Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spiritual Philosophy and The Joy of Health

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I know myself?
Who do I want to be?
What do I want to learn out of my life?
Do I enjoy my relationships with other people?
What must I learn to accomplish my goals?
Am I prepared mentally and emotionally to accomplish my goals?
Am I healthy and happy in my life?
Do I know the "value of truth" in my life?
Do I live my life as a shining example of love, truth, and equality?

Speaking truth and living truth are essential for understanding Spiritual Philosophy. Are you currently living these important Ethical Values in your daily life? Do you understand the Ethical Values and the role they play in our evolution?  The Joy of Health is designed to help us understand and clearly recognize the internal and external challenges that we are creating for ourselves to learn. Learning these valuable lessons can put us on the road to health and happiness. As long as we are "mind muddled" by our challenges, live beliefs that are opposite to our human design, lie and cheat our way through our physical world, we cannot and will not see the design of our eternal Spiritual lessons that we are attempting to teach ourselves, and therefore we will not recognize these eternal energy lessons, no matter how long we may be attempting to live them.

Our growth must always start within us and within our heart and mind, before we can live our growth of evolution. We can never look external to ourselves and learn the lessons that are essential to our internal human Dual Soul energy. We must begin our lessons of life by looking at our external air, foods, and water before we can balance our internal chemical cellular design to live in our optimum health and happiness. Have you begun your change to healthy living? We are totally and forever responsible for "knowing ourself," to maintain our health and happiness. And knowing ourself is essential in learning how to live our love, truth, and equality as the basics of our human behavior. If we cannot live our love, truth and equality at the highest level of energy, then we do not understand the concept of ourselves as an energy being. Once we understand ourselves as true energy beings, we will know truth in all aspects of life and living.

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