Thursday, March 11, 2010

Energy/Human Energy

Sometimes I realize that people may not understand that we are energy beings and as energy beings we are eternal.  Our energy never dies, despite the fact that our human physical body dies.  This means that we have been creating new lives for ourselves since the beginning of life on Earth (and before) by using the energy of our original design.  Our human energy is phenomenal, and when we do not realize that we are energy beings first and physical beings second, we can be terribly self-abusive with negative and inappropriate behavior. When we destroy our human design with chemicals, we can bring this destruction back into our next life.  I learned that I was energy first as a very sick child.  It has been a valuable lesson for me and it is what motivated me to become an RN with an intense interest in research.  I spent many years of my life involved in research and in the beginning of my life that was research in tuberculosis.  We discovered the cure for tuberculosis which is still being used today. This cure was and is Isonazid, which is a "pill" that is marketed under other names by drug companies today.  Later I was involved in HLA and DNA research as well as research in Kidney Transplantation, which were all connected.  These were National and International Research programs that to me revealed a lot more than they probably did to other people that were involved in the programs, simply because I have always looked at life from a different perspective.

One of my intense drives to be a nurse was motivated by my seeing different energy fields around the bodies of different people, even as a very young child.  I have now learned that our energy is dramatically affected by our mind, emotions, and the chemical condition of our physical body, and at the time of death the energy of our Soul and Spirit is very visible as it leaves the body but hangs around outside of the dying body.  Once I understood how energy was reflected into and from our cells by multiple sources including our chemical and physical reality, I wanted to be involved in the RNA and DNA research to get one more image of how the energy supports us, so I became involved in the DNA research through an NIH program at NMRI.  I joined a research team which was defining the DNA (the chemical pattern of us) and how it worked to support or destroy organ transplantation, and I loved it because I could very clearly see the chemical patterns that give us "eternal life" as well as the chemical pattern of our current physical life.  I now understand that our creation of human life was a tremendous piece of "work" even as a chemical design of energy, which most of us don't really think about or appreciate, or we would eat only from the Organic foods of Nature, from which we were designed.

Once we can understand the chemical patterns of who we are, we can support our health in keeping our chemical patterns as pure as possible, and it gives us another concept of energy, especially our own internal energy that is always being created by what we eat, drink, and breathe.  Because I work with sick people, and many of these people have cancer or neurological disorders, I know how and what I am doing to release an energy "clogged" nervous system.  I have and I was born with a visual capacity that many people do not have.  This ability to see internally as well as externally has given me an appreciation for the human body that is beautiful and rewarding, and it has given me the gift of knowing and seeing energy.  My vision also helps me appreciate energy in other people and what it means to us in our health as human beings.  When people do not eat, drink, and breathe right, they do not have the same level of energy that they should have to keep themselves healthy and happy in their physical reality.  We get our energy from the chemicals that are found in the foods that we eat, the water that we drink, and the air that we breathe.

Energy is a misunderstood "concept" in our physical reality.  Our energy is produced by us and what we put in our mouth.  Our chemical design is what provides us with the energy of our physical life, which is why we must eat, drink, and breathe to live a healthy life. That will be my topic for tomorrow.  Goodbye. Kathy O.

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