Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spiritual Philosophy and The Joy of Health

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I know myself?
Who do I want to be?
What do I want to learn out of my life?
Do I enjoy my relationships with other people?
What must I learn to accomplish my goals?
Am I prepared mentally and emotionally to accomplish my goals?
Am I healthy and happy in my life?
Do I know the "value of truth" in my life?
Do I live my life as a shining example of love, truth, and equality?

Speaking truth and living truth are essential for understanding Spiritual Philosophy. Are you currently living these important Ethical Values in your daily life? Do you understand the Ethical Values and the role they play in our evolution?  The Joy of Health is designed to help us understand and clearly recognize the internal and external challenges that we are creating for ourselves to learn. Learning these valuable lessons can put us on the road to health and happiness. As long as we are "mind muddled" by our challenges, live beliefs that are opposite to our human design, lie and cheat our way through our physical world, we cannot and will not see the design of our eternal Spiritual lessons that we are attempting to teach ourselves, and therefore we will not recognize these eternal energy lessons, no matter how long we may be attempting to live them.

Our growth must always start within us and within our heart and mind, before we can live our growth of evolution. We can never look external to ourselves and learn the lessons that are essential to our internal human Dual Soul energy. We must begin our lessons of life by looking at our external air, foods, and water before we can balance our internal chemical cellular design to live in our optimum health and happiness. Have you begun your change to healthy living? We are totally and forever responsible for "knowing ourself," to maintain our health and happiness. And knowing ourself is essential in learning how to live our love, truth, and equality as the basics of our human behavior. If we cannot live our love, truth and equality at the highest level of energy, then we do not understand the concept of ourselves as an energy being. Once we understand ourselves as true energy beings, we will know truth in all aspects of life and living.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Molding Our Reality: Concepts and Perceptions

Concepts and perceptions are both levels of our thinking mind. Of course we have additional levels of our thinking mind, but it is important for us to know how we focus our thinking mind and how we prefer to focus our thinking mind many times on concepts and perceptions that have little if anything to do with truth.As we live our life with the intention of growth and change, we can clutter our thinking mind with many concepts that are not real in any aspect of our human potential, but we will think they are. If we clutter up our thinking mind with inaccuracies, we will not have the thinking space that we need to focus on truth. If we have become addicted to inaccuracies, we will not know the difference between truth and fiction.

Once we learn to focus on the subject that is at hand, we will come closer to opening up our thinking mind to the best and most effective approach to what we want to do. Our concepts of life and our perceptions about life are always of our own making. We may learn some concepts of lessons from our family, but the majority of concepts and perceptions that we have about our lives are left over from our past lives and consist of the lessons that it has been hard for us to learn. Our lessons are learned in levels. We might learn only one minor level in one life or we might learn many lessons at deeper and deeper levels, which are left over from our past lives. As we work with our concepts and perceptions of life, we expand the ways in which our mind functions and we allow ourselves to grow from each experience.This is the definition of our internal growth.

The more information that we have about ourselves, our family, life in general, and the knowledge that we have learned from living, the more we can understand ourselves, our relationship to life, and the relationship that we have to other people, our family, our jobs, our friends, and to ourselves, the more we learn to appreciate life and living.Our knowledge is always the result of our perceptions. Multiple people can hear the exact same words but their evaluation of those words has to do with the depth of their knowledge and their varied experiences that they have lived to use as their examples of definition. We must never shy away from learning at the deepest level that we can possibly learn. Our level of learning will always be designed by our life experiences and the beliefs that we are attached to.

Eating is a perfect example of how we live our concepts and perceptions to influence our entire physical, mental, and emotional life. If we have a belief that “all food is good food,” that will be the way that we eat, drink, and breathe, because we will not have any concept that another way may be a better way and we may not even know that another way of eating is available to us. It is very clear to me that many people eat, drink, and breathe in multiple toxic ways.We breathe in a toxic manner when we spray any chemical in our house or set any chemical out to deodorize our air. Being toxic to ourselves through our behaviors multiplies the challenges in our life, and being unaware of these challenges that we present for ourselves is precisely what Spiritual Philosophy is capable of helping us to overcome.

Our concepts and perceptions of what is healthy and what isn’t healthy leaves much for us to learn. Basically our concepts and perceptions are available to us as a guide to learning truth. Truth is about living the Ethical Values as the guiding energy of our life. If we do not know the truth of ourselves, we will not understand physical truth, and we will not live truth.

We will lie to ourselves, we will lie to our friends, and we will lie to our family, because we are always in a self-protective mode of thinking. Living with the reputation of a liar keeps us from ever reaching the level of our Spirit Consciousness. If we want to change, we must consistently live our truthful behavior as the total essence of our human life. Many people have learned to lie as children and have not changed that childish behavior in their adult life. Lying is always a total “giveaway” within our personality, which shows us the negative energy of our Dual Soul working overtime and it also shows our lack of integrity. Anyone that is addicted to lying can never teach Spiritual Philosophy as truth, because they are unable to “know” and to “recognize” truth, which prevents them from living truth.

If we have a perception that we are living truth, we need to write down our conversations and keep track of what we are saying in order to trace our behavior and see how often, if ever, we actually do speak truth. When we are attempting to learn how to live as a Spiritual person, we must begin to live the Ethical Values as our consistent everyday behavior. If we lie to ourselves and think that we are living our Ethical Values, we must look at our speech patterns and our behavior on a daily basis to make certain that we are living our truth. If we say one thing and do another thing, we are not living truth. Truth is always our personal responsibility. No one else can speak truth for us. If we are living with a perception that we always speak truth, we must be honest with ourselves.If we write down our truth, we have a record of what we are looking for which we can go back and check. Without having our truth written down, we can make it up as we live our life.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Living the Ethical Values

Throughout History we have been told about the opposite of the Ethical Values as people have lived the negative energies instead of the positive energies, such as the Biblical concepts of banishment into Hell.  Are we ever banished into Hell, of course not.  No one else can banish us into Hell since our banishment is a personal focus and not the focus of another person.  When we resist living the Ethical Values, then our behaviors can banish us by leading us down that “primrose path” in the direction of Hell.  When we break the code of the Ethical Values which is the true code of living our Human life, then we are banishing ourselves into the concept of Hell, as presenting ourselves with a negative energy that we will find ourselves living within us that can “feel” like Hell.

This helps us see that as human beings when we are living the energy of lying, cheating, and stealing, we are setting ourselves up to live the negative aspects of life, which is the Hell that we create in our own personal lives by how we think and live.  We become conscious of our  Hell when everything goes wrong in our life, which has been written about by songwriter’s from the beginning of time.  Many times these songs are referred to as “the Blue’s” because they relate to lives that have taken a negative turn as they are being lived by either man or woman.   We can become fully aware of many different people who are very much at home with their lying, cheating, and stealing approach to life, which they will consistently deny that they are living because of their need to create the image they want other people to see, which is basically someone else that they are currently imitating.

If and when we lie as a human being, we are breaking the Ethical Value of truth that acts as the “dagger in the heart” that allows the Ethical Values to collapse around us and put us in complete jeopardy with the multitude of life events that we must live.  This helps us to see that if we live one “break” or lie with our Ethical Values, it follows that we cannot live any of the Ethical Values primarily because we have destroyed the basic structure of the Ethical Values that we need to support our Spirit Consciousness.   Our Ethical Values are designed as the “true energy structure” of our human Soul as a mind and loving emotions.   No one else can live the Ethical Values for us.

The original Spiritual energy has been created in the image of the Ethical Values as love, truth, and equality, which is our definition of  freedom.  When we refuse to live the Ethical Values, we remove the freedom from our total brain structure, which puts our entire life in jeopardy.  Of course we can copy another person but when we do this we are building our image as a “false image” because we are attempting to steal the energy image of another person.  Stolen images are only fleeting images in the mind of the thief, and they will only last a short time as the “energy thief” knows that a stolen image cannot reproduce itself, and in a short time the energy that is stolen will disappear. We are always designed as living human beings to create our own energy fields, so when we attempt to steal an energy field the energy itself will collapse.

We are designed to live our own human pattern of Ethical Values, which will always be reflecting the precise level of energy that we have grown into as a human design.  Our Ethical Values are the patterns of our Spirit Consciousness, and once we recognize that it is Spirit Energy that we must live, we can learn and grow into that very precious energy of the Ethical Values that has created us as human beings.  When we deny living the energy of our Ethical Values, we can feel that we need to steal another person’s energy because we have not yet learned how to create ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness Energy.  We must always learn the “fine art” of growing our own loving and happy energy fields, which we can do when we are living the Ethical Values in our everyday life.   We can never live another person’s energy because each energy field that a person is living is their own creation from their own personal growth of their Ethical Values.  For instance everyone that lives love, sees love and lives love in their own personal image of love.

Love itself is a very important Energy.  But since love is interpreted in as many ways as there are people, no one person can interpret how another person sees love, acts out love, interprets love, or expresses love.  Most people would think that all love is the same, but that is not true, and when we see the behaviors between two people we can interpret their definition of love.  If a child is beaten when they are young, they may grow up thinking that being beaten is an expression of love.  This belief can be held over into their marriage and they will then feel responsible for beating their wife as an expression of love.  What we learn becomes what we do and what we believe, and frequently we do not understand that we do not think like other people.  Some people may believe that sex is love, which is also not true, but the person that believes sex is love, will operate under that theory for a lifetime unless somehow along the path of life, he is fortunate enough to learn differently.

This confusion about definition helps us to understand why some people do not understand how to live the Ethical Values.  Our Ethical Values are closely connected to the chemical design of our nervous system.  If we do not understand ourselves as a nervous system, we certainly will not know how to handle our nerves which means we will not know how to use our body, mind, and Spirit to create the best life that we can create.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Originality is the "Golden Parachute" of Our Energy Fields

Understanding Energy is the path of human growth.We are energy in every aspect of our being as Humans. This truth is a challenge for many people to accept but it is essential to our growth and change as human beings that have been created by the Universal Energy. We are a Universal Design of Energy that we must use in every aspect of our human design. We think, feel, create, and inspire through the energy that lives within us as a human design.As a negative energy field, we also cheat, steal, copy, imitate, and live energies that are not ours to use. As an energy being this is a way of sliding backwards in our growth rather than moving forwards, which is termed “parasitic” energy. Creating our own internal energy field is very different than becoming a “parasitic” energy.A parasite lives off the energy of its host. When a person lives a “parasitic” energy they live off the energy of a host, which is usually someone in their life that they are copying.Copying is not just the written word.Copying relates to all life issues and can become a criminal event if it is carried to extreme in any aspect of life.

Copying also affects the energy fields of those that are being copied. This energy affect can reach across countless miles to intercede in the energy of another person.Copying can be felt as “pain without cause,” in another person’s body because it is an energy force that is making itself known to the person being copied.

As energy beings, we begin our life as a new energy focus, which means that as a human being we are searching for something new in life that we can use within ourselves to change and grow.Growth is an energy movement.Therefore, we must always use our own energy to change and grow.If we attempt to copy another person’s energy, we are not growing because we are following a copy of growth and not creating our own growth.It is wonderful to learn new information, but we must make the information into our personal mind’s understanding and attempt to create our life from that understanding.

If we attempt to create our life from another person’s understanding, we will harm our own design as an energy being.This is why it is vitally important to take what we learn and apply it in our own life to shift our energy thinking, rather than copying another person’s energy image. There is a very Spiritual reason for this change in energy thinking and it is about the design of our energy in the Universal System. If one energy has already been accepted as an energy design by the energy envelope of the Universal System, another person will be kicked out of the Universal System if they present with the identical copied design. Originality is required for future growth.This is paramount in our Universal Energy.

Originality is the “Golden Parachute” of our energy fields. No two people are permitted to live the exact same design in the Universal System. Living the same design cuts down on the originality and the expansion of the Universal System. Every human has a role to play and their role is unique to them.If anyone refuses to live their individual energy, they can be kicked out of their energy field. If anyone has become attached to copying in the physical world, the design of the Universal System will “kick” that design out of the homecoming energy fields. When we are living in Spiritual Energy, we can and will never attempt to copy another person. If we are not living in Spiritual Energy then we are not yet ready to expand our internal energy fields and expand our own personal growth by our individual thinking concepts.

There are multiple images of this reality that have been taught in our evolving energy of the physical world.These are all opposite to the Ethical values but they are seen as “banging heads,” banished from Heaven into hell,” graven images, false idols, AntiChrist, Lucifer, Dante’s Inferno, Paradise Lost. And then we have the stories of the embryo that is kicked out of being with miscarriages or abortions as an energy problem, which can require blood transfusions or problems with the blood/brain barrier.All of this reflects the human problems that exist within our human body as the mind creates challenges with the body.Once we can look at each challenge in our life, we can see precisely how we have worked them out through our own energy fields. Our energy fields have supported us in every lesson that we have needed to learn, which has allowed us to grow beyond our negative beliefs. It is important to know that we can be original in our energy healings especially in relationship to our health and happiness.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

All Energy is Eternal

I have lived with a total awareness of my past lives since I was a small child. I have also had a total awareness of us as a Spirit Consciousness Energy that is living to grow and change into a conscious awareness of ourselves as Eternal Energy Beings. The more aware we become of ourselves as Energy beings that are living a human life, the more we begin to understand why this is happening and what we are meant to learn in our growth and change, or said another way what we are meant to learn in our birth and death, which are both Energy experiences that relate to our human life. Gaining an awareness of all of the levels of energy has opened my mind to teaching Spiritual Philosophy from my past life memory.

We can have past life memory as we evolve as a Spirit Consciousness because memory is a level of Spirit Consciousness, which is the accumulative pattern of our Energy learning. When we are living with only a physical awareness, we cannot grasp the Energy essence of who we are as true Eternal Energy Beings and we have no consciousness of past life memory. We are Eternal as Energy Beings that are choosing to experience life on Earth as part of our learning curve as Eternal Energy Beings. The positive part of our learning experience will be captured as an energy experience that will expand our mind and our Spirit Consciousness. The more that we live and learn the more that we expand our Spirit Consciousness. We live in many different countries, with many different belief systems, and we live as both male and female during our learning experiences of life. The important issue for all of us is truth. We cannot understand anything about ourselves if we do not understand truth. We can never “fake” knowing truth, because of the energy that is involved in the action of knowing truth.

As Energy beings we are an eternal part of the entire Energy field that makes up the scope of human life on Earth and we are part of the Energy that creates the entire Universal System of Energy that we are living within. As we learn and grow, our Energy fields expand into greater and greater dimensions as we truly understand ourselves and our internal capabilities. All Energy is eternal, therefore when we die physically our internal Energy leaves the human body and once again joins in the Energy of the Universal System as a means of planning its next human life on Earth. When we learn to understand our own Energy, we will be able to use our Energy in many different ways to help ourselves and other people to work with their Energy in a loving and productive manner. We cannot truly teach Spiritual Philosophy until we understand the truth of the Universal Energy from which we can draw on the truth of Spiritual Energy from the multiple levels of Eternal Energy. Our Spiritual Energy is the essence of living all of the Ethical Values of our Spirit Consciousness as the energy of our entire physical life. Our Eternal Energy is the power of the human reincarnation, or if we put it another way our Eternal Energy is the essence of our Eternal Life as living the energy of all of the Ethical Values as a physical human being.. When we can accept and respect the power of our internal and eternal Energy of the Ethical Values, we will move forward in great strides as we can tap into the Universal System of Energy that can feed us more and more High Levels of Energy.

We cannot access the Ethical Values of the Higher Levels of Energy if we have not expanded our physical thinking and behaviors into a Spiritual level of thinking and living. Our Ethical Values are always our judge and jury of the physical systems counterpart. We are what we live. If we do not live the Ethical Values, we are not living in Spiritual Energy and we should not even attempt to do Spiritual therapies or teaching with our human mind. We cannot teach what we cannot reach We are always what we make ourselves to be. Are we living negative energy or are we living in positive Spiritual Energy. We must always look at ourselves, be honest with ourselves, and continue to grow and expand ourselves into our positive Spiritual Energy. We must always remember that other people are always looking at us from their level of consciousness energy expansion, therefore they can see precisely where we are in our growth, whether or not we want to accept where we are in our growth.

Opening our thinking mind to the truth of the level of growth that we are living gives us an opportunity to change and grow. Without the opportunity to change and grow, we will definitely stay in the same place or we can slide backwards. We must live the Ethical Values as our means of growth and change as a Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. We cannot live any other Energies and change and grow. Because we are designed as Eternal Energy, we must reach the level where we can grow or we will be left behind in our journey through the Universal System. Our time is running out on Earth. Earth as a planet that is populated with human beings has been one of the slowest planets in the Universe to grow and change, which has been supported by the belief that God will save all human beings if they repent their sinful ways. Growth is about the growth and change of each human being and God cannot grow for anyone.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Who Are We As Human Beings?

All of my life I have heard people talk about their "weight" as a topic of constant conversation. In my last post I gave a formula of healthy eating and working that will create beautiful proportions in your body. Now the next step in weight loss is creating a happy and active lifestyle. Most people gain weight because they are not keeping themselves mentally and emotionally happy. Our biggest challenge as a human beings is our belief that we have to be saved by someone else. When we live with this belief, we deny our own personal responsibility to save ourselves. As humans we have a thinking mind, loving emotions, Spirit senses, and a physical body. If we spend all of our thinking time focused on our physical body, we are seriously cheating ourselves of our enjoyment of life and loving ourselves.

Our most important asset is our thinking mind. We should always be exploring new thoughts, thinking about these thoughts, and seeing how they relate to our normal life. It is our thinking mind that gives us access to our loving emotions and Spirit senses. Without this conscious focus on our loving emotions and our Spirit Senses through our thinking mind, we will not be creating wholeness in our internal energy fields. When we do not focus our thinking mind internally on our loving emotions and our Spirit Senses, we focus our thinking mind externally on what someone else can do for us. This is the basis of thinking that "God will save me." That might happen a long ways down the road in our journey of life, but how about the "Now" in our life? Who are we? Why are we on Earth? What does it mean to be human? Why is it important to learn and grow? These are the questions that we must look at if we want to begin the journey of understanding ourselves as energy beings.

The most important aspect of changing how we think about ourselves is to realize that we are energy beings.  When we are created, it requires the work of both the sperm and ovum to work together to create a new life as energy.  The sperm and ovum are parts of our male and female body that have the “energy” power to generate new life, which can then grow into a new human body with the Mother’s help of good nutrition, water, and air.  We are all a product of this creation.  As humans we are created and recreated for the purpose of understanding ourselves, the Earth that we live upon, the heavens that we live within, and what it means to be human.  As humans we are designed to learn and grow by using the brain that we are given to expand our own thinking mind.  If we do not learn and expand our thinking mind, we are not living the human role that we are designed to live.  Many people think that they can simply rest on their laurels and be perfect, but our life is about growth.  When we focus on growth we have to look at ourselves and begin to see that we have grown from the union of a sperm (male) and ovum (female) into a physical human being that may have lived many years of life.

Creating new life is part of our human design that we must understand more clearly before we can move forward as a human design.  We have a brain in our human design that we consistently use to gather information that helps us to understand ourselves.  Our human design began on Earth thousands of years ago and we are only now beginning to understand the depth of learning (internal energy) that we must use to begin the intimate process of understanding who we are, why we are human, and what the role of the human is within the Universal System   One thing that we do know at this point in time is, we are here on Earth to begin to learn about the energy of who we are as eternal beings.  As Eternal Beings we live eternally in the Universal System as Energy Beings and we choose to materialize ourselves by becoming physical beings as a way of learning.  This helps us see that being physical is our method of educating ourselves and growing as energy beings.  But as physical beings we must first learn “who we are” as energy beings before we can remember what we have learned in previous lifetimes.  Our memory itself is an energy field that we cannot use as a resource of the thinking mind until we are open to learning more about ourselves as energy beings living in a physical body.

As energy beings our life is about growth and change through learning first about ourselves as Energy Beings, and second about the Universal System of Energy that we live within.  Our normal system of human birth is showing us the Energy pattern of life that is within us and the energy that gives us life.  We die when the energy of us leaves our human body. As human beings we do not think of ourselves as energy beings, but we are energy beings and if we listen closely to our own personal conversations, we will relate frequently to the energy that we feel or don’t feel.   As energy beings we never die, but we do change our physical form.