Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Human Design of Spirit Consciousness, Part 2

We rebirth our externally focused mind as we shift into the internally focused mind that is open to integration with our female loving emotions. Our dual soul is symbolized by two circles resting next to each other. As the male mind begins its internal integration with the female loving emotions we begin to create the infinity symbol, which is the truth of our infinity as a spirit consciousness that lives eternally through its Human Design. Once we understand this symbol, we understand that death is not an end to life, but it is a new beginning of life in a new physical design. Because of our eternal life, we live many lives in both our male and female focus of the physical design, which allows our our dual soul to live the lessons from both perceptions and interpretations of life. This dual sexual images also are reflecting to us our dual soul image of the male mind and female loving emotions. We are reflective human beings by our dual soul design because until we can understand both of our reflections, we will not be able to understand our dual soul and our dual soul female loving emotions and their pattern of integration. Our sexual patterns of procreation are always showing us the importance of integrating our dual soul male mind and dual soul female loving emotions.

Our Trinity of Consciousness is the chemical design of the fractal pattern of us that is eternally related to nature, Earth, and the Universe and that we reflect into the form and structure of our physical matter as a Human Design. Because we are not consciously using our Trinity of Consciousness in the dual soul pattern of our thinking male mind, we learn to conform and to repeat what we believe to be relevant to us as human beings. This means that we have not even begun to live the unlimited potential of our thinking mind in a balanced and loving ontology of life. In fact we literally deny our personal responsibility for any and all of our physical actions, because we do not recognize that we reflect our male thinking mind into our physical behavior as a part of our Human Design, which we have the power to mutate with external chemicals that are not a part of our chemical design. Our thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses are controlled by the chemicals that we routinely breathe, drink, and eat. If we are taking street drugs or pharmaceutical drugs, we are changing the true balance of our chemical pattern of spirit consciousness. Our chemical intake then reacts within our male mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses, to interfere with the conscious awareness of our Human Design as Spirit Beings.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Human Design of Spirit Consciousness

For some eons of time we have all been worshiping an external God. Many people today are referring to the external image of God as Spirit. Other people are struggling to understand what Consciousness is.  A common thread in the human search to understand “God” or “Spirit” or “Consciousness” is our externally focused mind that separates one concept from another than understanding the unity of all energy. Essentially God is not separate from Spirit or from Consciousness and our Spirit Consciousness is not separate from our physical body.  The secret of all humans, nature, earth, and the universe is that we are one as a chemical design. Our function is different. But our chemical design is 99.9% identical. Since science understands this concept from defining the chemical pattern of our DNA, it is important that we begin to look at the integration and unity that we are designed to share with all living matter upon earth.

Our Human Design is a chemical design first and foremost. Our chemical design is a fractal pattern of the Universe, Earth, and nature. The chemical design of us follows a beautiful pattern as a dual soul, that is created as a male mind and female loving emotions, and our infinite spirit senses that are enfolded into the physical matter of our human body. It is the trinity of our male mind, female loving emotions, and female spirit senses that create the human design of our spirit consciousness. Our spirit consciousness completes itself in its human design by enfolding its chemical patterns into the human design of our physical body. This means that as we live, we live as a quadrivium of our spirit chemical design with our male mind thinking and our thoughts being acted out by our physical design.

Our Spirit Consciousness is always a trinity of the male mind, female loving emotions, and the infinite spirit senses. Our spirit senses are the internal cellular form of the Spirit Consciousness in communication with the dual soul of our male mind that has separated itself from the female loving emotions and its conscious awareness of the spirit senses. This is why we have believed that we only have five physical senses. But our human design that has been designed through the chemical patterns of our spirit consciousness is complete in its design with the one exception of the male mind. Our physical lives have all been focused upon the expansion of our dual soul  male mind. When the male mind separated itself from the female loving emotions, it began its journey of negativity and fear. When we separate ourselves from the internal dual soul design of our loving emotions, we have no choice except to live our fear until the male mind can expand itself out of its external focus upon fear.

As we awaken our male mind to our female loving emotions, we automatically begin our internal journey into our Spirit Consciousness as the trinity of our male mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses to gradually learn the fine art of integration and unity. As a human design, we have never been shooting stars. We must live and learn gradually as we allow our male mind to open itself to its unlimited thinking potential. As our male mind gradually opens, it begins its integration with the female loving emotions. As the male mind and female loving emotions become integrated, the dual soul gradually integrates with the spirit senses. This is the pattern of evolution for our dual soul into spirit consciousness. As we expand fully as a trinity of consciousness, we become conscious of ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness living in the chemical cellular design of our human physical matter.