Friday, July 06, 2007

Spirit Consciousness - Going the Extra Mile

We are so intensely involved in our belief systems today that we are affecting our health and our longevity to an intense degree. Our belief in living only one life is the most important belief for us to change if we want to change our relationship to life and be healthy for many years. This belief has come about in a very interesting way. As we have learned that we are chemical beings (hence the frequency of blood tests that your physician uses) we stopped there and didn’t research the extra mile to answer why we are chemical beings and how we can prevent disease with certain chemicals. Our pattern of life is a chemical pattern. If we understand that it is the limitation of our “understanding” that allows medicine to nearly kill the body with dreadful chemicals (such as in cancer therapy) instead of healing disease by building up the body, we will be closer to understanding the secrets of our eternal life.

Once we begin to accept that we live eternal physical lives as an eternal Spirit Consciousness, we begin to utilize our hidden memories to expand our Spirit Consciousness and our health and longevity. My new book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design ,will give you another image of yourself as an eternal energy that recreates the physical matter of our body to live life eternally. Once we can accept that staying healthy and aware of our human design can and will serve us as we live our eternal life, we will think differently about the cellular energy of who we are, how we restore our energy from the chemicals of nature, and what it means to be an energy being living in physical matter. Science has already proven that we are a chemical design when they finished the DNA mapping. Bruce Lipton proves the concept of our eternal cells in his book Biology of Belief. What does the word “eternal” mean to you?

It is time for us to change the image that we have of ourselves and consciously choose to live for thousands of years in each lifetime and consciously design our next lifetime which will help us retain conscious memory of who we are and what are plans are in life. We can remember the truth of who we are and what we have learned once we can actively use our hidden memories, which I am teaching during my classes in 2007. In all of our wisdom we still cannot match the longevity of the human species that is recorded in the Old Testament. Are we changing our chemical design and function to the degree that we are destroying our internal human chemical pattern? We can be technically proven to be who we really are by science if science can change its focus from the external to the internal. When we understand ourselves as an eternal human being that is living as energy and matter, we will make dramatic changes in our thought patterns and begin to take that next step into healing ourselves eternally as chemical beings.

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