Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Mystery of Autism?

Last night I watched Larry King's program on The Mystery of Autism. I've seen several programs about this recently, and each time as I listen to those who struggle with answers to this "mystery," I wish I could talk to them face to face and say, There is no mystery to autism! When we can think about ourselves as energy beings that live in the constantly changing matter that we create, and we then think about, for instance, the trauma that can be created when a baby is delivered by forceps, it ought to give us pause and begin a new track of thinking about this "mystery." Not all autism is created by forceps, but a large percentage is. Forceps began to be used in the 1700s, in obstructed labor, and, as with other tools in our world, came to be used routinely instead. Think of the "jelly" of our brain as our primary nervous system, the amazing power and fragility of an infant ready to be born into the physical world, and then imagine the force of a steel instrument enforcing the process of birth. Doesn't this sound like an abuse to the beautiful energy of a newborn baby, as well as to the birthing mother?

I have worked with a few autistic children using Neural Depolarization, my trademarked energy therapy which works directly with the nervous system, beginning with the brain. NDP is a gentle but powerful touch therapy, which uses the energy of our nervous system to heal diseases. I understand that it is not always easy to accept how easy it can be to heal "energy diseases," and how addicted we have become to the "fact" of disease. This includes autism, in its growing presence as an epidemic in our world. The energy of children in their open celebration of being alive and constantly in motion is one that we must understand and support in love, which includes our educating ourselves about the necessity of eating good, pure food, breathing pure air, and drinking lots of good water. Our fear of change and thinking of ourselves as energy first and matter second is what we must change to answer the "mystery" of autism. I love working with people with autism to balance their energy and give them back their thinking mind.

Most pregnant women pay attention to eating well, even if this pattern only stays in place while they are pregnant. What must be emphasized, then, is what does "eating well" mean? Fresh, organic foods are essential to our health, and the health of our children. The toxins we are exposed to, and that we expose ourselves to, create great potential risk and subsequent disease results that we will then have to work with to change. What we do not yet look at beyond the physical chemical components and effects is that the autism spectrum is an energy disease.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Memory of Love

"The soul evolution and mind consciousness level of the physical human determines the soul and spirit energy that each human will magnetize." (Bridges of Consciousness, 117)

"The strongest soul memory for man is the memory of LOVE. It is love that created us as souls and it is love that is repeated within the physical realm, when man is created by the act of physical love between the parents.

All of man has an innate understanding of the feelings and emotion of love.

Love is the very foundation of creation. Love is to be cherished and honored.

When man receives mixed messages regarding love, he ceases to trust in love. Love is loyalty. Love is commitment. As God is loyal in His love for man, man is loyal to those he loves. As God is committed to the growth of man, man is commited to the growth of those he loves.

If there is no commitment in man, there is no love in man. If ithere is no loyalty in man, there is no love in man. Love can be identified in terms of man's consistency in words and actions. You cannot say that you love someone and not follow the words with loyalty and commitment. The consistency between the words and actions provide the integrity of truth for man.

The soul memory of loyalty and commitment becomes tarnished through the ego experiences of the outer reality. Loyalty and commitment do not disappear form the memory, but they come clouded over, difficult to remember, difficult to see, and difficult to understand. This disparity is created because of the existence of the negative energy that permeates the love energy, as understood by the ego.

It is the outer reality, the ego within the world of man, that produces this negative energy cover to the soul memories, the inner reality, of man. The instrument that is used by man, within the physical space of Earth to cloud his soul memories, is the ego. This cloud develops from the constant exposure to negative stimuli that man is subjected to and that he subjects himself to. This exposure begins at the moment of birth and remains until the moment of transition to another plane.

Excessive exposure to negative stimuli is built into your culture. It will continue to influence your world, until man accepts his responsibility to control the over-develoment of his ego. The ego is not selective in the absorption process. All information feeds into the development of the belief system of the ego, because the ego is the physical manifestation of the mind.

Man is, what he creates himself to BE."

Bridges of Consciousness, 211-212 copyright Kathy Oddenino, 1989

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My First Class of 2008

On Sunday I taught my first class of 2008 on Hidden Memories as Cellular Memory. For me it's a fascinating subject and I fully enjoyed teaching it and saw many excited faces in front of me. I am very excited about the future classes. I will be covering Cellular Memory in great depth that we retain through each and every life, in great depth. Join us!

Learning about the energy of us is paramount in learning about ourselves. Come join us for an enlightening study program. Learning the intricacies of our own energy and how we use our energies in our physical lives is sometimes a challenge for people. Despite the challenge it is imperative that we open our mind to understand ourselves or we'll never understand the world around us.

We all enjoyed the hospitality of two of my students who graciously agreed to host the event when our regular site was finishing up some new construction. Such cooperation is a wonderful energy for learning. Please continue to check my web site for updates about the location for my March seminar.