Thursday, March 04, 2010

Health Care - Our Body is begging us for nutrients!

Health Care is one of my favorite topics because I am a Registered Nurse with a very long life experience in caring for hospital patients, doing Nursing Administration, doing research on the HLA, DNA, and other types of medical research on diseases.  Quite frankly, as human beings we are forever creating our own personal health challenges by our thinking and behaviors, especially our eating, drinking, and breathing.  The foods that we eat and what we drink are frequently atrocious because they do not provide our physical body with the chemicals that our body specifically needs. We seem to have forgotten that we are all part of Nature.  Therefore when we make ourselves sick, we put ourselves into the position of  "needing to be saved."  In effect our body is begging us for the nutrients that it needs to heal itself so that it can continue to live and thrive as a human being.  Junk foods will not heal us because they do not provide the nutrients that we need to protect our body from disease.

Our focus on "needing to be saved" by the doctor is not very different than our "needing to be saved by Jesus." This is the moment in time when we all must look honestly at our own eating, drinking, and breathing habits and behaviors to help ourselves accept personal responsibility for what we are creating so we can accept the wisdom and activity of changing our life to be healthy and happy.  I work with individual clients, including those that are in the throes of disease, especially cancer/and or other "incurable" diseases.  I know that we can cure nearly any disease if we change our lifestyle soon enough and we release the body from its agony of starvation. I do not consider any disease incurable unless it has done so much damage to our body that we have destroyed some or one of our vital organs, which interferes with our physical life.  In 1989 I wrote the first of my eight books entitled, "The Joy of Health."  I suggest that everyone read this book and start saving money on your medical bills.

The truth is that most diseases can be healed, easily and simply with the right fresh healthy foods, pure water, and clean, fresh air.  Hospitals and doctors are not generally about health and happiness, they are about treating diseases with medicine and surgery.  Many Nurses and Nurse Practitioners care more about health and happiness than they do about medicine.  We are looking at our health care system in a very mixed up and expensive way, which we are all destined to pay for unless we learn to heal ourselves.  Medicine and health care are about diseased patients who need some immediate intervention.  Of course, diagnosis and treatment are another level of discovery.  Everyone needs to know what is making them sick.  After we learn the diagnosis, we can usually go a long way in building back our health and our happiness on our own.

Once we discover our diagnosis, we must learn how to regain and to maintain our health.  As patients we must be about our own  "personal health and happiness," which means we must learn how to eat right, drink pure water, and breathe only fresh air rather than deodorants out of a can, and we must keep our body and mind active.  Exercise, work outside, learn to open your windows and let fresh air into your homes, and we need to  think!  Many cancers are caused by a variety of sprays that are used in homes.  Open the windows of your home and let the fresh air re-calibrate the air in your home.  Once we learn to take care of ourselves with the fresh foods of Nature, pure spring water, and clean fresh air in our homes, we will find ourselves living with a new lease on a healthy life and an expanded happiness in our heart and in our relationships.
Health is always our personal responsibility and it has very little to do with medicine, which is focused on the "treatment of disease."   Our goal should always be to maintain our health into an old age so that we can enjoy the wisdom that we have all been looking for and soaking up as human beings.   We can all do this and find that happiness that we have been searching for as we live long and happy lives.

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Really our body is begging for nutrients...