Friday, October 15, 2010

Knowing Self as Energy

Love and Kindness
Come from a special place
In our loving heart
Of infinite energy.

Humans have a heart
Of wisdom and kindness,
A loving heart,
An eternal heart of energy

That allows our Spirit Energy
To Live love in every life,
In every word, every action
Every gesture that we make

And in every action of our life.
Good or bad or indifferent
We find the joy and the love
To live and to grow within.

The human challenge
Of good, evil, or indifferent
Is only temporary in our true growth.
Energy can never die.

A lesson to be learned.
To know the destiny
And the true beauty
Of all that lives and breathes, Energy.

The Energy of life comes
Only to live, change, and die,
And return again as another human energy
Another life of physical love.

© by Kathy Oddenino

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