Friday, April 22, 2016

Universal sharing and Our piece of the Universe

When we stop to wonder why it is important for us to change and grow, we must know that we are as humans living on Earth as an energy grid that is important to the balance of a larger part of the Universal System of energy. I talked about some of this energy grid and the importance of all humans learning about themselves and expanding their energy in my third book, Sharing: Self Discovery in Relationships.  Universal sharing is the ultimate in sharing love, which must be understood through language and behavior, when the human species is capable of sharing their thoughts and behaviors as Universal energy streams. It is important for our Spirit Consciousness to learn and to balance itself as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses, before we can be helpful in bringing chaos into peace as a Universal Energy. The patterns that are being lived on Earth today are not the peace of Universal Energy. Therefore, human beings on Earth are adding to the chaos of the Universal Energy, which cannot help but affect both humans and Earth as a destructive force. Our limitations as a thinking mind are our external and fearful focus in relationship to ourselves and life before we can change the focus of our thinking mind.

We must become conscious of ourselves as energy and begin to learn the relationship that we have to all energy.  When we use our energy in destructive ways, we are adding to the destruction of Earth’s energy and the Universal Energy, and we are devolving within our own personal energy.  Human beings must change the way they think and behave, before they can understand how their destructive physical beliefs and behaviors add to the destruction of their functional human energy, which affects the energy of Earth and the Universe as a whole energy field.  It is time for us to use our energy to re-balance ourselves, Nature, Earth, and the Universal System. Once we understand that everything is energy, and we understand that we are the creatures that have been given the gift of intelligence and freedom of choice, we will see how important it is for us to accept personal responsibility to heal ourselves, Nature, Earth, and our piece of the Universe through our loving energy.