Friday, September 10, 2010

Living the Ethical Values

Throughout History we have been told about the opposite of the Ethical Values as people have lived the negative energies instead of the positive energies, such as the Biblical concepts of banishment into Hell.  Are we ever banished into Hell, of course not.  No one else can banish us into Hell since our banishment is a personal focus and not the focus of another person.  When we resist living the Ethical Values, then our behaviors can banish us by leading us down that “primrose path” in the direction of Hell.  When we break the code of the Ethical Values which is the true code of living our Human life, then we are banishing ourselves into the concept of Hell, as presenting ourselves with a negative energy that we will find ourselves living within us that can “feel” like Hell.

This helps us see that as human beings when we are living the energy of lying, cheating, and stealing, we are setting ourselves up to live the negative aspects of life, which is the Hell that we create in our own personal lives by how we think and live.  We become conscious of our  Hell when everything goes wrong in our life, which has been written about by songwriter’s from the beginning of time.  Many times these songs are referred to as “the Blue’s” because they relate to lives that have taken a negative turn as they are being lived by either man or woman.   We can become fully aware of many different people who are very much at home with their lying, cheating, and stealing approach to life, which they will consistently deny that they are living because of their need to create the image they want other people to see, which is basically someone else that they are currently imitating.

If and when we lie as a human being, we are breaking the Ethical Value of truth that acts as the “dagger in the heart” that allows the Ethical Values to collapse around us and put us in complete jeopardy with the multitude of life events that we must live.  This helps us to see that if we live one “break” or lie with our Ethical Values, it follows that we cannot live any of the Ethical Values primarily because we have destroyed the basic structure of the Ethical Values that we need to support our Spirit Consciousness.   Our Ethical Values are designed as the “true energy structure” of our human Soul as a mind and loving emotions.   No one else can live the Ethical Values for us.

The original Spiritual energy has been created in the image of the Ethical Values as love, truth, and equality, which is our definition of  freedom.  When we refuse to live the Ethical Values, we remove the freedom from our total brain structure, which puts our entire life in jeopardy.  Of course we can copy another person but when we do this we are building our image as a “false image” because we are attempting to steal the energy image of another person.  Stolen images are only fleeting images in the mind of the thief, and they will only last a short time as the “energy thief” knows that a stolen image cannot reproduce itself, and in a short time the energy that is stolen will disappear. We are always designed as living human beings to create our own energy fields, so when we attempt to steal an energy field the energy itself will collapse.

We are designed to live our own human pattern of Ethical Values, which will always be reflecting the precise level of energy that we have grown into as a human design.  Our Ethical Values are the patterns of our Spirit Consciousness, and once we recognize that it is Spirit Energy that we must live, we can learn and grow into that very precious energy of the Ethical Values that has created us as human beings.  When we deny living the energy of our Ethical Values, we can feel that we need to steal another person’s energy because we have not yet learned how to create ourselves as a Spirit Consciousness Energy.  We must always learn the “fine art” of growing our own loving and happy energy fields, which we can do when we are living the Ethical Values in our everyday life.   We can never live another person’s energy because each energy field that a person is living is their own creation from their own personal growth of their Ethical Values.  For instance everyone that lives love, sees love and lives love in their own personal image of love.

Love itself is a very important Energy.  But since love is interpreted in as many ways as there are people, no one person can interpret how another person sees love, acts out love, interprets love, or expresses love.  Most people would think that all love is the same, but that is not true, and when we see the behaviors between two people we can interpret their definition of love.  If a child is beaten when they are young, they may grow up thinking that being beaten is an expression of love.  This belief can be held over into their marriage and they will then feel responsible for beating their wife as an expression of love.  What we learn becomes what we do and what we believe, and frequently we do not understand that we do not think like other people.  Some people may believe that sex is love, which is also not true, but the person that believes sex is love, will operate under that theory for a lifetime unless somehow along the path of life, he is fortunate enough to learn differently.

This confusion about definition helps us to understand why some people do not understand how to live the Ethical Values.  Our Ethical Values are closely connected to the chemical design of our nervous system.  If we do not understand ourselves as a nervous system, we certainly will not know how to handle our nerves which means we will not know how to use our body, mind, and Spirit to create the best life that we can create.

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