Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who is an Indigo child?

It is important that we as Americans begin to understand who the Indigo Children in our country really are. An Indigo Child is a child that is born with multiple extrasensory perceptions that are perfectly normal for the Dual Soul growth of the child but horribly misunderstood by the parents, medical personnel, and other members of our society. It is very uncomfortable in the life of a child not to be understood. Extrasensory perception is an indication of an Old Soul that is evolving into its Spirit Consciousness, which is a gradual process that must be understood. As we want to change but we refuse to change, we come back into life with multiple forms of extrasensory perception that we as adults will not understand if we have not evolved ourselves to this level of Dual Soul growth. These are the children that are now being labeled as Indigo children. Many of these children, especially in our American culture of believing in only one physical life, have very little support, which means these children have a very high rate of drug and alcohol behaviors, sexual challenges, and work-related challenges as they attempt to stop the mind and its extrasensory perception so they can concentrate on today. It is more important to help the child to accept their extrasensory capabilities than to attempt to make them wrong. Living with extrasensory perception is normal for us as we evolve into our loving emotions as a thinking mind. Evolution of our thinking mind into our loving emotions is our pattern of growth and change, which means we must integrate our thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses which will make all of us extrasensory beings. Before we can recognize our Intelligent Design and our journey of evolution, we must all come back with extra-sensory perception. When we can understand this as a level of evolution within our Dual Soul Mind, we will feel better about our children that are born with extrasensory perception that attempt to hide it with drugs, sex, and confusion. We must love our children, and as parents we must understand the stages of growth they might be living.

When we have an Indigo Child, we must teach them differently than what we might call a "normal" child. In reality an Indigo child is evolving at a faster pace than other Souls on Earth and they need a great deal of understanding. They have the ability to learn quickly and advance faster than the average child when they are understood. Our world is full of these children and we must treat them gently and teach them everything that we know. They respond well to love and knowledge.

This subject will be covered more fully in my next class on February 12, 2006.


Kim said...

Hi Kathy, I also live in Pittsboro. Although I don't know what to think about the idea of "indigo children", I do identify with your description of them, so I'm curious to learn more.

Best to you.

Kathy Oddenino said...

Kim, I am sorry it has taken so long for me to answer. I teach Spirituality on a consistent basis and therefoe I spend a lot of time writing. for my classes and books. Indigo Children is not my term but it is a term that is used more or less universally to describe children that use more than their five physical senses. I simply see anyone that fits in this category as an advanced Soul that is indeed capable of using more than their five physical senses. To me it is always a gift when we are willing to use more than our five physical senses, and I think that most people have this ability but are afraid to express it openly...especially children. Our society has the ability to shut down many of our senses simply by not believing in them as part of our design. Would love to meet you seomtime since we both live in Pittsboro. I do classes on a monthly basis and I cover this information and other information even if it is out of context with my subject, if someone asks the question.