Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calling All Nurses

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From Sharing: Self-Discovery in Relationships (Joy Publications, 1990)

It has been 39 years since I graduated from nursing school. In those 39 years nothing has changed the focus of burn therapy away from surgery as the primary treatment. The physicians and nurses continue to do what they have learned to do by following the accepted approach.

To a lesser degree the nurses and physicians suffer the same agonies that the family suffers when they lose a life. Their intention is to save lives and they try very hard, using all of their "scientific" knowledge. Many are now expanding their understanding of the need to change, but they do not understand the path of change.

Scientific knowledge is based upon the creations of man from the ego and the intellect of man. Past "facts" are analyzed and statistics are formed. Therapy is then directed towards supporting the belief created by the statistics. The "belief" then becomes the "gospel" of the scientific world.

This cycle of focus and refocus is a self-fulfilling prophesy that catapults man and science into an energy of ever increasing problems. It allows man to go further and further beyond the support of the cells within man, to the support of the belief system itself. This belief then creates an octopus energy within the world reaching out to affect all aspects of the individual, the community, the world, and the Earth around us.

Since my books are written from the spirit energy within me, my integrity is involved in BEING and understanding the words that I am given. My own experience of self-discovery has been in motion since the day that I was created. My truth is creating total consistency between my thoughts, my words, and my actions.

It is not by accident that I became a nurse. I have known since birth that it was my choice to see and to live in a world that is opposite to my own personal belief system. By seeing the opposites, I can define the opportunity to change.


In 2008 I am as passionate as ever about defining the opportunity to change, and I am ever more assured that my integrity is involved in BEING and understanding the words that I am given. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, and during that time I began to teach Neural Depolarization as an energy therapy. I know that still, in the present moment, our challenge is to understand that we are energy beings motivating our creation as matter, and that our greatest obstacle in opening our minds to our Intelligent Design as evolving consciousness is our belief that we live only one life. As energy beings we are eternal. As I wrote in Sharing, science still defines a particular way to deal with a particular problem, and this particular way is called a medical protocol. Protocols are "beliefs" created by man. Sometimes protocols work and sometimes they do not work. In the scientific world there are accepted ways of treatment which the medical world accepts as "scientifically" proven. When you focus upon the "science" of action, you remove from that action the creativity of inspiration and motivation. Inspiration and motivation are the art of medicine. The art of medicine treats the patient as a whole being.

I plan to begin teaching Neural Depolarization in 2009. I welcome especially all nurses to join me in this focus of healing as an energy therapy which restores the art and science of "medicine" as Hippocrates began, as he taught "let food be your medicine." My first Spiritual Philosophy seminar of 2008 is on February 10 - Hidden Memories as Cellular Memory. Everyone is invited to attend, and for those interested in studying NDP next year, the events this year are required. Visit my web site (http://www.kathyoddenino.com/) or call me (919-545-9937) for more information.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Suggested Actions and Lists for the New Year appear everywhere.

My suggestion is: Think Love!
Love is Simple. Love is the energy of Spirit. Love is our Spiritual response to life and it is therefore the highest of ethical values.

For us as human beings, there are 3 primary levels of Healing: our thinking mind, loving emotions, and physical body. As you consider what you want in your life, what you want your life to be, look at your "dream" of your life and the beliefs you are living. Compare the relationship between the dream and your beliefs. What is keeping you from loving yourself? When we love ourself as a spiritual being, we will always seek knowledge and use holistic health and healing. Knowledge unrelated to the ethical values of life cannot be truth.

When we understand how to apply the knowledge of our ethical values to our daily lifestyle, we are learning how to love and to live all of the Ethical Values that make up the patterns of our Spirit Consciousness. If we cannot live the ethical values as the patterns of our constant thinking and behaving, we are continuing to live our fear as the opposite patterns of our love. Change is always our own interpersonal challenge because no one else has the power to change who we are, how we think, how we interact with other people, and how we live our own interpersonal energy fields.

In my books and classes I offer tools to help you stay on track if your commitment to yourself is to be a Spiritual being. These are lists you can carry around with you and slip into a pocket for easy reference during the day. We can all use reminders to help us be the energy we want to be if we are open to change. Relationship profiles will show you very clearly your own personality as a physical (ego) mind focus or a Spiritual mind focus. Learning to live as a spirit consciousness rather than an ego mind letting the busyness of of life control us, and manipulating the lives of others by our fear, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Share your loving self with others as you learn to know yourself as a spiritual being. Invite a friend to join you in events that support your growth and change. What one gains in internal growth, we all gain as a collective consciousness. Never underestimate the power of who you are as energy and matter!