Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleaning up our health care industry. Prevention of disease versus treatment.

When I listen to people contributing all manner of ways to clean up the health care industry, it seems important to me that I contribute my life experiences as an R.N. since I worked my entire life in this profession.  When I began in nursing, we did not have the same conveniences that we have today in hospitals and I know how we relied on other concepts of health care that very few people pay adequate attention to today.  The very first issues in our human health are what we breathe, drink, eat, and expose ourselves to chemically.  First we must look at how we think because our thinking creates our behavior and behavior has become toxic to our health and it supports us in our other negative behaviors.  What we breathe, what we eat, and what and how we drink all play active roles in creating disease and/or keeping us healthy.
Years ago we did not have the same level of chemical contamination in our lives that we have today.  Today we breathe into and we feed our bodies multiple chemicals that act as contaminants in our cellular design which can and do trigger the creation of many diseases, especially in our lungs, liver, and blood stream as well as other organs, especially in the development of cancer.  The air, water, and foods that we expose ourselves to today should be as pure as we can find them to protect ourselves from disease. Pure air, water, and the pure foods of Nature serve to restore the chemical design of our human body.  This is why the air, water, and foods must be pure as we use them, or they alone act as contaminated chemicals which can contaminate our cellular design by not having the capability to support our health.  This helps us to see the process that we are using to destroy our own health. Years ago our foods came from pure soil, we drank pure water from underground sources, and we breathed the fresh air of Nature, which was consistently purified by the trees as a natural  purifier of air, but now our foods, water, and air are the source of our diseases because of their physical contamination.

We can change a huge portion of our human contamination by eating only organic foods, drinking only pure water from glass bottles, and keeping the air in our homes fresh by opening the windows rather than polluting our air with sprayed deodorant chemicals.  Small plastic bottles of water are being filled in different municipal water plants around our country and most of it has many chemicals added to it to act as water purifiers.  Water is essential to our health.  Spring water in glass bottles is much safer and healthier.  Cancer is a disease of the excesses of chemical contaminants and deficiencies of the pure chemicals that our human body needs to stay healthy.  When we fail to provide our human body with the chemicals that it must have to survive, then we begin to make ourselves sick without understanding what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Changing our smoking habits, eating habits, the water that we drink, and our current use of  sprayed contaminants in the air of our living space, can play an enormous role in keeping us healthy.  Health should be the goal of every human being because health gives us a greater enjoyment of life and living.  As we learn to prevent our own diseases, we will help to clean up the health care industry, which is very broken.

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