Friday, December 10, 2010


Mental Space
Conceptual blending
Cognitive grammar
Decision Theory

Neural Modeling
Cognitive Science
Moral Philosophy
Ethical Values

All theories are behaviors of our thinking mind
that come and go from one brain cell to the next brain cell,
as we attempt to establish the truth of our swirling energy
that makes us the energy pattern that we live
as human beings discovering self.

Out of the darkness comes the light
of inspiration, laughter, growth, and change
nurturing us, as energy beings
growing in the darkness
to the light
of thinking and knowledge
that wraps around our mind,
blending all thought into
our specific concept of physical reality
that supports us in our human
growth and change of our mind and heart
lifting up the body of man
to walk and stand on the two legs
of life and change within the pattern
of our Ethical Values that guide us
in our journey of life as human beings.

1 comment:

expandingmind said...

What a beautiful and inspiring poem. I had the privilege of hearing Kathy read it, and I have the honor of learning with her and learning who I am as a human being. Never has my need for this learning been as acute as it is today, as I seek to understand what the world is all about and what my purpose is in being here. The poem illuminates my path and gives me special hope about growing from darkness to light and sharing in growth with my fellow human beings.