Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Reality: Body, Mind and Spirit

Discovering who we are has been the challenge of our life that we have been working with from the very beginning of our creation. We are getting closer now to understanding ourselves from a scientific basis than we have ever been before. Unfortunately along the path of science we began to separate and externalize our concept of reality. As we followed this separate and external course of thought we began to drop out of our memory many important perceptions of ourself that are vital to our growth. Now as we face the transition of our mind and emotions it is important for us to get in touch with that part of our memory that has been lost.

Internally we feel the need to find that part of ourself that we are missing. Internally we are being motivated by our soul and inspired by our spirit to fill the void (the something-is-missing syndrome. Our last 65 years have been devoted to our lesson of equality for our soul. Equality is both an internal and an external issue that we work with consistently, whether or not we recognize what we are doing. During these past 65 years change has been the name of the game for us as human beings, for society, for our beliefs, and for our behavior.

For a number of years, especially during the past 20 years,the new age movement (metaphor for personal growth) has been sweeping the country. I frequently hear people talk about body, mind and spirit but in the next sentence they will define for me an external perception of their understanding. People struggle over the concept of consciousness, spirit, and soul without being able to identify what they mean. Today I want to show you what our body, mind and spirit is, how we have created it, how we use it, and the changes that we are making in this transition period.

We are spiritual beings of energy and we are trying to learn how to be human. Human is an acronym for Higher Universal Mana or spirit consciousness. We are the seeds of the Creator (God) that are learning to grow and expand into a mature spirit consciousness. We are infant spirit beings growing into mature spirit beings and we are using our physical body to live our physical experiences and learn the lessons we need. We have been taught that we are humans learning to be spirit. Knowing that we have within us the energy of spirit, the wisdom of our soul, and the ability to change our physical lives gives us back our sense of responsibility for living and being.

We are always the energy of our spirit that we filter down into invisible energy as our soul, and visible energy as our physical body. We use our physical body as a tool for our soul which is a reflection of our spirit energy that is focused internally and externally into our mentality and emotions. In our physical nature we use our external mentality and emotions. In our divine nature we use our internal mentality and emotions. Our physical nature is our negative componenthhwich grounds us to Earth. Our divine nature is our positive component, which reflects our spirit consciousness.

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