Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jan Cheek Promotes Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Oddenino on my own healing journey for about three years now and she has enlightened me to my own SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS in the process. I refused to think that I was dying when I met her, but in all reality, I was close to death. I have been dealing with brain cancer for several years, but I have chosen to live with it and not to die with it. Kathy Oddenino has helped me learn how to do that. In her newest book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy integrates a wealth of information from several sources of knowledge: philosophical, spiritual, intellectual, academic, and scientific. But the common denominator is that we are not human beings comprised of just cellular matter, we are ENERGY, cellular energy. Kathy has taught me how to renew the health of both the cellular matter and energy as I preserve my life, by introducing more pure air, water, and nutrients and reducing toxins. Toxins can clutter the cellular integrity at the most basic level and challenge our health. In her book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy clearly explains how we must increase our awareness and focus of our thought processes and the integration of that with our spirit awakenings along with purifying our cellular structures to create improved sound health and wholeness. It is all intertwined and we simply must pay close attention that our energy is in harmony because we are the ones responsible for our own health and well-being. I have learned that trusting that my body and my spirit are energy and they are interconnected in critical ways is crucial, not only for my healing, but for my life of well-being and teaching others about self-care and awareness. Kathy’s new book, Spirit Consciousness, is a wonderful reading experience and an enlightening expression of her great wisdom. It has been an honor and a gift to be taught by this wise woman as I continually prepare myself for improved SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS.

To buy Kathy's new book, call 919-545-9937, or order online from lulu.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Know Your Choice

The choice of what we do and who we are is always ours, which means that we are in total control of our own reality, which includes our physical, mental, sensory, and emotional changes at all times in our human journey through our multiple physical lives. Because of our dependency, we have an ingrained expectation that other people (including our image of an external God) are going to "save us." This is the direct reflection of our internal image of an external God that we accept as our omnipotent savior. No one has the power to save us but us, which we do gradually as we learn and change in our internal and external relationships. As we change and grow into "knowing thyself," we begin to see the world in a different image. Once we realize that we are part of the external world as we live our internal life, we begin to understand that there is no separation between the two energy forces, and that our external world always becomes a direct reflection of our internal world. Keeping our thinking mind loving also improves our own self-reflection of our physical, mental, and emotional reality as we create it as our personal environment. We can never blame other people for who we are, because we are designed with total personal responsibility for how we think, live, and behave in our past lives. When we can accept that we create our own physical personal reality by the way that we think, behave,communicate, and relate to other people, we begin to realize that we are totally responsible for who we are.

Many individuals see themselves as victims of life and the people they share life with. This victim energy comes from inside of us and if we want to be responsible individuals, we must be truthful about who we are and how we design our physical reality of life. These patterns show us how and why we create our internal images of ourselves from the way that we think about life and living, especially in relationship to other people. When we think that we are useless, we will be useless in our lives and in other people's lives, because that will be our total reflective behavior that is coming from our thinking mind. When we think that we can do anything that we want to do, we will literally do anything and everything from the motivation of our thinking mind, which never stops thinking unless we stop our own ability to think by shutting down our mind with negative thinking.

These are the bulk of the internal images that we use to guide ourselves from one day to the next. The positive or negative of our thinking is the focus of our motivation to plunge ahead with our growth, or to feel sorry for ourselves and refuse to grow and change. A lazy mind makes a lazy body and a lazy body makes a lazy mind. This helps us to see that we are totally responsible for who we are at all times in our physical growth cycle. The excuses that we use for our own faults are simply our way of allowing our ego to control who we are. If we think we can't do something, we won't do it. If we think that we can do anything that comes into our mind, we will do it and we will do it well. Once we recognize our internal images as our inspiration of life, we will begin to realize that we can do anyting that we can think of and think through to fruition.

Automatic Writing and Our Rubik's Cube of the Brain

Automatic writing is known as writing without “free will,” which means that as we sit down to write, we do not engage our own thinking mind but someone else uses their thinking mind to move our hand. If this were true it would be alled “control,” but the untruth is that no one else is writing for us but we are using the memory of another lifetime to jot down a few choice instructions to ourselves. This helps us to understand that when we are fearful and do not understand the truth of our dual Soul thinking mind being a traveler through many lifetimes on Earth, we just normally think that someone else is writing automatically through our own hand and head, as an external thinking mind that is guiding our hand unwillingly. Automatic writing is always a lesson in personal responsibility as our Dual Soul attempts to capture the attention of our thinking mind by proving that we have past life memories as a vital part of our thinking mind. In automatic writing, we sit down and we write from our thinking mind without consciously thinking about what we are writing.

Automatic writing is read every day by people with no conscious awareness that the information simply flowed onto the paper without the conscious thought of the person who wrote the information. When we use automatic writing as a tool to open our thinking mind, we literally become our own personal teacher. This is a perfect way in which we can open our thinking mind to our past life memory and enjoy every moment of our enlightening experience of self-exploration. Once we recognize that we have memories stored in the neurons of our brain from our past lives, it becomes important for us to practice this retrieval. We can do this simply by making writing from our internal memory a part of our everyday growth. We must not be afraid of looking into our own thinking mind and reaizing what we have stored within our mind. This exercise is personal to us and we do not need to talk about, read it out loud, or shout it to the heavens, we just need to write as a method of self-ex0ploration and release of fear. Everyone has their own internal library of past life events to ponder and appreciate as a vital part of our growth process. We can see how we have learned, what we have learned, what we still must be open to learning, and we can see how all of this information becomes our Rubic Cube of the brain. Once we can put everything together that we have learned in all of our many physical lives, we begin to see the absolute wisdom of our internal design of energy in matter. It is only our external beliefs that keep us from seeing and sensing the magnitude of our own energy design.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Spirit Consciousness - Going the Extra Mile

We are so intensely involved in our belief systems today that we are affecting our health and our longevity to an intense degree. Our belief in living only one life is the most important belief for us to change if we want to change our relationship to life and be healthy for many years. This belief has come about in a very interesting way. As we have learned that we are chemical beings (hence the frequency of blood tests that your physician uses) we stopped there and didn’t research the extra mile to answer why we are chemical beings and how we can prevent disease with certain chemicals. Our pattern of life is a chemical pattern. If we understand that it is the limitation of our “understanding” that allows medicine to nearly kill the body with dreadful chemicals (such as in cancer therapy) instead of healing disease by building up the body, we will be closer to understanding the secrets of our eternal life.

Once we begin to accept that we live eternal physical lives as an eternal Spirit Consciousness, we begin to utilize our hidden memories to expand our Spirit Consciousness and our health and longevity. My new book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design ,will give you another image of yourself as an eternal energy that recreates the physical matter of our body to live life eternally. Once we can accept that staying healthy and aware of our human design can and will serve us as we live our eternal life, we will think differently about the cellular energy of who we are, how we restore our energy from the chemicals of nature, and what it means to be an energy being living in physical matter. Science has already proven that we are a chemical design when they finished the DNA mapping. Bruce Lipton proves the concept of our eternal cells in his book Biology of Belief. What does the word “eternal” mean to you?

It is time for us to change the image that we have of ourselves and consciously choose to live for thousands of years in each lifetime and consciously design our next lifetime which will help us retain conscious memory of who we are and what are plans are in life. We can remember the truth of who we are and what we have learned once we can actively use our hidden memories, which I am teaching during my classes in 2007. In all of our wisdom we still cannot match the longevity of the human species that is recorded in the Old Testament. Are we changing our chemical design and function to the degree that we are destroying our internal human chemical pattern? We can be technically proven to be who we really are by science if science can change its focus from the external to the internal. When we understand ourselves as an eternal human being that is living as energy and matter, we will make dramatic changes in our thought patterns and begin to take that next step into healing ourselves eternally as chemical beings.