. As we focus on our internal and external competition, we live our fear of discovery and our jealousy of other people who have lived similar situations without being caught and disclosed for public view.

as excerpt from my April seminar handout


Kathy Oddenino said...

Dear Kathy,

I loved attending this 3 day conference on, Male and Female Competition: Personality in Bloom. Thank you so much, for the wonderful spiritual experience. The power of your loving energy just overflows onto us attendees. It’s a gift, and educational joy!

Prior to attending this April conference I had completed my second reading of your latest book, “Spirit Consciousness Our Intelligent Design” and all I can say, is this book moves you forward, out of fear into love. I’ve heard you say, “this book is written in pure spirit energy.” Well, now I am a believer! Because this is the second time I’ve experience so much continual personal growth and change after attending a conference where I had completed reading the book before attending. Its an awesome combination and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels they are in fear and wants to grow beyond its control.

I love it! It is clearly teaching me by experiencing the energy of the written words as it gently enlightens my thinking mind to newer depths and levels of understand itself, without any confrontation or dispute. My ego beliefs are calmly and clearly exposed to me to re-evaluate and understand with love and compassion. There is just no resistance to change! During this April conference I have experienced intense love and compassion for myself and others. Several times during the class when I spoke I could not suppress the tears and overwhelming sense of equality, truth and love that I felt. The week following the conference as I read and worked with the material in the handout more clarity and images of these fear beliefs kept coming to my mind. I could see how I’ve been living these beliefs in ‘only-one life,” fear of life and fear of death and how my male conscious mind has followed the behavior pattern of competition. Using the ethical values as a pattern of examination while journaling continues to keep me focused upon the love and not revert back into the patterns of negative self-abusive thinking that I had become addicted to using.

All I can say is I feel great, lighter and more consistently conscious of the energy of love within me and how fear REALLY does block out the love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I appreciate all that you do to teach people who want to learn about Spirit Consciousness, as “Our Intelligent Design!”

Kathy B

Kathy Bruegging, CNDP
Certified Neural Depolarization Practitioner
911 Woodland Dr.
Siler City, NC 27344

Raewyn said...

Thank you for this wonderful information! it is resonating with me in a deep and very personal manner.

The handout from the conference has been/continues to be so valuable. Thank you for explaining what is our Spirit Consciousness in such clear and concise words. This information has made a world of difference to me/my life.