Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hidden Memories and Mind Control

Our internal hidden memories live in the neurons of our brain. The more that we expand our thinking mind the more we connect with our hidden memories. When we have a belief in living only one physical life, we cannot comprehend the concept of how our hidden memories can and do dictate our physical behaviors through the control of our thinking mind. Our thinking mind can become conscious of the stored hidden memories in our brain, accept them as our present reality, and allow our thinking mind to be controlled by these internal hidden memories. I am teaching about Hidden Memories in all of my classes this year and my next book will be written on this very important subject that is not understood by any level of science because our thinking mind continues to be externalized and un-accepting of our hidden memories as a real influence of our thinking and physical behaviors.

The massacre at Virginia Tech is a perfect example of a young man who is living from his hidden memories and therefore unable to interact gracefully with his present moment in life. It is very sad that he killed so many people and himself in his internal torment. This massacre could have been avoided in the same way that all of our other school shootings could have been avoided if the adults of our world could only comprehend that our brain is full of past life memories and when we are not grounded in the present reality that we are living it is because of these past life memories that are distracting our thinking mind. Past life memories are not mental illness, and they always happen as we evolve as a Spirit Consciousness into each new physical lifetime. Until we can understand and work with this internal reality as human beings, we will simply experience more and more violence among the children in our society. Giving drugs to children with past life memory simply confuses the thinking mind even more and allows more anger, hate, and violence to occur.

When children return into new physical lives with past life memory from a hidden memory node, and we as adults do not understand what is happening within the child’s mind then we are unable to help the child understand what is happening, which leads the child into acting out the past life memories that have become the focus of their reality. Being conscious of past life memories does not mean that we are psychotic or mentally deranged, it means that we are evolving as a thinking mind into an understanding of who we are as human beings. When we live our physical lives with a "one life" belief, we are not prepared to cope with past life memory, because we cannot compute that we have past life memories if we believe that we live only one physical life. This is why our present day reality becomes "schizophrenic" to our thinking mind when we try to balance what we are experiencing internally with our external learned beliefs.

I have been talking about hidden memories for years as I teach and write Spiritual Philosophy. Every time that our society experiences another school shooting or some other obvious hidden memory experience, I always wish that I could have had some counseling with these individuals. The massacre at Virginia Tech has really touched my heart because two of my six children are graduates of Virginia Tech and I have many friends among their friends who have graduated from Virginia Tech. The Samaha’s lived close to our family in Arlington, VA and their children were friends of my children. Virginia Tech is a wonderful school that my children loved and they loved the growing experience that nurtured them at Virginia Tech. So we must ask ourselves, "what happened?"

The true answer to most killings and crime are our "hidden memories." Our one life belief does not give our thinking mind permission to acknowledge that we are living eternal life through multiple physical experiences as we grow into our Spirit Consciousness. Our religious attachment to our belief in only one life, does not give us the tools to understand our past-life memories and behaviors that exceed the "normal behavior" that is dictated within our thinking mind. If we understood that we are energy and matter as a human design and we know that energy never dies but it does change form, we could change our one-life belief to a concept of eternal life through the energy of us living in endless physical bodies, with the energy of our entire brain storing the energy of our past physical lives in the neurons of our brain. Our thinking mind is one of three parts of our Spirit Consciousness energy that eternally stores our hidden memories.

It is obvious that our system of understanding the thinking mind failed Virginia Tech and Cho Seung-Hui because it appears that no one reached this young man’s thinking mind. The sadness that I feel for this young man’s family is just as deep as the sadness that I feel for Cho himself and the other "victims" of his loneliness and confusion. I am a person that has lived with past-life memories consciously from the time that I was two years old. My father understood this phenomena because he too lived with past-life memories and the consciousness of energy. He never talked about this to many people but because he knew that I had the same ability, he did talk to me with explanations of how to live with the "gift" of intuitive consciousness. I experienced his intuition at the age of six, when I was five minutes late for school and received the only spanking that he ever gave me.

When we can not understand ourselves as eternal beings, we cannot understand how we can return to life with hidden memories controlling our thinking mind. Cho was controlled by his hidden memories especially when he began his "killing spree." It is very sad that we live in a society that simply does not know how to deal with an advanced thinking Soul Mind that can use its hidden memories. Once an individual recognizes and accepts that we have lived more than one physical life, we can also accept that our brain is storing the memories of every life that we have ever lived. Our hidden memories are stored in the neurons of our brain. What is called "mental illness" is really us living from our hidden memories and having no one to help us through this maze of energy that is being picked up by our thinking mind. I work with people who have hidden memories and I teach classes on our hidden memories, how we store them, how we access them, what they mean to us, and how we can live long and happy lives as an evolving thinking mind that is open to our hidden memories as an advancement of our creativity.

It is very important to us and our society that we begin to break through the shell of our ancient beliefs so that we will be available to understand and use our hidden memories. We can help others learn to understand this absolutely normal stage of our human growth potential when we release our fear of change and growth as a Spirit Consciousness. A few words of explanation to this very intelligent young man could have prevented all of this horrible massacre that has occurred and that is so terribly devastating to so many families. There is an old saying that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." and when we accept this concept, we can begin living in a healing state by knowing that we are eternal beings living our hidden memories as part of our physical lives and our creativity. Loving our hidden memories as part of us will allow us to share them openly in our communication and to learn from them without the anger to kill. Since war has always been a part of our thinking mind and human behavior, each and every one of us has the hidden memory of being a killer, which we will not activate when we have an understanding of ourselves and our hidden memories. Our entire world must change its fear and its ancient belief system before we can help ourselves and other people navigate through the rough waters of our hidden memories. Knowledge is the answer to growth and change within our thinking mind.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hidden Memories - Continued

It is always important for us to learn how to retrieve the information that is stored in our Dual Soul thinking mind. When we fail to use our past life memories, we will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our various physical lives, and we will continue to dance to the music of our ego as it tries to justify the loss of our conscious memory that we are experiencing. Past life memory can come to us spontaneously as thoughts, or it can come to us over a period of time as we see our physical life unfold in front of our eyes. We grow and change in our physical lives, one lifetime after the other, which creates the accumulative memories that are coming into our thinking mind as we expand as a Dual Soul conscious thinking mind. When we fail to see ourselves as eternal human beings, we will find ourselves living the same experiences over and over again because we have not seen our internl patterns of growth and where each lesson fits into the overall picture of our eternal lives. We will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our physical lives, until we basically make ourselves sick through the repetition of the same identical energy fields that keep us from moving forward and growing as a Dual Soul thinking mind into our loving emotions. but we will continue to dance to the music of our external ego thinking mind as it tries to justify the loss of conscious memory that we are experiencing from our past lives as a Dual Soul.

Opening our eyes to the design and function of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses as our Spirit Consciousness is the beginning of understanding ourselves, our memories, and our future potential as a Human Consciousness that is living in its Spiritual Consciousness as energy in matter. Our dreams are frequently fleshed our with images, sounds, voices, behaviors, and emotions that we accept as figments of our imagination. We are simply afraid to let our thinking mind open to its eternal reality and to show us snatches of our past life experiences, because do not believe that we live more than one physical lifetime. Each life becomes a continuation of our eternal life design of constant growth and change in our physical reality. Sometimes when we are deep in thought, we will hear a vacuum in our head that sounds like a pressurized door shutting itself. When we hear this unusual noise, we must remember that our thinking mind has an investment in limiting our conscious memory solely to the physical reality of our daily world.

We main this memory intention because of our one-life belief. When we deny the truth of our physical experiences that we are creating for ourselves, we do so as a means of keeping our intellectual mind closed which will prove that we are always right within our fearful, externalized thinking mind. some nights when we are asleep, we may awaken to our own voice talking to us, maybe even whispering to us. If we are living in our fearful mind, we will hear a voice of doubt cajoling us with a negative thinking. If we are living in our loving mind, we will hear a voice encouraging us to move forward with our positive thinking to create exactly what we want within our physical lives. If we are forcing the positive concepts, our negative concepts may slam the door in our ear, and as we hear the bang of the internal door we might sit up striaght in our bed thinking that someone just entered our house and slammed the physical door behind them.

The sound of the door becomes a "dream" sound that can be very real to our senses, because our dreams are always formulated by our Dual Soul from our internal senses to get our attention. This is how our dreams always become 3-D in our thinking mind, because our senses always respond to our dream state to make our dreams look, sound, and move as in real life. This helps us to see ourselves in an image tha tour internal mind can deal with as a real event, even when the event was not a physical event but a dream event. Using all of our senses in our dream state helps us to remember our dreams and reenact them in a manner that will make sense to our thinking mind. Many of our hidden memories are returnable to our thinking mind because of the sound effects and vision that accompany the memory. In effect our Dual Soul memory acts as video camera recording every movement and sound that occurs, even in our sleep. Nothing is ever lost on our Dual Soul, therefore when we are ready as a human to open our thinking mind to its Dual Soul memories, we will begin to see them, hear them, smell them, and touch them in multiple ways, and through it all we will find ourselves dancing to our ego in our attempt to stop our memory flow.