Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleaning up our health care industry. Prevention of disease versus treatment.

When I listen to people contributing all manner of ways to clean up the health care industry, it seems important to me that I contribute my life experiences as an R.N. since I worked my entire life in this profession.  When I began in nursing, we did not have the same conveniences that we have today in hospitals and I know how we relied on other concepts of health care that very few people pay adequate attention to today.  The very first issues in our human health are what we breathe, drink, eat, and expose ourselves to chemically.  First we must look at how we think because our thinking creates our behavior and behavior has become toxic to our health and it supports us in our other negative behaviors.  What we breathe, what we eat, and what and how we drink all play active roles in creating disease and/or keeping us healthy.
Years ago we did not have the same level of chemical contamination in our lives that we have today.  Today we breathe into and we feed our bodies multiple chemicals that act as contaminants in our cellular design which can and do trigger the creation of many diseases, especially in our lungs, liver, and blood stream as well as other organs, especially in the development of cancer.  The air, water, and foods that we expose ourselves to today should be as pure as we can find them to protect ourselves from disease. Pure air, water, and the pure foods of Nature serve to restore the chemical design of our human body.  This is why the air, water, and foods must be pure as we use them, or they alone act as contaminated chemicals which can contaminate our cellular design by not having the capability to support our health.  This helps us to see the process that we are using to destroy our own health. Years ago our foods came from pure soil, we drank pure water from underground sources, and we breathed the fresh air of Nature, which was consistently purified by the trees as a natural  purifier of air, but now our foods, water, and air are the source of our diseases because of their physical contamination.

We can change a huge portion of our human contamination by eating only organic foods, drinking only pure water from glass bottles, and keeping the air in our homes fresh by opening the windows rather than polluting our air with sprayed deodorant chemicals.  Small plastic bottles of water are being filled in different municipal water plants around our country and most of it has many chemicals added to it to act as water purifiers.  Water is essential to our health.  Spring water in glass bottles is much safer and healthier.  Cancer is a disease of the excesses of chemical contaminants and deficiencies of the pure chemicals that our human body needs to stay healthy.  When we fail to provide our human body with the chemicals that it must have to survive, then we begin to make ourselves sick without understanding what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Changing our smoking habits, eating habits, the water that we drink, and our current use of  sprayed contaminants in the air of our living space, can play an enormous role in keeping us healthy.  Health should be the goal of every human being because health gives us a greater enjoyment of life and living.  As we learn to prevent our own diseases, we will help to clean up the health care industry, which is very broken.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Health and Happiness

My earliest memories as a child was my intense desire to become a nurse and how I felt about nursing.  As a first year nursing student I was observing one day in the operating room.  The surgeon cut a very large nerve and I screamed.  He turned around and shouted at me, ........."what is wrong with you?"  my answer was, "You cut a nerve."  I have never to this day gotten over his response, because he shouted at me that nerves were simply strings that were like the strings that hold packages together.  Even in 1948 there was already enough information about the nervous system  to know that nerves did not represent the strings that hold packages together.  How did I know that he was ignorant?  All of my life I have had a dramatic affinity for the nervous system that in my mind makes us human, besides that I was in nursing school because I had healed my nerves following rheumatic fever. 

One of my favorite people in history has always been "John Newport Langley, PHD"  Dr. Langley was a "nerve" researcher in England and in my estimation he knew the nerves better than any human including the present Doctor's of today.  As a child with rheumatic fever, I learned a lot about my nerves and the pain that was common in the nerves with rheumatic fever.  In childhood my goal was to become a registered nurse when I grew "big."  Even a child can understand that you have to walk to be a nurse, and to walk you have to use the nerves in your legs as well as in the rest of your body and that you need to use your nerves without intense pain.  This information helped me to stay very active throughout my life and the more active I was, the less pain I experienced from my rheumatic fever.   My parents would always tell me that I had to heal myself, because we already had learned that medicine was of no help with the pain from rheumatic fever or with the rheumatic fever itself.

Therefore, even though I was a freshman nursing student when the surgeon screamed at me, I knew that he did not know as much about the nervous system as I knew.  I went through the long nursing program without missing any time despite my pain, and I learned along the way that exercise is probably better for the nerves than it is the muscles, especially when you have rheumatic fever.  Thankfully rheumatic fever is no longer the "scrooge" that it was in my youth because of penicillin, but I have found the information that I learned from living this disease invaluable in my understanding of the Nervous System.  What I taught myself as I was living with rheumatic fever I continue to use today to restore health in other people.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Nightingale Initiative - How Do We Take Care of Ourselves?

The Nightingale Initiative is returning our physical focus to an understanding of our personal health and healing internally as a human species. Florence Nightingale has been accepted as the “first Nurse” of our society. But for the past fifty + years, we have not been focused on health and healing, we have been focused on “medical care.” Medical care is important to our health but it has to be a partnership between us and the health care system. Individual health and healing are focused on “self care” not “medical care.” Medicine has become addicted to the concept of drugs, not health.

When we focus constantly on our own human health, we think positive thoughts, we live truth, we eat from the organic foods of Nature to support our cellular health, and we love ourselves and other people as a positive and supportive energy. Many people do not realize that we are chemical energy beings, and that we must keep our chemical energy balanced by what we eat, drink, breathe, and think. We can never be healthy when our thinking mind is focused on fear.

How do we take care of ourselves? Hour by hour, day by day, year by year we must focus on what we think, eat, drink, and breathe to keep ourselves healthy internally as our chemical design? Health is always our very individual personal responsibility. No one can think, eat, drink, breathe, or sleep for us. Years ago health was seen as being synonymous with our daily lifestyle. This continues to be the truth of our health, but unfortunately we do not accept personal responsibility for how we think, breathe, sleep, or eat anymore. We have attempted to pass our concepts of health to the medical community. We have become “junkies,” as we make the medical community responsible for our health. We buy junk foods as fast foods as they appear on the store shelves, and we do not usually stop and think about how we are abusing ourselves by living through the power of consumerism and television ads.

As human beings we are designed from the air, soil, and water of Nature and Earth. The time has come for us to “eat from a pure Nature, drink from a pure Nature, and breathe from a pure Nature once again, if it is our intention to restore our health and happiness. We should all be living much longer than we are currently living. One major disease that is directly related to what we eat, drink, and breathe is cancer. The other primary influence on developing cancer is our thinking mind. Negative thinking, anger, fear, and negligence are all part of creating cancer. Cancer is now thriving in epidemic proportions in our human society. We can never live a lie and be healthy, because the lie will “eat” away at our physical body. Cancer infects people today in all age groups. What we eat, drink, and breathe either makes us sick or supports us in staying healthy. Eating, drinking, and breathing are all inclusively our personal choice.

It is time for us to look carefully at ourselves. Who do we want to be? Do we want to live long and happy lives or do we want to experience the lesson of “free choice” and live disease? My first book, which I wrote in 1989, is all about “The Joy of Health” which will also be the focus of my classes this year. As human beings it is our personal responsibility to learn how to keep ourselves healthy, happy, and productive in learning the truth of who we are as the essence of our life. Learning is a major part of our health and it should be part of our health care. People do not know how to change if they do not understand themselves and how change opens the doors of our mind, emotions, and senses to bigger and greater opportunities in life and living.

Staying healthy and happy as human beings is a major part of the Nightingale Initiative as it was defined by Florence Nightingale years ago. Florence Nightingale is being honored today as the creator of living a healthy lifestyle with the Nightingale Initiative. In our society, we have a belief that “all food is good food,” which is definitely an erroneous belief that supports us in making ourselves sick as we eat multiple types of foods prepared in multiple styles. Never forget that eating organic raw foods in a fresh state is truly supporting our health and happiness. Root vegetables that are grown in healthy soil will provide us with many of the nutrients that we need.

Organically grown foods are healthier than foods grown from manmade chemicals. Foods lose a large portion of their chemical design when they are shipped across the country and not stored properly. When foods are not grown organically, they can be hazardous to our health. Prepare your soil properly and grow your own garden of fresh foods. Eating healthy foods is our best medicine and when we eat well, breathe pure air, think happy thoughts, laugh, and drink pure water, we will have found a recipe for health. Many manufactured home products, drinks, and foods are hazardous to our health.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

No Price Tag on Our Health and Happiness!

I lived my entire life on the same farm, and I still considered that piece of land "home" until my parents died and the land was sold. When I finished nursing school in 1951, I moved to Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. in 1951 was a very different town than it is today. I had a younger sister living there and I wanted very much to go live with her. We were very close, but my school and her work had put us in very different areas of the country and I wanted to spend some time with her. As my years of school came to a close, I began to make my plans to live with my sister. At that time I was passionate about medical research, so before I moved from Indiana I accepted a nursing position at D.C. General Hospital in the Tuberculosis Building which was actively doing multiple forms of research. I had been at D.C. General less than a year when we discovered the perfect treatment for tuberculosis, which healed the disease very quickly, and it is still the drug of choice today.

My sister, her friend and I moved from Washington, D.C. into a house in Arlington Forest in Arlington, Virginia. This was one of the first areas of Arlington that was being developed. It was a community of two-story brick houses just across the D.C. line, where we settled in to enjoy our lives, our freedom, and our successes. We had a wonderful year of working, dating, going places together, and being together, and then I got married. Marriage was an interesting challenge for me because I was not used to control, and suddenly I found myself being told what to do and when to do it, and my new husband did not appreciate my focus on tuberculosis research or my working at D.C. General Hospital. Gradually he wore me down and I left D.C. General Hospital and went to work at the Yater Clinic.

In the long run this was a perfect move, because working for Wallace Yater, M.D. was a dramatic gift to myself that I had no idea could happen. I knew him by reputation only when I went to work in his clinic. With my first meeting with Wallace Yater,I was struck by his gentleness, kindness, and his wisdom, which created a dramatic energy field around him. As I watched him work with "very important people" in the concept of our human reality, I was aware of his wisdom, his love, his utmost consideration of all human beings, and his total expertise as a physician.

It was after I started working for Wallace Yater that I realized he had written the "medical book" that was being studied by many medical students. To this day I cherish this medical book that he wrote and I use it to keep my mind fresh on many medical subjects. Wallace Yater had a wide following of patients, and as I started working in the Yater Clinic in Washington, D.C. I was always amazed at the steady influx of diplomats, movie stars, and "important people" that were his clients and that would fly halfway across the world to see him. His personality never changed in my presence. He was always calm, polite, brilliant, and considerate of other people. I have found his medical writings to be as important today as they were fifty years ago, and if they were followed more carefully by today's medical profession, perhaps we would have fewer problems healing diseases, and we would not create as many diseases as confront our human population today. As I remember, Dr. Yater had brilliant physicians working in his clinic and people came from all over the world to see him and his team of specialists.

As a young R.N., I felt very honored to work with these seasoned and intelligent men and women. When I began having children, I always took my children to the pediatrician that I loved so much at the Yater Clinic, whose name was Dr. Catherine Knop. I raised healthy children, and they have all done well in the world today. I do believe that getting off to a healthy start physically, mentally, and emotionally is like money in the bank for us as human beings. We cannot put a price tag on our health or happiness.

I left Yater Clinic to have my first child, but during my child-bearing years and my six children, I always took my children to the Yater Clinic to be seen because I trusted these physicians explicitly, and they were worthy of my trust. The pediatrician that I used for my six children was Dr. Catherine Knop, and she was also the best and brightest pediatrician that I have ever met. To make a long story short, after you have had the best medical care in the country, anything less than what you are used to falls rather flat in your mind and it may never reach your heart. Reaching the heart of a client does not appear to be the intention of our current medical community. Sometimes in my "musings," I wonder how many of today's physicians have studied the medical book written by Wallace Yater? I have his book and I have consistently used it as a reference in my life. I can see him and "feel" his energy when I think about him. Many times I have been given very important answers to my medical questions from his energy field. This is where I learned the reality of medicine and what it means on a personal basis.