Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Thinking Flexes Our Mind

As we focus our mind on equality, truth, and love, our mind begins to plan in an open and flexible manner. We explore all possibilities. We try concepts on for size, feeling the energy of our own perception and interpretation. We change and we try new thought, comparing the various levels of interpretation and expansion. As we explore, we discover things that we have never known about ourself before. We may fall over our threads of fear, and find ourselves backing away in dismay at our own perception and interpretation, and then we incorporate the new knowledge and our plan changes and takes on a new energy form and structure. Evolution becomes our second nature in all aspects of our trinity of consciousness and our physical body.

The important energy in thinking is change. The more we change our thinking, the more we expand our ability to think and to change. As we practice thinking, speaking, planning, and creating, we continue to open our mind and emotions to bigger and bigger internal concepts, and with each step forward, we expand our Spirit Consciousness. It is always important to plan far ahead of our planned actions. This allows the mind to explore the perceptions and interpretations of our thinking and feelings so that we work out the wrinkles of change in our consciousness rather than the physical. Thinking flexes our mind and allows it to reach into the memory nodes of stored information in our brain. We have focused on flexing our muscles, but we can't stop at the physical level of reality. We must give ourselves the opportunity to think through our thoughts and see whether or not we are dealing with internal goals or external plans. We must wear our thinking and loving emotions as the gossamer of our mind. We must allow ourselves the privilege of dreaming, and imagining within our thoughts, to soar to the heights of our internal desires. Internal desires are our goals of life and they must be lived slowly and expand their creation as our internal mental, emotional, and sensory growth occurs.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our First Step to Change and What It Means to Teach Healthy Living

Our first step to change is understanding that we are eternal energy beings living in physical matter.
Throughout the past 200 years, many scientific discoveries have been made about us as human beings, Earth, Nature, and the Universe.  But our accumulated fear beliefs have kept us focusing our thinking mind on just a singular external perception and interpretation of these scientific discoveries.  All information that is discovered about Earth, Nature, and the Universe remains separated from us within our conscious mind until we can chemically relate our scientific findings to the chemical structure of our own internal physical body and accept the interconnectedness of ourselves as a living fractal pattern of the Universal system.  It is our fear beliefs that have denied revelations in our body and mind, because we have been taught conformity to our fear beliefs.  Our belief that we live only one life is the most notable obstruction to understanding the internal and eternal evolution that we are now living that exists within our thinking mind.

We cannot connect the dots to discover our internal and eternal evolution until we can accept ourselves as a chemical Spirit Consciousness that lives eternally within the physical matter that we create from the pattern of life of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness. Although we watch ourselves evolve from conception until death, we still have not accepted the evolutionary design that shows us the fractal pattern of ourselves reflected in everything that we think, our emotions, and our sensory response.  When we fail to see how we are “thinking and being” we fail to understand that we are a Spirit Consciousness Energy at our foundation of evolution.  When we fail to see ourselves as our own ancestors, we cannot understand the truth about genetic mutations that occur within our physical design at the time of our birth into a new life. Therefore, great men and women have come to evolutionary conclusions about us and life, only to have their ideas denied because of our conformity to religious beliefs.  This has never been more prevalent than it is today because as human beings, we are literally physically and emotionally struggling against change.

We struggle against change because we believe that if we change, we will be wrong or bad in the eyes of “God.”  The God of medicine is the American Medical Association and the system that has been put in place to protect the “God image” of medical practice.  Medicine has taken up the mantle of “the savior” on Earth.  The time has come for medicine to become the teacher of healthy living to help people learn how to prevent and heal disease.