Thursday, April 13, 2006

Living Our Ethical Values

Sometimes in our life, we simply have to stop running and sit down to look at who we are and what we are doing to ourselves and our world. Yesterday I attended a Memorial Service for a young 30 y/o woman who was stabbed to death by a "friend." If our friends are ready to kill us, what would our enemies do? We are a human species that has been around for thousands of years, and we are still killing each other. I am shocked by the absence of loving energy that exists in the human species which would allow us to live our ethical values, every moment of every day. The loss of human life in any form is despicable, whether we are fighting wars individually against someone, or as a nation, it does not matter because we are setting an example for our children that "war" is okay. War at any level means we are still living as barbarians, not humans. Spiritual people communicate peacefully and lovingly.

When we have the strength and wisdom to shift our thinking mind out of fear and into love, we will have grown dramatically as human beings. When we are afraid to change, we are afraid to release our fear and live our love. When we are living in fear, we are not aware that we are perpetuating war at all levels of our human interaction and at all levels of our human society. Living in our anger and fear is self-perpetuating inhuman behavior. As humans, we are designed with ethical values as the energy of our Spirit Consciousness. When we live our fear, we are living from a strictly fearful thinking mind that is no longer appropriate in our human society. We cannot live love and fear at the same time. As long as we live in fear, killing will simply be an angry behavior that keeps us from realizing the truth of ourselves as loving human beings.

We can never expect the rest of the world to change if we are unwilling to change ourselves. If everyone changed their fear to love, we could change the world. When we hang onto our fear, we cannot expect other people to change their thinking and behaviors. When we cannot change, we always leave the door open to learn change in the most difficult pattern that our Dual Soul can manage, simply to get our attention and help us to understand the wisdom of change. Change is not a "one" person event, because one person can be very loving and still become the victim of someone else who is living their fear to the utmost. We have reached the time in the history of our human population where we must change from fear to love so that we can all be happy and safe as we live our ethical values of Spirit Consciousness.

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