Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Basics of Healing - What We Are Still Missing

Hippocrates said, Let food be our medicine. In the multi-media news, we read all about new studies focused on one chemical or another, and another new product (usually drug) that claims it will help us feel better, give us more energy, help us sleep, relieve our pain. Then come the lists of potential side-effects, like an afterthought. The food and drug industries are seeing that as consumers age, illnesses increase, and marketers for those industries are now targeting "chronic illness" as the inevitable,increasingly visible, economically influential new demographic. Editorials report that a cultural shift is happening, where we see health problems as lifestyles rather than diseases. This shift in perception is a positive one, but what are we still missing?

We are what we eat! Products that are gluten-free, sugar-free, heart-healthy,low-fat, cholesterol-free, etc., are still manufactured products marketed to make money. Our chronic diseases and pains are finally getting us to think more carefully about what we ingest, and our choices about life or death - next, we must think about our relationship to Nature and the pure food of Nature that will support us in health. Everyone does not have to plant their own garden to choose fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for their daily diets. Resources abound, now, in most places in our country, and with a little effort, we will quickly discover how much better we feel and how much money we will begin to save on our "disease-care" as we feed our bodies and minds the chemicals that are created to sustain life. This doesn't mean no chocolate, no desserts, no breads! This means we must educate ourselves and begin to appreciate that We are what we eat!

Before we can understand healthy eating, we must understand that we are chemical beings that are responsible for the maintenance of our physical, mental, emotional and sensory health by living a life of prevention of disease thorugh our cellular chemical balance. When we have disease, we also have the ability to restore adn rejuvenate the chemical balance within our cellular physical body by eating the pure foods of nature, drinking the purest water of nature, and breathing the purest air of nature that we can find. We are making ourselves sick, diseased, and near-death by the foods, water, and air that we are meant to live from. To heal, we must be willing to accept a nutrient-dense lifestyle with our health returns. As we contaminate our environment, we contaminate our physical body, which creates our multiple disease syndromes. We have been taught some erroneous beliefs that are gradually killing us, such as: All food is good food. I am perfect as I am. There is no need for me to change.

As we contaminate our environment with pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering, food processing chemicals, and other chemicals that are foreign to our chemical design, we are gradually killing ourselves as we slowly poison our internal chemical cellular design which creates our internal chemical imbalance and disease. It is the poisoning of our cellular design that creates all diseases except for infectious diseases. We are susceptible to infectious diseases because we are destroying the function of our immune system with the chemicals that are poisoning us, which lowers our immune system and leaves us susceptible to many forms of cellular diseases.

Essential minerals are part of our cellular design that our body cannot replace. We must eat and drink the minerals that we need. When we eat organically from mineral-rich soil or drink water that is high in minerals, we begin our healing process.

I suggest supplements because when our body is compromised with disease, time is of the esence. Nerve health is supported by the supplementation unti our cells can return to their normal chemical balance. Vitamin E is essential to our nerve health and should always be used in heailng our body. My recommendation is Vitamin E - 2000mg/day - (1000mg AM/PM) plus the Organic by Nature Plant-based supplement system.

We have three generations of foods that are given to us to use as human beings to maintain our health and happiness. All foods should be organically grown and produced. First Generation - Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Grains, and Seeds and all plant foods; Second Generation - Fish, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, and all animal flesh foods; Third Generation - Foods that are produced by the Second Generation animals, such as eggs, milk, and honey. I have written more specifically about this and a maintenance plan for healthy eating in my first book, The Joy of Health: A Spiritual Concept of Integration and the Practicalities of Living.
If we want to be healthy, we must begin to think about ourselves as chemical beings, and about the fact that it is our nervous system that gives us life, and that keeps us alive. Without this knowledge, we continue to compromise our nervous system in every way we can imagine, and think nothing of cutting nerves to eliminate pain, removing organs to "get rid of disease," creating one more product in our search for the next "cure." We are created to be self-healing organisms. We have forgotten this in our search for cures, and our focus on disease rather than health.

Neural depolarization is my energy healing technique which helps to balance the nervous system and facilitate our body's own regenerative response to the chemical imbalances, including pain, which accumulate into deadly diseases. I hope you will begin to think about health and our nervous system as our life-support system as you eat, drink, breathe, and interact as an energy being in your daily life. Testimonials on my web site are a few examples of the relief that clients have found from chronic pain, MS, glaucoma, dyslexia, fibromyalgia, and more. We will continue to update these.

As the New Year begins, I wish you more health and happiness than you thought possible!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Doctor - A Poem by Kathy Oddenino

A Doctor

Nakedness and ignorance was the base
from which he met this world face to face.
He grew gradually of both body and mind
from infancy to maturity, an unknown time.

His technical skills he obtained from a book,
he learned to judge by a touch and a look,
he wrote his boards and received his paper,
but being a true Doctor comes much later.

How can one measure the depth of growth
that one must acquire as proof of worth?
Compassion and kindness can never be taught
but must be learned by living the part.

What good has he done if he treats only pain
and lets man wander alone and in vain?
Better to remember man as a whole
than to pick and choose an organ or mole.

Man learns best by doing and seeing,
he can only begin his art by being.
Those given the grace to relieve man's suffering
will be eternally blessed by their offering.

Schools and license can a Doctor make,
but without compassion he will be a fake.
He should thank God if it is his fate
to acknowledge this fact before it's too late.

ca. 1965

"Emergence" or Emergency?

The value of studying Spiritual Philosophy is that our thinking mind never truly thinks the same way twice, because it is an evolving and expanding energy that is emerging through the physical process of growth and change as it searches for the love that it senses. Our thinking mind is an emerging consciousness that cannot be complete by itself, because it remembers itself as one part of a Trinity of Consciousness. Spiritual Philosophy helps the thinking mind to emerge from the depths of fear into an open-minded understanding of itself and its chemical design of energy as the most important source of life upon Earth. Emergence from the chemicals of the Universe into the pattern of human life with a thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses as a Spirit Consciousness is our pattern of evolution.

Emergence is the pattern of our thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses and our physical body as the whole of us as chemical energy that is evolving to Know Thyself. Our physical body emerges from the chemical energy of the sperm and ovum. As our thinking mind emerges from its cocoon of fear, it is emerging into the truth of itself as the love of our chemical design. Spiritual Philosophy defines what it means for the "biology" of us to discover the origins of ourselves as energy and matter. Our physical body is the matter of us, but our thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses are the Spirit Consciousness of us as the purity of Spirit energy.

As we emerge from our external thinking mind into an internal thinking realization of the changing sub-structures of thought, we begin to see how our thinking mind is emerging from a fear of life to a love of life. As our thinking changes, our perception of self and our life changes. For example, as our thinking mind emerges from its fear, it begins to recognize its own potential to expand its patterns of thinking and understanding itself, not only from the "now" of our physical reality, but the truth of our chemical origins of life begins to shine through our cloud of fear and we begin to see the entire pattern as the origin of us, as the pattern of creation, and as a pattern of constant emergence as we move from our beginning level of thinking to higher and higher levels of our Dual Soul thinking as we begin to live our patterns of enjoyment and love. Growth and change are our evolving patterns of emergence from our fear to love. We have lived this pattern of emergence as the development of new life and its emergence into the physical world of Earth from the pattern of chemicals that are found in the sperm and ovum themselves.

We cannot wear a cloak of gentleness to hide a fearful and competitive personality and live as a Spirit Consciousness at the same time. Competition, jealousy, and fear are all energies of inequality and untruth. These are hardened transitional approaches to life that are motivated by an intense and personal fear of growth and change that will not allow us to emerge into our loving emotional self and live our lives peacefully in the beauty of our Spirit Consciousness as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses, until we accept growth and change as our evolutionary patterns of life. We each have a choice to make. No one can change us but us. Emerging from our fear into our love can only happen when we are willing to change the thinking mind from fear to love. It is our choice to be unhappy or to be happy as human beings who at last have the option of Knowing Thyself, which provides us with the inspiration of change and growth. We are the only life form on Earth that has the capability of using our thinking mind to Know Thyself. Once we Know Thyself, we can heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and as sensory beings.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living Courage

Courage is a fabulous word that probably explains the human being better than any other word in the language that we speak, because we must use our courage to evolve in our evolutionary growth and change as a thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses, and as a physical being that uses the whole of self in our living. It takes courage to live, to grow, and to change on a day-by-day basis, because courage is our constant pattern of evolution as a Spirit Consciousness that is growing into Knowing Thyself. We face many challenges to our "courage of living." Today we are facing the challenge of war, disease, and death at early ages. Our wars, epidemics of disease, and our early deaths are challenging our courage to comprehend that we are consciously growing and changing the way that we think, live, and behave. Our belief in living only one physical lifetime is an enormous hindrance to our growth and change as an evolving Dual Soul.

When we are supposed to change the way that we think but we resist change, we attempt to get our attention in some form that will force us to change physically to show us the pattern of evolution, which always adds the dramas of diseases to our lives and to our deaths. We resist change through the use of our mind control, which we believe is showing our superiority as thinking beings. When we think externally instead of internally, we are not being honest with any aspect of our physical life. Superiority is not an ethical value but it is an ego value, and as we combine our control issues with a superior attitude about life, we become obnoxious to people who are genuinely attempting to change and grow through the normal patterns of our Dual Soul growth and change.

When we feel better about living, we will live longer, stay healthier, and remain young for the majority of our lives. Today we can see people that are diseased, aged, and afraid to think from the very early years of their lives. These people are not living with courage because they are focusing their thinking mind on their "fear of death." When we have the courage to accept that we are energy and that energy never dies, we will be able to see the truth of eternal life.

Why are we making ourselves sick? Why are we vulnerable to disease? Why are we killing each other? Why are we dying from disease and disasters? What is it that we do not recognize within ourselves? Why do we resist change and growth? Change and growth are the primary reasons that we live courage as a human species, so why do we live in the fear of life and the fear of death? Once we realize that we all have courage as an inborn energy pattern within our thinking mind, we begin to understand that growth and change are an integrated pattern that we are always living in our physical lives, whether or not we understand this inborn pattern of energy. Absolutely no one is conceived and unable to grow to some point, because without change and growth, we die. When we add the dramas of disease and war, we have to look very carefully at how we are creating our own opportunities to experience life as we live our fears of disease, war, and death. Once we understand the Spiritual patterns of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, we will have the courage to look at the reality of our own physical creations, and perhaps we will decide to be kinder to ourselves and to others as we live our internal patterns of growth and change with courage.

Changing our ancient beliefs is an act of true courage for each human being. It takes courage for us to look at ourselves truthfully and to negotiate change in a loving and peaceful way.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why Eat Organic, and Some Resources, if You're Looking

Recently I have been getting questions such as, Why don't you write a cookbook? There are so many people who want to eat "organic," or want to change their eating habits, but don't know how to "cook organic." My answer to this is, I am always happy to hear about people who want to change their ways of eating for the better, and asking questions shows a level of motivation that is growing in intensity - it means you're ready to make a commitment! I am always a bit suprised, too, when people tell me that they don't know how to "cook organic." Why do we think of "organic food" as a foreign element? If we have never learned to cook, then learning to cook is a wonderful step in learning more about food, about our own tastes, and expanding our repertoire of meals to enjoy, whether or not we are buying and eating only organic food.

It is very important to educate ourselves about "organic food," and begin to eat food that is as pure as we can find, and to drink pure water which has minerals that our body needs. We are chemical beings, and we have gotten so far offtrack in our relationship with Earth and food that we have forgotten what it means to "live off of the land." Read about the history of farming in this country, and you will discover our story of believing that "more was better," and that "all chemicals are good chemicals" when it came to farming and what we could produce, what money we could make off of that produce. Retail became the name of the game, and many who did not live during the Depression and the War years, especially on farms, may not have any knowledge of how this "Revolution" of our thinking, our health, and land began. I remember, because I grew up on a farm in southern Illinois. We grew our own food - and only went to town to buy staples, such as sugar and coffee. I remember these years very fondly.

I have not written a cookbook, but I have outlined a plan for "eating for health" in my first book, The Joy of Health. This includes a detox cleansing program, and also information about a few specific diseases. In my fifth book, Healing Ourself: Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease, I have also written about our connection to nature and how to nurture our body and mind. Chapter 7 is about "Nurturing our Body and Mind," and covers Loving Affirmations of Change, our food choices, our eating habits, practices and behaviors, Eating for health and happiness, the cleansing program, information about processed foods. Chapter 8 is on Our Senses and our Health, and also includes journal questions to help you. Chapter 9 is on Healing, and the last chaper of the book is my own Memories of Healing. I hope you will read these two books to help you continue changing your relationship with food and healing. I also recommend that you read Depression: Our Normal Transitional Emotions, my sixth book. We cannot begin to heal if we are feeding our mind and body toxic chemicals. Our brain cannot work well with chemicals that are poisonous and counterproductive to its function and expansion. If we are not able to think clearly, we will not be able to make loving choices!

I would also like to recommend that you visit Acres U.S.A.. Charles Walters began this paper/magazine in 1970, against the odds of financial success, and this is one of the best resources I know to stay up to date about the exciting knowledge are gaining and sharing related to organic and sustainable agriculture. There is also a wealth of resources to follow up on the site. Readers of Acres are familiar with Joel Salatin at Polyface farm in Swope, Virginia. When I lived in Maryland, I used to drive to Joel's farm to fill up coolers of meat, because at the time (many years ago), his was the best I could find. When enough other people began to want to buy from Joel, we talked with him about delivering orders to us, rather than our traveling to Virginia individually to pick up orders. Joel happily agreed and worked out the logistics to deliver orders every few months. His farm is a great place to visit and learn, as well as buy good food! Here in Chatham County, North Carolina, where I have lived since March of 2004, I am really excited about having the farmer's markets full of fresh, organic produce, and now the Chatham Marketplace which has just opened right here in Pittsboro! Resources providing organic meat and produce continue to multiply! I hear people say to me, I can't buy organic food, it's too expensive! My answer to that is, try the farmer's markets! And consider your organic food part of your prevention program for good health! Compare this to what you pay for insurance and doctor/medication. This may change how you think about your food and water and what you can do for yourself as you consciously make choices to be healthy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The State of our Thinking

Everytime that I look at a newspaper, watch a newscast, or read some books, I am literally horrified at the way that we are thinking as a human species. Obviously something about us has gone very wrong. We are designed to grow and change , which means that we must first grow and change as a thinking mind before we are capable of changing our world. War is horrifying to me and when we look at our society, we are at war on every level. We have the war of disease, beliefs, religion, cultures, society, and most of all opening our thinking mind from our fear beliefs to help ourselves think with love, compassion, and understanding.

All of our thinking is shrouded in our fear beliefs. How many of us think with compassion, cooperation, caring, commitment, and communication? Not many it would seem. Why are we fighting a war??? Is it because we do not believe in equality, truth, and love. If we cannot communicate, is war going to make it better? We have spent most of our human life fighting wars of some kind, in the bedroom, boardroom, and in other countries. Why? Is this healing our thinking mind or do we simply kill people? If we were open to learning, we would have nothing to fight about as human beings. We don't yet know the truth of our own human body, so we are fighting a war there too.

Spiritaul Philosophy is the only knowledge that I have found that has the answers which means that we must look at ourselves to find our internal Spirit Consciousness and begin to use it in love, truth, and equality. If each of us were ready to walk the path of our own internal Spirit, we could love ourselves, everyone else, and live a life of peace, love, and equality.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Internal Way to Settle All Differences

Communication is the internal way to settle all differences.

I have thought about this during this Election Season in Chatham County. As Election Day approached, the public rhetoric and communication took on the intensity of energy of the candidates and their supporters or opposers in more and more visible and tangible ways. We have countless examples of the effects of our energy in our world. I am happy to acknowledge the efforts and interest of so many during this Election season. As we each exercise our freedom of choice, we appreciate this power and what it means to us in ways that continue to expand. We can learn to focus on what changes we want to create for the good of all as we learn to communicate with each other as equals.

Life itself gives us a common denominator that we can learn to build upon, until we understand that we are all made from the chemicals of the Earth that we inhabit. Our biggest challenge to change is our belief that we live only one life. When we have this belief we do not realize that we will continue coming back into our physical lives until we begin to see ourselves as an internal image rather than an external image. We can only live equality when we are willing to live our ethical values. As human beings, we have not to date lived our ethical values. We cannot live our ethical values when we are focused externally in our thinking.

Equality begins within us. Our belief in inequality is the reason for war at all levels. The primary reason that we insist upon living inequality is our external focus of thinking. The most dramatic way we are living our inequality is by our exposure to chemicals that are foreign to our own chemicals. We continue to create chemicals that are harmful to us and put them to more and more uses, because we do not understand our design and function as energy and matter. The second way we live our inequality is our belief in needing to be saved - by God, by doctors, medicine, family, friends, money - the list is endless. This reinforces our belief in being unequal to others, and we continue to live the struggle of our health and happiness being determined by external people, events, or pills.

When we can look internally and think from the love within our heart, we will never feel inequality again and we will refuse to live inequality at any time in our lives. To reach this point in our evolution, we must understand and live the truth of ourselves as Spiritual Beings. When we are afraid to think, change, grow and evolve, we will sabotage ourselves with multiple excuses to "set in place" the fear of the thinking mind. Our multiple excuses will be externally focused and usually of material concepts, such as money, time, family issues, or other excuses. This is an ego maneuver, and we can tell if our mind feels a sense of relief at our decision that the ego won the skirmish, but perhaps not the war that our ego is fighting against our thinking mind and loving emotions moving us forward.

We seldom stop to think that our inequality begins within our mind and is tolerated by our mind as our due. Many times these thoughts are not products of our thinking mind, but they are products of our belief system. We must create a plan and live the plan, despite what our ego is telling us.

Once we learn to live the equality of our chemical design to the design of Nature, Earth, and the Universe, we will choose to live our chemical equality, which will allow us to live for hundreds of years in each lifetime. We have been given personal responsibility to learn and grow within our own Spirit Consciousness. This is our pattern of eternal life, which helps us to understand that no one can learn for us or live our equality for us. Learning, change, and growth are always our personal responsibility as a human species. If we want to change, grow, and understand ourselves, we must learn to look internally with our thinking mind to understand ourselves as energy and matter. Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of us that motivates us to think and allows us to expand the thinking mind as we think. The way we think, either externally or internally, is responsible for our speech patterns, how we understand and relate our thoughts to ourselves and the entire world, and what we create within our physical lives.

In our external approach to food and water, we eat because we are hungry, and we drink because we are thirsty. In the internal approach to food and water, we eat to sustain the chemical balance and energy within our human body. We must learn the fine art of loving ourselves. If we feel that we do not have enough of anything, we are living in fear, because our thinking mind is focused on what we do not have, rather than on the wisdom of our design as chemical beings with the power of creation. We use the energy that we are used to, that we feel protected by, which is why it is a challenge to change. Having a singular focus of intention as a physical person allows us to miss the beauty of who we could be, by denying the beauty of who we are. We can never live equality within ourselves if we cannot define who we are to ourselves.
Once we understand our entire design and function, we will live to support our health and happiness every day of our lives. If we think we are living our love, truth, and equality, we should feel totally comfortable in every thought that enters into our thinking mind no matter where we are or who we are with, because this will be our truthful, loving pattern of living equality in every aspect of our lives. Life will be a joy as we feel equal to everything that we encounter. Learning to live the equality of our Spiritual Design is the most important choice that we can make to live our change. Living simply from our external concept of being physical beings is precisely how we live war within our thinking mind and heart. At the present time our most immediate challenge is learning to love ourselves by activating the loving emotions equally with our thinking mind.

As human beings that revere using our thinking mind, we need to undertand one vital concept. We have always used our thinking mind with an external focus. If we want to change, grow, and understand ourselves, we must learn to look internally with our thinking mind to understand ourselves as energy and matter.

All knowledge comes from understanding relationships. When we recognize our chemical relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe as our air, water, and foods, we will have opened the box of knowledge that will give us the wisdom and power to expand our lives, and the memory to realize what we are doing. Spirituality is not a myth. Spirituality is the internal and external design of us as human beings. We must learn to be Spiritual Beings, because when we began our journey as human beings, we set out to teach ourselves how to be Spiritual Beings by learning to live the ethical values of our Spiritual Design and Function. It is our spiritual commitment to live our compassion, cooperation, and communciation which will allow us to open our thinking mind to the truth, equality, and love of self and allow us to grow and change beyond our fears to live our equality as Spiritual Beings.

I am looking forward to talking about Living Equality in my seminar this Sunday (May 7).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Living Our Ethical Values

Sometimes in our life, we simply have to stop running and sit down to look at who we are and what we are doing to ourselves and our world. Yesterday I attended a Memorial Service for a young 30 y/o woman who was stabbed to death by a "friend." If our friends are ready to kill us, what would our enemies do? We are a human species that has been around for thousands of years, and we are still killing each other. I am shocked by the absence of loving energy that exists in the human species which would allow us to live our ethical values, every moment of every day. The loss of human life in any form is despicable, whether we are fighting wars individually against someone, or as a nation, it does not matter because we are setting an example for our children that "war" is okay. War at any level means we are still living as barbarians, not humans. Spiritual people communicate peacefully and lovingly.

When we have the strength and wisdom to shift our thinking mind out of fear and into love, we will have grown dramatically as human beings. When we are afraid to change, we are afraid to release our fear and live our love. When we are living in fear, we are not aware that we are perpetuating war at all levels of our human interaction and at all levels of our human society. Living in our anger and fear is self-perpetuating inhuman behavior. As humans, we are designed with ethical values as the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. When we live our fear, we are living from a strictly fearful thinking mind that is no longer appropriate in our human society. We cannot live love and fear at the same time. As long as we live in fear, killing will simply be an angry behavior that keeps us from realizing the truth of ourselves as loving human beings.

We can never expect the rest of the world to change if we are unwilling to change ourselves. If everyone changed their fear to love, we could change the world. When we hang onto our fear, we cannot expect other people to change their thinking and behaviors. When we cannot change, we always leave the door open to learn change in the most difficult pattern that our Dual Soul can manage, simply to get our attention and help us to understand the wisdom of change. Change is not a "one" person event, because one person can be very loving and still become the victim of someone else who is living their fear to the utmost. We have reached the time in the history of our human population where we must change from fear to love so that we can all be happy and safe as we live our ethical values of Spirit Consciousness.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Joy of Learning

As human beings that are designed with a Spirit Consciousness that is essentially our entire brain as our cerebrum, limbic system, and cerebellum, we are a very special Intelligent Design on Earth. We think, we love, we store memory, we have loving emotions, and we have infinite spirit senses, all of which we use constantly within our growth and change as a constant state of evolution. This makes our internal design essentially a sensory design since our mind and emotions are also connected to our spirit senses. When we think about our design as a Spirit Consciousness and how the energy of our Spirit Consciousness creates the matter of our physical body, we begin to realize that we have a very special focus here on Earth. No other living creature has the ability to think, feel, and sense in the same identical way that humans do. We have the ability to expand and evolve our thinking mind.

When we look at the human species, we can easily see that not all humans are functioning from the same level of thinking, feeling, and sensing as other humans are. The beginning of our energy growth is found within our thinking mind. We must learn to expand and to understand our thinking mind before we can even access our loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses. We have spent aeons of time in simply clarifying and streamlining our physical body. Now it is time for us to learn as a thinking mind, which gives us the power to expand our Spirit Consciousness. Every time that someone says to me, "I don't like to read." I feel like I want to sit down and cry. Anyone who does not like to read, makes themselves the poorest person in the world. Each of us should find absolute joy in learning. Learning is the gift that separates us from the animal kingdom. I don't mean that animals don't learn, but they do not have the same capacity for learning and deduction as humans have.

We have a wonderfully Intelligent Design as a Spirit Consciousness. When we encourage our thinking mind to learn, we can expand our learning into our loving emotions and spirit senses too, which puts us far ahead of any other creature on Earth. To be given the ability to think, love, and sense at the same time is the wonderment of the human species. When we act like animals, we are degrading our human design. When we think, love, and use our infinite senses all at once, we rise to the front of the learning scale and we "Know Thyself."

Everyone should make it their passion to learn something everyday of their lives. It is apparent that we need to understand ourselves better, so that we can heal our thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses, and our physical body. We make ourselves sick in multiple ways, but generally speaking we do not recognize what we do to ourselves. It is our personal responsibility to learn, to grow, and to change the internal energy of our thinking mind. No one else can learn for us. When we resist learning because we find no joy in our lives, it is time to take a vacation by ourselves and see if we are good company to be with.

In my early years of knowing that I had to teach Spiritual Philosophy from my memory, I took a vacation alone for a week and I spent that week reading. It has remained the best week of my life ever since. Anyone who wants to learn has the opportunity because our world is full of wonderful books. The test is: Can you be happy with yourself for a week? You can if you are learning.

Reclaiming our Sense of Infinity

Our externally focused thinking mind is sabotaging itself with its "one-life" belief. When we understand ourselves as an eternal and internal Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to emerge into our sense of infinity as human beings. As we have focused on our external thinking mind as "all that is," we have ignored the entirity of our internal thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses as our internal pattern of Spirit Consciousness. When we clearly accept ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to realize that we are infinite as a thinking mind, loving emotions and spirit senses.

Science is a wonderful thing! Many magnificient understandings are now taking place in science. If all scientists looked internally within themselves to find the answers to their discoveries, our world would change quickly. Yet some progress is being made as we begin to realize that we are chemical beings and it is the chemicals of our human design that allows us to live as energy beings. Hippocrates knew that we restore our internal chemicals from air, water, and the foods of Nature. We have always known this important fact, but we tend to get bored with the internal landscape of us and we focus our thinking mind on the external landscape. If we can keep uppermost in our thinking mind that we are chemical beings and the air, water, and foods of Nature provide us with the pure chemicals that produce the energy of our physical matter, we will all be able to heal ourselves, as a physical body and as a thinking mind. Our thinking mind has been overwhelmed with external fear beliefs that have handicapped our internal vision of ourselves as an infinite human being that is growing and changing with each physical lifetime.

As we live with our external perception of living only one life, we do our infinite pattern of being human a great dis-service. In fact at this point in our evolution, we have ceased to evolve and we are living as though we are frozen in time through our multiple-disease focus. As we backslide into our warring negative behaviors, we loose our internal sense of infinity. When we can once again focus our thinking mind internally, we will find that our loving emotions and infinite spirit senses are waiting to help us feel whole and beautiful again as an internal Spirit Consciousness. When we look at the truth of our fearful external thinking mind, we begin to realize that our male thinking mind is seeking its mate as our female loving emotions, which we cannot know until we think with our internal perception of self. When we realize that we cannot reclaim our infinity with our external perception, we become more willing to think with our internal perception and once again be united with the female loving emotions and spirit senses as the truth of our internal Spirit Consciousness.

Our Spirit Consciousness restores our sense of infinity within our thinking mind and we begin to evaluate all of science, relationships, and feelings from an internal perception of infinity. We are energy and we are matter. Energy never dies but it does change the form of its matter. This wonderful pattern of infinite life that has given us eternal support in our growth and change as our pattern of evolution has the power to restore our sense of infinity as we live with our infinite Spirit Consciousness instead of our localized fearful thinking mind with its external perception of fear, disease, and death. We continue to evolve as a means of "Knowing Thyself," as an eternal Spirit Consciousness energy living within physical matter. We are all loving people, as well as thinking and sensing people, but right now as we live in our physical reality we have to ask ourselves, "Where is the love?" that is the energy of our Sense of Infinity.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who is an Indigo child?

It is important that we as Americans begin to understand who the Indigo Children in our country really are. An Indigo Child is a child that is born with multiple extrasensory perceptions that are perfectly normal for the Dual Soul growth of the child but horribly misunderstood by the parents, medical personnel, and other members of our society. It is very uncomfortable in the life of a child not to be understood. Extrasensory perception is an indication of an Old Soul that is evolving into its Spirit Consciousness, which is a gradual process that must be understood. As we want to change but we refuse to change, we come back into life with multiple forms of extrasensory perception that we as adults will not understand if we have not evolved ourselves to this level of Dual Soul growth. These are the children that are now being labeled as Indigo children. Many of these children, especially in our American culture of believing in only one physical life, have very little support, which means these children have a very high rate of drug and alcohol behaviors, sexual challenges, and work-related challenges as they attempt to stop the mind and its extrasensory perception so they can concentrate on today. It is more important to help the child to accept their extrasensory capabilities than to attempt to make them wrong. Living with extrasensory perception is normal for us as we evolve into our loving emotions as a thinking mind. Evolution of our thinking mind into our loving emotions is our pattern of growth and change, which means we must integrate our thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses which will make all of us extrasensory beings. Before we can recognize our Intelligent Design and our journey of evolution, we must all come back with extra-sensory perception. When we can understand this as a level of evolution within our Dual Soul Mind, we will feel better about our children that are born with extrasensory perception that attempt to hide it with drugs, sex, and confusion. We must love our children, and as parents we must understand the stages of growth they might be living.

When we have an Indigo Child, we must teach them differently than what we might call a "normal" child. In reality an Indigo child is evolving at a faster pace than other Souls on Earth and they need a great deal of understanding. They have the ability to learn quickly and advance faster than the average child when they are understood. Our world is full of these children and we must treat them gently and teach them everything that we know. They respond well to love and knowledge.

This subject will be covered more fully in my next class on February 12, 2006.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Indigo Children

I am somewhat concerned with some of the beliefs about Indigo Children. These children are children that are being born with a more open thinking mind and loving emotions (Dual Soul) than the average child. As a human species we are evolving from our fear into our loving emotions which gives us the ability to remember our past lives, see energy, communicate with energy and live with many "supernormal" perceptions. Labeling a child as differnt from their peers is and can be very damaging to their image of self. Each child should be supported in their everyday perceptions, despite their level of Spiritual growth. Many changes in our thinking mind are taking place in the youth of today and this is a wonderful thing because as a human species, we are far behind in our evolutionary journey into Knowing Thyself. The simple reality is that we do not understand ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness that is designed with infinite senses, therefore we are not aware of the true scope of senses that we can use in our physical response to life as human beings. It is inappropriate to think of these children as different because they are more normal that most people walking around today who are afraid to use their Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness truthfully and openly. Our belief in only one life keeps us from being aware that as we grow and change in our Divine Idea of Evolution as an Intelligent Design, we will restore our memory of our multiple lives and we will realize that we are energy and matter that comes and goes on our Earth countless times as we Evolve as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness. Making these children feel different does not support them in their open-minded perception of our reality. This is another reason that we must change as human beings so we can actively use our multiple sensory response as the synesthesia of our Spirit Consciousness in the total freedom of our internal Spiritual design. Many medical diagnosis of brain disfunction can be attributed to the internal changes of our Spirit Consciousness that is attempting to help us grow in our understanding of ourselves. I have written many books about our changing Dual Soul that is growing into our Spirit Consciousness and the patterns that we are using in our physical lives. I have been teaching classes on this subject since 1984. We must be gentle with children and never judge.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Proof of Evolution

When we think about our Intelligent Design and our Evolution, it seems pretty obvious that we evolve from the stage of the ovum and sperm into physical beings. Once we are born, we continue to evolve from birth until death. When we understand that the definition of evolve is the constant and consistent growth that we experience, how can we deny evolution. We basically have four stages of evolution, because we are a Trinity of Spirit Consciousness, as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and our infinite spirit senses, living in the physical matter of our human body. These four parts of our human design are basically the design, structure, form,and function of the four parts of us as human beings. In the beginning it took us millions of years to become use to our physical body and allow it to learn how to take care of itself by breathing, drinking water, eating the foods of nature, interacting with other people, exercising, and sleeping. We began expanding ourselves by using our five physical senses to help ourselves evolve at that level of our Dual Soul growth that was developing our physical body first, learning to use our five physical senses, and then beginning to evolve our thinking mind.

We have been evolving our thinking mind now for millions of years,and we still do not know how to live our loving emotions because we are stuck in the physical and thinking mind mode. The secret to understanding our evolution through our thinking mind into our loving emotions is to begin to understand the patterns of synesthesia that are the spiritual design patterns of our human body, thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses in all parts of our physical/energy design. Synesthesia relates to the design and function of our infinite spirit senses, which we are attempting to bring together to expand our physical abilities as sensory human beings.

Our thinking mind has focused primarily on our five physical senses, but if we want to become loving beings we must integrate our five physical senses with our loving emotional self to expand our Spirit Consciousness of who we are as human beings. Because we have grown through the use of our five physical senses as a thinking mind, we must now begin to use the senses that are patterned within the design of our loving emotions. We have been flirting with our emotional self for hundreds of years, but our flirtation is getting slightly out of hand now because we are refusing to use our emotional senses. Because of our addiction to our physical/mind senses, we have failed to understand that we are more than we now understand ourselves to be.

Our spirit senses are our tools of evolution. When we are afraid of expanding our thinking senses into our emotional senses, we usually do so because we are ignorant that we have emotional senses, which has subjected us to multiple levels of depression. But never in the history of mankind have we humans been so in love with love. Unfortunately most humans are in love with physical sex rather than the emotions of love that they can feel as an internal sensory response. Love is an important emotional sense that simply helps us to begin to open the door of our thinking mind into our emotional feeling self. It is time that we expand our love of self and our love of other people so that we can live the beauty of our entire Spiritual design of Spirit Consciousness.

Becoming conscious of ourselves as an expanding mind helps us to understand that we must move into our loving emotions and begin to use the multiple emotional senses that are part of our human design as physical beings that are beginning to live through the synesthesia of our infinite Spirit Senses as a Spirit Consciousness. I have explained this internal pattern that we use in our evolution in my first newsletter of 2006--Synesthesia, Our Proof in Evolution.