Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is a healthy life???????

What is a healthy life????  If each and every human alive would ask themselves this question, perhaps they would find behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs in their own life that could be changed.  I have worked with patients my entire life as an RN and some of the things that I have seen are funny, some are very sad, and most of the behaviors that I have seen reflect into my mind the "lack of knowledge" about who we are as a human being.   We all live the life of "being a patient" as well as caring for patients and today as I watch people, I know that most people do not understand that we must eat pure organically grown food, drink pure water, and breathe fresh air to keep our internal cells happy and healthy.  Today we live in a nation that is fixated with "health" care.  This word "health" is within itself is a misnomer.  We are a nation that is fixated with "disease" care.  We can change ourselves and live as healthy human beings.  Nothing that is being done through legislation and through the President's intervention is about "health."  Everything is about disease care in our Society and we are "breaking the bank" with our disease system.

When we are willing to look at how we create disease and heal that disease situation, the "health care" will take care of itself.  I have had a life-long fascination with a man, "John Newport Langley."   Dr. Langley was a researcher of the nervous system back in the 1800's.  Our health care system should begin to look at Dr. Langley's work and realize that our diseases can probably be prevented and cured if we could keep our nervous system open and flowing smoothly.  This approach can heal cancer and every other "energy" disease that I can find.  Many years ago when I was a child and very ill with rheumatic fever, I created a therapy called "Neural Depolarization" which I have since used to heal every form of disease that I have ever seen.  This is an energy therapy and since most people do not accept that we are energy, it is normal that they do not see that all diseases are basically diseases of the nervous system which are created as we contaminate ourself with our air, water, and foods.  But when we want to be healed, we can change and try something new, eat, drink, and breathe in a healthy manner.  Sometimes it makes me very sad to see people die when they do not need to die and to suffer with pain when they do not need to have pain.  We can change and we can be healthy and happy human beings.

Health and consciousness is what I teach. Our nerves are the source of our energy as consciousness. We do create our own energy fields by how we think and how we live. My next class is March 27-28, the 2nd class of 2010 focused on The Joy of Health.

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