Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care is a Personal Responsibility

As I listen to the news and I hear all of the information about health care, I shake in my shoes.  Our health care is a very personal thing that we must do and consciously plan for ourselves.  When we think about Doctors and Insurance as our saviors in life, we are destroying our own motivation to live as a functional human being.  Who in the world would ever want to make another person responsible for their health care?  Physicians are about "disease care" not health care.  We are in charge of our health and it is about time that each and every human being accepts that personal responsibility.  Each and everyone of us thinks, eats, drink, and breathes as we choose, which means we are totally responsible for our "health care." 

Our diseases are dramatically linked  to the state of our thinking which controls our eating, drinking, and breathing.  Many years ago we didn't have all of the commercial products that we have today, which are what is giving us diseases.  We lived an "organic life" close to Nature until 1948, and we usually died of old age.  In 1948 the government taught the farmers how to put chemicals on our land to grow crops.  Now cancer is raging through our society and it has no sympathy for age.  We continue to eat, drink, and breathe as we did and must to live, but we are not getting the same quality of air, food, and water that we need to keep our body healthy. Our land has become polluted and we must pay more attention to our eating, drinking, and breathing to stay healthy.  This is our major problem with living a healthy and happy life into the triple digits -  we do not realize that we are being poisoned by what we eat, drink, and breathe.

No one can change our thinking but us.  When we realize that we must be very conscious now of everything that we put in our mouth, what we breathe, what we drink, and that we are capable of restoring our health and healing ourselves, we will enjoy our life more.  I have been called many names because I eat only organic foods and I drink only imported spring water in glass bottles.  (My house uses well water, not city water, so I also use and monitor the well water which so far remains very good.) I use no sprays in my car, bathrooms, or in other places in my home.  I open my windows and doors on a daily basis and let the fresh air blow through my house.  If you are living in a place where there is no fresh air, it may be time to consider moving.  Our health is always our personal responsibility.  We cannot depend upon anyone else to "save" us.  Health Care Reform is not going to save us, and in reality Health Care cannot be reformed unless we as a "people" change our dependent personal behaviors.  Health is our personal responsibility and it does not and cannot be an action of the medical community, which is focused on disease and therefore most doctors know very little about health.  We can prevent disease and live beautifully into a healthy and happy old age, by taking care of our own body, mind, and Spirit Energy.  Knowing ourselves as an eternal Spirit Consciousness is essential to accepting that we live as Eternal Energy Beings. 

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