Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Life and Living

Life is created by the sperm of the male fertilizing the ovum of the female, which begins the growth of the fetus in the womb. Nine months later this fetus will be grown to the size of maturity where it can live outside of the womb, take its own nourishment, and begin its physical growth into a physical human being. The life process is not always perfect but it is being guided totally by the nervous system as both physical design cells, energy cells, and growth cells of the human design. Essentially we are energy beings. Our new life as a physical body is created by the energy design within the mother's ovum and the father's sperm. These new cells are designed to grow into different parts of the human design until that design is complete and can live on their own energy fields.

Energy is the secret of life and all acts of living. Matter would always be "only matter" until it is inspired by the Ethical Values to join the concept of life and living as energy beings. As any life begins to and continues to evolve in our consciousness, we expand our thinking and being into a higher form of energy, which we reflect externally into a form of life. A form of life can and will develop from our open-minded thinking and doing. It may be that we change our own internal and external behaviors to coincide with the energy form that we have been thinking about.  We always change ourselves and our life through our thinking and defining process, which expands the internal energy of us. We have the capability to create what we want in our life, therefore we should never allow another person to "think us down." When we think another person down, we are using our own thinking process to interfere with another person's creative process. If we are going to use our thinking mind to interfere with the person's chosen direction in life, we must only use that level of interference if it has the power to improve and expand the energy of the other person.

By using the sperm and the ovum, we create new life through the dual energy of the mother and father. This new life as cells joining together, begin the immediate process of growth and birth, into a new infant which enters into our life as a new baby. All of the life patterns are included in the male and female energy cells that are joining together to create new life. That new life is us, it is our children and our grandchildren. We are energy beings, and energy never dies. Once we can see the evolution of life in another infant being on Earth, we can more fully appreciate our own eternal life as our growth and change. Never forget that memory is never lost in our evolution from one life to another, which makes it very important that we face life with happiness and joy as we live our ancient energy in a new form. Einstein determined that energy never dies, but it does change form!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Life and Love

As I have lived my life I have observed the people around me such as my family and friends as the people that I know, and the people that I don’t know. Every human being is at all times living the energy they have grown into, which they reflect as their Physical Energy and/or Emotional Energy. Sometimes people have not grown into their Spiritual Energy and remain stuck in their Physical Energy, which they live for everyone to see. I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy as my entire focus of life since 1984. I have written multiple books addressing the different aspects of Spiritual Philosophy, how we live Spiritual Philosophy, and I consistently teach Spiritual Philosophy classes. I have also created the best Spiritual Healing Technique that I know of any where upon our Earth, which I have named Neural Depolarization. Neural Depolarization has the ability to heal every disease that I know about, and through the twenty-some years that I have been performing Neural Depolarization (NDP) on people with "incurable diseases" I have seen Neural Depolarization (NDP) successfully heal everything when the person is open to participate in their own healing.

As an RN that has spent over 40 years of my life actively involved in hospital care, medical research, teaching, raising a family, and (much more!) living, I am appalled at the lack of knowledge about our nervous system, which is the absolute source of our life and our love. Medicine has disgracefully ignored the truth of our Nervous System simply because they do not see the "energy" of our nervous system as the true source of life, because of their religious beliefs and their belief in only one physical life.. Even if we have the concept of energy as being our true source of life, we do not understand "energy" well enough to share it with other people. There is a gigantic gaping hole in the medical information about the practicalities of life in relationship to our nervous system and health. Once we fill this gaping hole, we can be healthier people and no longer have some of the devastating diseases that people are living with and dying from today.

Our challenge as human beings is to learn the truth of ourselves as energy beings that support our physical design. This becomes a "leap" for our mind only because we have not been taught this concept and we remain skeptical of everything that we have never known before. It is our energy self that experiences "eternal life." The sooner we see ourselves as energy and matter the sooner we will open our thinking mind to learning about ourselves as energy beings that live eternally. I have always been capable of seeing the energy of an individual in addition to the physical matter. The sooner we grasp this dual concept of ourselves, the sooner we will learn the beauty of healing our Spirit Consciousness and allowing it to become balanced with our physical self that helps us to prevent disease and live longer physical lives. The pattern of human life as both male and female shows us the pattern of our duality as energy and matter.

I love this "energy topic" about our own human design and function, and I sincerely hope that some of my readers love this topic as well as I do. When we begin to revere our energy as well as our physical matter, we will live longer lives and design our next life consciously before we die. Life and death is the continual story of how our energy works within us to capture our attention to learn more about "who we are." Once we begin to understand ourselves as energy beings living in matter, we will begin to understand Einstein’s theory of energy and matter in relationship to us as human beings.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Mental Space
Conceptual blending
Cognitive grammar
Decision Theory

Neural Modeling
Cognitive Science
Moral Philosophy
Ethical Values

All theories are behaviors of our thinking mind
that come and go from one brain cell to the next brain cell,
as we attempt to establish the truth of our swirling energy
that makes us the energy pattern that we live
as human beings discovering self.

Out of the darkness comes the light
of inspiration, laughter, growth, and change
nurturing us, as energy beings
growing in the darkness
to the light
of thinking and knowledge
that wraps around our mind,
blending all thought into
our specific concept of physical reality
that supports us in our human
growth and change of our mind and heart
lifting up the body of man
to walk and stand on the two legs
of life and change within the pattern
of our Ethical Values that guide us
in our journey of life as human beings.