Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Consciousness - Our Most Valuable Asset

Spirit is a level of taking one's inspiration, one's dreams, one's brilliant ideas and putting them into action in the physical world.  In understanding human consciousness you must understand that spirit can only be understood when it is manifested through the actions of your physical life. You do not evolve to live in physical form as spirit beings; you evolve in physical form to act as spirit beings in the physical world. Do you understand?

The evolution of human consciousness has a level of pure spirit. In this level of returning to the energy of the Creator you still have many, many levels of consciousness to walk, to evolve.

As you have spent many billions of years evolving your thoughtforms, your physical body, your soul memory and your spirit through the dark side of the soul, through the physical side of the soul, you will now have the opportunity and the responsibility for living as integrated consciousness upon earth, creating for yourself a heaven to enjoy, a heaven to expand into your true magnifi­cence, using the power of spirit in the physical manifestation of physical life.

It is a pattern within the mind of the intellect that separates the human con­sciousness into the physical, the soul and the spirit, and does not see that it is one at all times and it is one with earth and it is one with the Creator. Earth is the manifestation of the physical. Your physical being is forever dependent upon the purity of the energy of earth.

Your soul is dependent upon your lessons, your experiences, and your events— all coming together to help you learn the lessons of evolution, the lesson of changing the level of human consciousness. And as you change the level of human consciousness through the energy of the consciousness of the soul, it becomes pure in love, in truth and in the perfection of the lesson at that time. It evolves into spirit energy.

All lessons must begin in the physical and move into soul and into spirit—which then must be manifested upon earth, completing the cycle of energy of learning to be human.
The human consciousness is your most valuable asset in your evolutionary cycle. It will protect you; it will inspire you; it will motivate you; it will elevate you; it will allow you the wisdom and the ingenuity to create what you want if you understand the focus of your own human consciousness. This consciousness must work in unison with the collective consciousness of humani­ty; and it must work in unison with the collective consciousness of earth; and it must work in unity with the collective consciousness of spirit.

You are integrated into energy streams and you cannot be separated from each other or self. When the human consciousness understands self as separate as did the human consciousness when it looked at breath, when it looked at vision, when it looked at separate parts of the human body and focused upon that part as a god of human form—it began the concept, the pattern of separation.

This pattern must be changed, must be released to understand that you are a Higher Universal Mana, integrated at all times within self and within the Universe and within the mesocosm of community, of world, of nation. And you are at all times integrated into the energy of earth.

This is your heritage: it cannot be separated from your human consciousness because it is the heritage of the consciousness of earth that allows you to be human. You must understand, acknowledge and use in unity these three consciousness energies of the mind in order to fully become human upon earth, to become a Higher Universal Mana consciousness.