Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Proof of Evolution

When we think about our Intelligent Design and our Evolution, it seems pretty obvious that we evolve from the stage of the ovum and sperm into physical beings. Once we are born, we continue to evolve from birth until death. When we understand that the definition of evolve is the constant and consistent growth that we experience, how can we deny evolution. We basically have four stages of evolution, because we are a Trinity of Spirit Consciousness, as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and our infinite spirit senses, living in the physical matter of our human body. These four parts of our human design are basically the design, structure, form,and function of the four parts of us as human beings. In the beginning it took us millions of years to become use to our physical body and allow it to learn how to take care of itself by breathing, drinking water, eating the foods of nature, interacting with other people, exercising, and sleeping. We began expanding ourselves by using our five physical senses to help ourselves evolve at that level of our Dual Soul growth that was developing our physical body first, learning to use our five physical senses, and then beginning to evolve our thinking mind.

We have been evolving our thinking mind now for millions of years,and we still do not know how to live our loving emotions because we are stuck in the physical and thinking mind mode. The secret to understanding our evolution through our thinking mind into our loving emotions is to begin to understand the patterns of synesthesia that are the spiritual design patterns of our human body, thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses in all parts of our physical/energy design. Synesthesia relates to the design and function of our infinite spirit senses, which we are attempting to bring together to expand our physical abilities as sensory human beings.

Our thinking mind has focused primarily on our five physical senses, but if we want to become loving beings we must integrate our five physical senses with our loving emotional self to expand our Spirit Consciousness of who we are as human beings. Because we have grown through the use of our five physical senses as a thinking mind, we must now begin to use the senses that are patterned within the design of our loving emotions. We have been flirting with our emotional self for hundreds of years, but our flirtation is getting slightly out of hand now because we are refusing to use our emotional senses. Because of our addiction to our physical/mind senses, we have failed to understand that we are more than we now understand ourselves to be.

Our spirit senses are our tools of evolution. When we are afraid of expanding our thinking senses into our emotional senses, we usually do so because we are ignorant that we have emotional senses, which has subjected us to multiple levels of depression. But never in the history of mankind have we humans been so in love with love. Unfortunately most humans are in love with physical sex rather than the emotions of love that they can feel as an internal sensory response. Love is an important emotional sense that simply helps us to begin to open the door of our thinking mind into our emotional feeling self. It is time that we expand our love of self and our love of other people so that we can live the beauty of our entire Spiritual design of Spirit Consciousness.

Becoming conscious of ourselves as an expanding mind helps us to understand that we must move into our loving emotions and begin to use the multiple emotional senses that are part of our human design as physical beings that are beginning to live through the synesthesia of our infinite Spirit Senses as a Spirit Consciousness. I have explained this internal pattern that we use in our evolution in my first newsletter of 2006--Synesthesia, Our Proof in Evolution.

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Linda Frock said...

What a perfectly exquisite and infinitely wise and expansive explanation of who we are as spiritual beings living in the physical form of human beings. Synesthesia - what a lovely word to describe our evolution of sensory consciousness as a spirit consciousness. It makes me think of something else that you have said in past, Kathy, that referred to "Philosophy being the synthesis of all learning". This might have been a quote from the dictionary, but it certainly reflects synesthesia's essence, to me. I love your description of our evolving senses, and the synergy with which all of our seven senses evolve into us consciously living as a whole spirit consciousness, and living our love for self and all of humanity.

We are our own proof of evolution. We validate the synthesis of all of our learning throughout our dual soul path of evolution as we transition from our physical nature of fear into a more synergistic, and ethically appropriate consciousness of physical nature and divine nature in equal balance with love, truth and equality.

How I love you and your infinite wisdom. Thank you for sharing this beautiful truth of evolution with us. I love thinking about myself actively creating synesthesia, and I am doing just that through the expansion of my thinking mind as I shed fear and consciously live my loving emotions and expand my spirit senses.