Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hidden Memories - Continued

It is always important for us to learn how to retrieve the information that is stored in our Dual Soul thinking mind. When we fail to use our past life memories, we will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our various physical lives, and we will continue to dance to the music of our ego as it tries to justify the loss of our conscious memory that we are experiencing. Past life memory can come to us spontaneously as thoughts, or it can come to us over a period of time as we see our physical life unfold in front of our eyes. We grow and change in our physical lives, one lifetime after the other, which creates the accumulative memories that are coming into our thinking mind as we expand as a Dual Soul conscious thinking mind. When we fail to see ourselves as eternal human beings, we will find ourselves living the same experiences over and over again because we have not seen our internl patterns of growth and where each lesson fits into the overall picture of our eternal lives. We will find ourselves living the identical experiences over and over again in our physical lives, until we basically make ourselves sick through the repetition of the same identical energy fields that keep us from moving forward and growing as a Dual Soul thinking mind into our loving emotions. but we will continue to dance to the music of our external ego thinking mind as it tries to justify the loss of conscious memory that we are experiencing from our past lives as a Dual Soul.

Opening our eyes to the design and function of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit senses as our Spirit Consciousness is the beginning of understanding ourselves, our memories, and our future potential as a Human Consciousness that is living in its Spiritual Consciousness as energy in matter. Our dreams are frequently fleshed our with images, sounds, voices, behaviors, and emotions that we accept as figments of our imagination. We are simply afraid to let our thinking mind open to its eternal reality and to show us snatches of our past life experiences, because do not believe that we live more than one physical lifetime. Each life becomes a continuation of our eternal life design of constant growth and change in our physical reality. Sometimes when we are deep in thought, we will hear a vacuum in our head that sounds like a pressurized door shutting itself. When we hear this unusual noise, we must remember that our thinking mind has an investment in limiting our conscious memory solely to the physical reality of our daily world.

We main this memory intention because of our one-life belief. When we deny the truth of our physical experiences that we are creating for ourselves, we do so as a means of keeping our intellectual mind closed which will prove that we are always right within our fearful, externalized thinking mind. some nights when we are asleep, we may awaken to our own voice talking to us, maybe even whispering to us. If we are living in our fearful mind, we will hear a voice of doubt cajoling us with a negative thinking. If we are living in our loving mind, we will hear a voice encouraging us to move forward with our positive thinking to create exactly what we want within our physical lives. If we are forcing the positive concepts, our negative concepts may slam the door in our ear, and as we hear the bang of the internal door we might sit up striaght in our bed thinking that someone just entered our house and slammed the physical door behind them.

The sound of the door becomes a "dream" sound that can be very real to our senses, because our dreams are always formulated by our Dual Soul from our internal senses to get our attention. This is how our dreams always become 3-D in our thinking mind, because our senses always respond to our dream state to make our dreams look, sound, and move as in real life. This helps us to see ourselves in an image tha tour internal mind can deal with as a real event, even when the event was not a physical event but a dream event. Using all of our senses in our dream state helps us to remember our dreams and reenact them in a manner that will make sense to our thinking mind. Many of our hidden memories are returnable to our thinking mind because of the sound effects and vision that accompany the memory. In effect our Dual Soul memory acts as video camera recording every movement and sound that occurs, even in our sleep. Nothing is ever lost on our Dual Soul, therefore when we are ready as a human to open our thinking mind to its Dual Soul memories, we will begin to see them, hear them, smell them, and touch them in multiple ways, and through it all we will find ourselves dancing to our ego in our attempt to stop our memory flow.

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