Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Nightingale Initiative - How Do We Take Care of Ourselves?

The Nightingale Initiative is returning our physical focus to an understanding of our personal health and healing internally as a human species. Florence Nightingale has been accepted as the “first Nurse” of our society. But for the past fifty + years, we have not been focused on health and healing, we have been focused on “medical care.” Medical care is important to our health but it has to be a partnership between us and the health care system. Individual health and healing are focused on “self care” not “medical care.” Medicine has become addicted to the concept of drugs, not health.

When we focus constantly on our own human health, we think positive thoughts, we live truth, we eat from the organic foods of Nature to support our cellular health, and we love ourselves and other people as a positive and supportive energy. Many people do not realize that we are chemical energy beings, and that we must keep our chemical energy balanced by what we eat, drink, breathe, and think. We can never be healthy when our thinking mind is focused on fear.

How do we take care of ourselves? Hour by hour, day by day, year by year we must focus on what we think, eat, drink, and breathe to keep ourselves healthy internally as our chemical design? Health is always our very individual personal responsibility. No one can think, eat, drink, breathe, or sleep for us. Years ago health was seen as being synonymous with our daily lifestyle. This continues to be the truth of our health, but unfortunately we do not accept personal responsibility for how we think, breathe, sleep, or eat anymore. We have attempted to pass our concepts of health to the medical community. We have become “junkies,” as we make the medical community responsible for our health. We buy junk foods as fast foods as they appear on the store shelves, and we do not usually stop and think about how we are abusing ourselves by living through the power of consumerism and television ads.

As human beings we are designed from the air, soil, and water of Nature and Earth. The time has come for us to “eat from a pure Nature, drink from a pure Nature, and breathe from a pure Nature once again, if it is our intention to restore our health and happiness. We should all be living much longer than we are currently living. One major disease that is directly related to what we eat, drink, and breathe is cancer. The other primary influence on developing cancer is our thinking mind. Negative thinking, anger, fear, and negligence are all part of creating cancer. Cancer is now thriving in epidemic proportions in our human society. We can never live a lie and be healthy, because the lie will “eat” away at our physical body. Cancer infects people today in all age groups. What we eat, drink, and breathe either makes us sick or supports us in staying healthy. Eating, drinking, and breathing are all inclusively our personal choice.

It is time for us to look carefully at ourselves. Who do we want to be? Do we want to live long and happy lives or do we want to experience the lesson of “free choice” and live disease? My first book, which I wrote in 1989, is all about “The Joy of Health” which will also be the focus of my classes this year. As human beings it is our personal responsibility to learn how to keep ourselves healthy, happy, and productive in learning the truth of who we are as the essence of our life. Learning is a major part of our health and it should be part of our health care. People do not know how to change if they do not understand themselves and how change opens the doors of our mind, emotions, and senses to bigger and greater opportunities in life and living.

Staying healthy and happy as human beings is a major part of the Nightingale Initiative as it was defined by Florence Nightingale years ago. Florence Nightingale is being honored today as the creator of living a healthy lifestyle with the Nightingale Initiative. In our society, we have a belief that “all food is good food,” which is definitely an erroneous belief that supports us in making ourselves sick as we eat multiple types of foods prepared in multiple styles. Never forget that eating organic raw foods in a fresh state is truly supporting our health and happiness. Root vegetables that are grown in healthy soil will provide us with many of the nutrients that we need.

Organically grown foods are healthier than foods grown from manmade chemicals. Foods lose a large portion of their chemical design when they are shipped across the country and not stored properly. When foods are not grown organically, they can be hazardous to our health. Prepare your soil properly and grow your own garden of fresh foods. Eating healthy foods is our best medicine and when we eat well, breathe pure air, think happy thoughts, laugh, and drink pure water, we will have found a recipe for health. Many manufactured home products, drinks, and foods are hazardous to our health.

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