Monday, March 06, 2006

Reclaiming our Sense of Infinity

Our externally focused thinking mind is sabotaging itself with its "one-life" belief. When we understand ourselves as an eternal and internal Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to emerge into our sense of infinity as human beings. As we have focused on our external thinking mind as "all that is," we have ignored the entirity of our internal thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses as our internal pattern of Spirit Consciousness. When we clearly accept ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness, we will begin to realize that we are infinite as a thinking mind, loving emotions and spirit senses.

Science is a wonderful thing! Many magnificient understandings are now taking place in science. If all scientists looked internally within themselves to find the answers to their discoveries, our world would change quickly. Yet some progress is being made as we begin to realize that we are chemical beings and it is the chemicals of our human design that allows us to live as energy beings. Hippocrates knew that we restore our internal chemicals from air, water, and the foods of Nature. We have always known this important fact, but we tend to get bored with the internal landscape of us and we focus our thinking mind on the external landscape. If we can keep uppermost in our thinking mind that we are chemical beings and the air, water, and foods of Nature provide us with the pure chemicals that produce the energy of our physical matter, we will all be able to heal ourselves, as a physical body and as a thinking mind. Our thinking mind has been overwhelmed with external fear beliefs that have handicapped our internal vision of ourselves as an infinite human being that is growing and changing with each physical lifetime.

As we live with our external perception of living only one life, we do our infinite pattern of being human a great dis-service. In fact at this point in our evolution, we have ceased to evolve and we are living as though we are frozen in time through our multiple-disease focus. As we backslide into our warring negative behaviors, we loose our internal sense of infinity. When we can once again focus our thinking mind internally, we will find that our loving emotions and infinite spirit senses are waiting to help us feel whole and beautiful again as an internal Spirit Consciousness. When we look at the truth of our fearful external thinking mind, we begin to realize that our male thinking mind is seeking its mate as our female loving emotions, which we cannot know until we think with our internal perception of self. When we realize that we cannot reclaim our infinity with our external perception, we become more willing to think with our internal perception and once again be united with the female loving emotions and spirit senses as the truth of our internal Spirit Consciousness.

Our Spirit Consciousness restores our sense of infinity within our thinking mind and we begin to evaluate all of science, relationships, and feelings from an internal perception of infinity. We are energy and we are matter. Energy never dies but it does change the form of its matter. This wonderful pattern of infinite life that has given us eternal support in our growth and change as our pattern of evolution has the power to restore our sense of infinity as we live with our infinite Spirit Consciousness instead of our localized fearful thinking mind with its external perception of fear, disease, and death. We continue to evolve as a means of "Knowing Thyself," as an eternal Spirit Consciousness energy living within physical matter. We are all loving people, as well as thinking and sensing people, but right now as we live in our physical reality we have to ask ourselves, "Where is the love?" that is the energy of our Sense of Infinity.

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M.E.Martin said...

Kathy - I love your title for this blog. "A Sense of Infinity" is the working title of a book-of-life I've been writing for years. I understand better and better why our belief that we live only one life keeps up locked up in only certain rooms of our mind; and why memory,or remembering,is an infinite and infinitely sensory experience. Thinking about this made me think about when I first saw the ocean - of course it wasn't only "seeing," yet that is how I usually refer to it. We were very small children when we first went to a beach, in Lagos, Nigeria, and actually I remember the sight, texture, smells of sand, and certain fizzes of ocean water better than the "big water," which came more later. I am remembering why we often associate first with the physical details of sensuous and sensory "meaning."

I've just started reading a new novel called, The Brief History of the Dead. On the flyleaf is written, 'Remember me when I'm gone' just took on a whole new meaning." :)