Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Indigo Children

I am somewhat concerned with some of the beliefs about Indigo Children. These children are children that are being born with a more open thinking mind and loving emotions (Dual Soul) than the average child. As a human species we are evolving from our fear into our loving emotions which gives us the ability to remember our past lives, see energy, communicate with energy and live with many "supernormal" perceptions. Labeling a child as differnt from their peers is and can be very damaging to their image of self. Each child should be supported in their everyday perceptions, despite their level of Spiritual growth. Many changes in our thinking mind are taking place in the youth of today and this is a wonderful thing because as a human species, we are far behind in our evolutionary journey into Knowing Thyself. The simple reality is that we do not understand ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness that is designed with infinite senses, therefore we are not aware of the true scope of senses that we can use in our physical response to life as human beings. It is inappropriate to think of these children as different because they are more normal that most people walking around today who are afraid to use their Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness truthfully and openly. Our belief in only one life keeps us from being aware that as we grow and change in our Divine Idea of Evolution as an Intelligent Design, we will restore our memory of our multiple lives and we will realize that we are energy and matter that comes and goes on our Earth countless times as we Evolve as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness. Making these children feel different does not support them in their open-minded perception of our reality. This is another reason that we must change as human beings so we can actively use our multiple sensory response as the synesthesia of our Spirit Consciousness in the total freedom of our internal Spiritual design. Many medical diagnosis of brain disfunction can be attributed to the internal changes of our Spirit Consciousness that is attempting to help us grow in our understanding of ourselves. I have written many books about our changing Dual Soul that is growing into our Spirit Consciousness and the patterns that we are using in our physical lives. I have been teaching classes on this subject since 1984. We must be gentle with children and never judge.

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Hunter said...

It is also damaging to a child whose soul cries "I am different; I see something else; I sense something higher" to not allow that child the right to know, feel and be different. To try for conformity does not help these children. I am in my mid fifties and was subjected to the the conformity treatment, with devastating consequences for my self esteem. My sister, who was remarkable in her own right, was neither very intuitive nor very spiritual. She was the epitome of all that was perfect, and because I was intuitive and psychic and all of that, I was pushed and beaten physically and emotionally into becoming what others were, or to at least try. This is not uncommon, apparently, with those of us who are different. We just want our differences acknowledged. When they are not, when we are left among others trying to fit in, we never quite manage it; our natural tendencies arise repeatedly and we are always labeled as the creepy, freaky, or weird ones. While the label "indigo" may not help, and my give us a feeling of membership in a club that is often misunderstood by those seeking to help its burgeoning membership, and while labellings itself may cause some form of harm, we need something that allows our differences to be accepted, that gives us the grace to accept ourselves, and the hope of finding others who are aligned with the same differences. Perhaps "Indigo Children" is more of a bragging point for parents, but with some good intentions, there are those trying to make a rallying point for the very different and a place where they are accepted and safe. I wish I had been given this gift as I grew. Your point is valid--no one wants to be labeled and stigmatized. But children with a bent for science are allowed to be different and gather; artistic children are recognized; great athletes are guided and praised. We who are intuitively miles, and often eons, ahead of the normal human don't like to be left out. Because what we do is not well understood, because science can find no quantifiable parameters for what we do, because there is no label that the world can find to give us, it is assumed that we will be stigmatized by the recognition of our differences. We know we are different, and the only thing that causes us pain is the frightened, sometimes cautious puzzlement of the rest of the world which tries to find a place for us among the common when we are not common at all, and already know it.