Monday, December 29, 2008

Love is the Emotional, Feeling Part of Our Humanity

"Love encompasses a multitude of emotions and feelings. These lesser emotions are offshoots of the primary emotion and have lesser capacity to function as an overall concept. Some of them are gladness, happiness, joy, enchantment, ecstasy, beatitude, and many, many others. All are essentially expressions of love.
Love can cause a rush of blood through your body that suddenly makes you feel like you are enveloped in the cocoon of a warm fuzzy. It is peaceful, sweet, loving and joyful. It is indeed health. It is the shining white light of spiritual protection.
Love dilates your blood vessels and carries vital oxygen to each and every cell in your body. It helps you grow in body, mind and spirit.
Love broadens your concept of humanity. It makes friends out of enemies. It opens your heart and allows your spirit to bloom as a rose will bloom in the spring. It makes work play. It gives the mind freedom to soar. Love is life. It is spirit, it is hope. It truly is the nectar of the Gods.
It is the appreciation of and joining of love that controls the evolution of the soul. Love's reality is the spirit of the body and mind. Without love we have no spirit, no hope, no joy for the living. We have severe damage to one of our integrated parts.
The spirit - the infinite energy- the God part of us, is also the happy, joyful loving part of us. It is the emotional, feeling part of our humanity."

(The Joy of Health, 240) The Joy of Health was my first book, published in 1989.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Looking for a Priceless Gift?

Consider Kathy Oddenino's Books -

The mixing of the multiple patterns that I describe in Healing Ourself explains to us the multiple patterns of our dual soul growth over aeons of physical time. I have explained the patterns of this journey into our Spirit Consciousness in The Journey Home. The cycles of evolution that we live in our relationships are described in Sharing. I wrote about our internal pattern of dual soul depression as we begin these evolutionary changes in Depression, and what it means as a dual soul to understand our sensory response to the mind and the emotional self from the dual soul levels that we live during this period of our evolution. In Bridges of Consciousness, I address the lessons of our external image of God versus our internal image of a Spirit God that is consistently guiding our every thought as the internal design of our Spirit Consciousness.

Several of my books cover the nutritional patterns that support us in maintaining our cellular health, especially The Joy of Health and Healing Ourself, which define our chemical creation and evolution through different levels of our dual soul patterns in each lifetime and our eternal connection to Nature, Earth and the Universe as a Spirit Consciousness. Love, Truth & Perception introduces the reader to the integration of our Ethical Values into our everyday life and shows us how we weave our Ethical Values into our physical reality as we change and grow.

In my 8th book, Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design, I explain why we are all "healers" by design and how to understand and activate our healing potential.

We are made to support our health and abundance, as we did before we believed that technology and its "science" were gifts of God and the ultimate in our self-discoveries! As more and more of us are sick, and our institutions crumble, we find the greatest hope in Knowing Ourselves and the love that internal wisdom inspires. Spiritual Philosophy is a gift that will change your mind forever.