Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Internal Way to Settle All Differences

Communication is the internal way to settle all differences.

I have thought about this during this Election Season in Chatham County. As Election Day approached, the public rhetoric and communication took on the intensity of energy of the candidates and their supporters or opposers in more and more visible and tangible ways. We have countless examples of the effects of our energy in our world. I am happy to acknowledge the efforts and interest of so many during this Election season. As we each exercise our freedom of choice, we appreciate this power and what it means to us in ways that continue to expand. We can learn to focus on what changes we want to create for the good of all as we learn to communicate with each other as equals.

Life itself gives us a common denominator that we can learn to build upon, until we understand that we are all made from the chemicals of the Earth that we inhabit. Our biggest challenge to change is our belief that we live only one life. When we have this belief we do not realize that we will continue coming back into our physical lives until we begin to see ourselves as an internal image rather than an external image. We can only live equality when we are willing to live our ethical values. As human beings, we have not to date lived our ethical values. We cannot live our ethical values when we are focused externally in our thinking.

Equality begins within us. Our belief in inequality is the reason for war at all levels. The primary reason that we insist upon living inequality is our external focus of thinking. The most dramatic way we are living our inequality is by our exposure to chemicals that are foreign to our own chemicals. We continue to create chemicals that are harmful to us and put them to more and more uses, because we do not understand our design and function as energy and matter. The second way we live our inequality is our belief in needing to be saved - by God, by doctors, medicine, family, friends, money - the list is endless. This reinforces our belief in being unequal to others, and we continue to live the struggle of our health and happiness being determined by external people, events, or pills.

When we can look internally and think from the love within our heart, we will never feel inequality again and we will refuse to live inequality at any time in our lives. To reach this point in our evolution, we must understand and live the truth of ourselves as Spiritual Beings. When we are afraid to think, change, grow and evolve, we will sabotage ourselves with multiple excuses to "set in place" the fear of the thinking mind. Our multiple excuses will be externally focused and usually of material concepts, such as money, time, family issues, or other excuses. This is an ego maneuver, and we can tell if our mind feels a sense of relief at our decision that the ego won the skirmish, but perhaps not the war that our ego is fighting against our thinking mind and loving emotions moving us forward.

We seldom stop to think that our inequality begins within our mind and is tolerated by our mind as our due. Many times these thoughts are not products of our thinking mind, but they are products of our belief system. We must create a plan and live the plan, despite what our ego is telling us.

Once we learn to live the equality of our chemical design to the design of Nature, Earth, and the Universe, we will choose to live our chemical equality, which will allow us to live for hundreds of years in each lifetime. We have been given personal responsibility to learn and grow within our own Spirit Consciousness. This is our pattern of eternal life, which helps us to understand that no one can learn for us or live our equality for us. Learning, change, and growth are always our personal responsibility as a human species. If we want to change, grow, and understand ourselves, we must learn to look internally with our thinking mind to understand ourselves as energy and matter. Our Spirit Consciousness is the energy of us that motivates us to think and allows us to expand the thinking mind as we think. The way we think, either externally or internally, is responsible for our speech patterns, how we understand and relate our thoughts to ourselves and the entire world, and what we create within our physical lives.

In our external approach to food and water, we eat because we are hungry, and we drink because we are thirsty. In the internal approach to food and water, we eat to sustain the chemical balance and energy within our human body. We must learn the fine art of loving ourselves. If we feel that we do not have enough of anything, we are living in fear, because our thinking mind is focused on what we do not have, rather than on the wisdom of our design as chemical beings with the power of creation. We use the energy that we are used to, that we feel protected by, which is why it is a challenge to change. Having a singular focus of intention as a physical person allows us to miss the beauty of who we could be, by denying the beauty of who we are. We can never live equality within ourselves if we cannot define who we are to ourselves.
Once we understand our entire design and function, we will live to support our health and happiness every day of our lives. If we think we are living our love, truth, and equality, we should feel totally comfortable in every thought that enters into our thinking mind no matter where we are or who we are with, because this will be our truthful, loving pattern of living equality in every aspect of our lives. Life will be a joy as we feel equal to everything that we encounter. Learning to live the equality of our Spiritual Design is the most important choice that we can make to live our change. Living simply from our external concept of being physical beings is precisely how we live war within our thinking mind and heart. At the present time our most immediate challenge is learning to love ourselves by activating the loving emotions equally with our thinking mind.

As human beings that revere using our thinking mind, we need to undertand one vital concept. We have always used our thinking mind with an external focus. If we want to change, grow, and understand ourselves, we must learn to look internally with our thinking mind to understand ourselves as energy and matter.

All knowledge comes from understanding relationships. When we recognize our chemical relationship to Nature, Earth, and the Universe as our air, water, and foods, we will have opened the box of knowledge that will give us the wisdom and power to expand our lives, and the memory to realize what we are doing. Spirituality is not a myth. Spirituality is the internal and external design of us as human beings. We must learn to be Spiritual Beings, because when we began our journey as human beings, we set out to teach ourselves how to be Spiritual Beings by learning to live the ethical values of our Spiritual Design and Function. It is our spiritual commitment to live our compassion, cooperation, and communciation which will allow us to open our thinking mind to the truth, equality, and love of self and allow us to grow and change beyond our fears to live our equality as Spiritual Beings.

I am looking forward to talking about Living Equality in my seminar this Sunday (May 7).

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