Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jan Cheek Promotes Spirit Consciousness: Our Intelligent Design

I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Oddenino on my own healing journey for about three years now and she has enlightened me to my own SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS in the process. I refused to think that I was dying when I met her, but in all reality, I was close to death. I have been dealing with brain cancer for several years, but I have chosen to live with it and not to die with it. Kathy Oddenino has helped me learn how to do that. In her newest book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy integrates a wealth of information from several sources of knowledge: philosophical, spiritual, intellectual, academic, and scientific. But the common denominator is that we are not human beings comprised of just cellular matter, we are ENERGY, cellular energy. Kathy has taught me how to renew the health of both the cellular matter and energy as I preserve my life, by introducing more pure air, water, and nutrients and reducing toxins. Toxins can clutter the cellular integrity at the most basic level and challenge our health. In her book, Spirit Consciousness, Kathy clearly explains how we must increase our awareness and focus of our thought processes and the integration of that with our spirit awakenings along with purifying our cellular structures to create improved sound health and wholeness. It is all intertwined and we simply must pay close attention that our energy is in harmony because we are the ones responsible for our own health and well-being. I have learned that trusting that my body and my spirit are energy and they are interconnected in critical ways is crucial, not only for my healing, but for my life of well-being and teaching others about self-care and awareness. Kathy’s new book, Spirit Consciousness, is a wonderful reading experience and an enlightening expression of her great wisdom. It has been an honor and a gift to be taught by this wise woman as I continually prepare myself for improved SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS.

To buy Kathy's new book, call 919-545-9937, or order online from lulu.

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