Monday, March 06, 2006

The Joy of Learning

As human beings that are designed with a Spirit Consciousness that is essentially our entire brain as our cerebrum, limbic system, and cerebellum, we are a very special Intelligent Design on Earth. We think, we love, we store memory, we have loving emotions, and we have infinite spirit senses, all of which we use constantly within our growth and change as a constant state of evolution. This makes our internal design essentially a sensory design since our mind and emotions are also connected to our spirit senses. When we think about our design as a Spirit Consciousness and how the energy of our Spirit Consciousness creates the matter of our physical body, we begin to realize that we have a very special focus here on Earth. No other living creature has the ability to think, feel, and sense in the same identical way that humans do. We have the ability to expand and evolve our thinking mind.

When we look at the human species, we can easily see that not all humans are functioning from the same level of thinking, feeling, and sensing as other humans are. The beginning of our energy growth is found within our thinking mind. We must learn to expand and to understand our thinking mind before we can even access our loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses. We have spent aeons of time in simply clarifying and streamlining our physical body. Now it is time for us to learn as a thinking mind, which gives us the power to expand our Spirit Consciousness. Every time that someone says to me, "I don't like to read." I feel like I want to sit down and cry. Anyone who does not like to read, makes themselves the poorest person in the world. Each of us should find absolute joy in learning. Learning is the gift that separates us from the animal kingdom. I don't mean that animals don't learn, but they do not have the same capacity for learning and deduction as humans have.

We have a wonderfully Intelligent Design as a Spirit Consciousness. When we encourage our thinking mind to learn, we can expand our learning into our loving emotions and spirit senses too, which puts us far ahead of any other creature on Earth. To be given the ability to think, love, and sense at the same time is the wonderment of the human species. When we act like animals, we are degrading our human design. When we think, love, and use our infinite senses all at once, we rise to the front of the learning scale and we "Know Thyself."

Everyone should make it their passion to learn something everyday of their lives. It is apparent that we need to understand ourselves better, so that we can heal our thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses, and our physical body. We make ourselves sick in multiple ways, but generally speaking we do not recognize what we do to ourselves. It is our personal responsibility to learn, to grow, and to change the internal energy of our thinking mind. No one else can learn for us. When we resist learning because we find no joy in our lives, it is time to take a vacation by ourselves and see if we are good company to be with.

In my early years of knowing that I had to teach Spiritual Philosophy from my memory, I took a vacation alone for a week and I spent that week reading. It has remained the best week of my life ever since. Anyone who wants to learn has the opportunity because our world is full of wonderful books. The test is: Can you be happy with yourself for a week? You can if you are learning.

Reclaiming our Sense of Infinity

Our externally focused thinking mind is sabotaging itself with its "one-life" belief. When we understand ourselves as an eternal and internal Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to emerge into our sense of infinity as human beings. As we have focused on our external thinking mind as "all that is," we have ignored the entirity of our internal thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses as our internal pattern of Spirit Consciousness. When we clearly accept ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to realize that we are infinite as a thinking mind, loving emotions and spirit senses.

Science is a wonderful thing! Many magnificient understandings are now taking place in science. If all scientists looked internally within themselves to find the answers to their discoveries, our world would change quickly. Yet some progress is being made as we begin to realize that we are chemical beings and it is the chemicals of our human design that allows us to live as energy beings. Hippocrates knew that we restore our internal chemicals from air, water, and the foods of Nature. We have always known this important fact, but we tend to get bored with the internal landscape of us and we focus our thinking mind on the external landscape. If we can keep uppermost in our thinking mind that we are chemical beings and the air, water, and foods of Nature provide us with the pure chemicals that produce the energy of our physical matter, we will all be able to heal ourselves, as a physical body and as a thinking mind. Our thinking mind has been overwhelmed with external fear beliefs that have handicapped our internal vision of ourselves as an infinite human being that is growing and changing with each physical lifetime.

As we live with our external perception of living only one life, we do our infinite pattern of being human a great dis-service. In fact at this point in our evolution, we have ceased to evolve and we are living as though we are frozen in time through our multiple-disease focus. As we backslide into our warring negative behaviors, we loose our internal sense of infinity. When we can once again focus our thinking mind internally, we will find that our loving emotions and infinite spirit senses are waiting to help us feel whole and beautiful again as an internal Spirit Consciousness. When we look at the truth of our fearful external thinking mind, we begin to realize that our male thinking mind is seeking its mate as our female loving emotions, which we cannot know until we think with our internal perception of self. When we realize that we cannot reclaim our infinity with our external perception, we become more willing to think with our internal perception and once again be united with the female loving emotions and spirit senses as the truth of our internal Spirit Consciousness.

Our Spirit Consciousness restores our sense of infinity within our thinking mind and we begin to evaluate all of science, relationships, and feelings from an internal perception of infinity. We are energy and we are matter. Energy never dies but it does change the form of its matter. This wonderful pattern of infinite life that has given us eternal support in our growth and change as our pattern of evolution has the power to restore our sense of infinity as we live with our infinite Spirit Consciousness instead of our localized fearful thinking mind with its external perception of fear, disease, and death. We continue to evolve as a means of "Knowing Thyself," as an eternal Spirit Consciousness energy living within physical matter. We are all loving people, as well as thinking and sensing people, but right now as we live in our physical reality we have to ask ourselves, "Where is the love?" that is the energy of our Sense of Infinity.