Monday, July 16, 2007

Automatic Writing and Our Rubik's Cube of the Brain

Automatic writing is known as writing without “free will,” which means that as we sit down to write, we do not engage our own thinking mind but someone else uses their thinking mind to move our hand. If this were true it would be alled “control,” but the untruth is that no one else is writing for us but we are using the memory of another lifetime to jot down a few choice instructions to ourselves. This helps us to understand that when we are fearful and do not understand the truth of our dual Soul thinking mind being a traveler through many lifetimes on Earth, we just normally think that someone else is writing automatically through our own hand and head, as an external thinking mind that is guiding our hand unwillingly. Automatic writing is always a lesson in personal responsibility as our Dual Soul attempts to capture the attention of our thinking mind by proving that we have past life memories as a vital part of our thinking mind. In automatic writing, we sit down and we write from our thinking mind without consciously thinking about what we are writing.

Automatic writing is read every day by people with no conscious awareness that the information simply flowed onto the paper without the conscious thought of the person who wrote the information. When we use automatic writing as a tool to open our thinking mind, we literally become our own personal teacher. This is a perfect way in which we can open our thinking mind to our past life memory and enjoy every moment of our enlightening experience of self-exploration. Once we recognize that we have memories stored in the neurons of our brain from our past lives, it becomes important for us to practice this retrieval. We can do this simply by making writing from our internal memory a part of our everyday growth. We must not be afraid of looking into our own thinking mind and reaizing what we have stored within our mind. This exercise is personal to us and we do not need to talk about, read it out loud, or shout it to the heavens, we just need to write as a method of self-ex0ploration and release of fear. Everyone has their own internal library of past life events to ponder and appreciate as a vital part of our growth process. We can see how we have learned, what we have learned, what we still must be open to learning, and we can see how all of this information becomes our Rubic Cube of the brain. Once we can put everything together that we have learned in all of our many physical lives, we begin to see the absolute wisdom of our internal design of energy in matter. It is only our external beliefs that keep us from seeing and sensing the magnitude of our own energy design.

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