Thursday, May 04, 2006

The State of our Thinking

Everytime that I look at a newspaper, watch a newscast, or read some books, I am literally horrified at the way that we are thinking as a human species. Obviously something about us has gone very wrong. We are designed to grow and change , which means that we must first grow and change as a thinking mind before we are capable of changing our world. War is horrifying to me and when we look at our society, we are at war on every level. We have the war of disease, beliefs, religion, cultures, society, and most of all opening our thinking mind from our fear beliefs to help ourselves think with love, compassion, and understanding.

All of our thinking is shrouded in our fear beliefs. How many of us think with compassion, cooperation, caring, commitment, and communication? Not many it would seem. Why are we fighting a war??? Is it because we do not believe in equality, truth, and love. If we cannot communicate, is war going to make it better? We have spent most of our human life fighting wars of some kind, in the bedroom, boardroom, and in other countries. Why? Is this healing our thinking mind or do we simply kill people? If we were open to learning, we would have nothing to fight about as human beings. We don't yet know the truth of our own human body, so we are fighting a war there too.

Spiritaul Philosophy is the only knowledge that I have found that has the answers which means that we must look at ourselves to find our internal Spirit Consciousness and begin to use it in love, truth, and equality. If each of us were ready to walk the path of our own internal Spirit, we could love ourselves, everyone else, and live a life of peace, love, and equality.

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