Friday, March 05, 2010

Patterns of Eternal and Ethical Growth

Evolution is an Energy movement of Ethical Growth. If we are not living our Ethical Growth, we are not growing as a Spiritual human being. Ethical Growth is well defined in Spiritual Philosophy, and it is a continuous growth of our internal energy process that takes place in our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses as a singular inclusive mental and physical growth process that we live by living the entire scope of our Ethical Values as our daily lifestyle. Our continual growth process will always be reflected in our physical reality because we will change our energy from fear to love, we will change our lying to living truth, and we will recognize other people as equal to us. Once we can understand and live this level of Eternal Ethical Growth, we become different people by changing how we think, feel, and physically live as we relate to our family and friends.

Being love and living our love is the definition of being a Spiritual Being. We must learn and grow from our specific level of the physical energy that we are living to evolve into an energy level of Ethical Growth, which we are only capable of doing when we know ourselves as a  Spirit Consciousness energy being. We automatically grow into our physical form, but we do not automatically grow into an advancement of our thinking mind, loving emotions, and Spirit Senses. As we live our multiple lives, we will find that without our advancement as a Dual Soul Mind and Loving Emotions, we cannot grow and change in the level of our Spirit Consciousness Energy.

When we talk about the Soul and Spirit energy, we are talking about the energy of our internal Soul and Spirit Consciousness that we are designed to constantly expand, which is why we are living eternally through a continuation of each of our multiple physical lives as a Spirit Consciousness Energy. If we cannot live our physical, mental, and emotional expansion from one energy level to the next energy level of Spirit Consciousness, we cannot grow and change our physical behaviors and our thought processes, except on a physical level. At this point in time, we sincerely believe that the physical level of thinking, growth, and change are sufficient to open our thinking mind because the physical level of ourselves is all that we are open to accepting. When we find ourselves stuck in one physical level of thought and physical behavior, we are clearly showing ourselves that we have stopped moving and growing as an energy being and that we are resting on our laurels of being physical beings.

Spiritual Philosophy shows us the internal path of the expanding thinking mind, loving emotions, and sensory movement of our human energy design and the changes that we have been seeking to learn in the entirety of our energy design since we first became human beings living on Earth. The memory of Spiritual Philosophy is stored at our cellular level in our ancient memory and understanding usually at some vague level of the philosophy of life. Even Jesus studied Spiritual Philosophy, which was the basis of his teachings. We have lived countless lifetimes as human beings, which is the journey of our Dual Soul Evolution. Spiritual Philosophy is present in our ancient memory because we have lived many lifetimes with our memory of Spiritual Philosophy trying to expand our Spirit Consciousness through the pattern of our Ethical Value by showing us the relationship of our Spirit Energy to our physical thinking, emotions, and matter.

It is Spiritual Philosophy that helps us over the mountain tops of our ancient memory as we try to remember our ancient past, who we were, what we learned, and the difference that we will see in the “then and now” comparison of our thinking mind and loving emotions as we open the internal gates to our ancient memory.

When we believe that we live only one life, we cannot understand ourselves as eternal energy beings. Energy never dies but it does change form, which is the eternal pattern of energy that we live as we move from one physical life to another physical life, through our normal patterns of physical life and death.

We have lived endless volumes of our recorded history and it is never a challenge for us to look at our ancient human appearance in relationship to our human appearance today. As we have lived our countless lives we have streamlined our body, mind, and Spirit as a process of our growth and change. As we expand our thinking mind, we expand everything in our physical reality including our physical body and what it can do. This is what the word “evolution” means. As we have lived our countless lives, we have changed the way that our human mind thinks, how it relates to the heavens, Earth, and to each other, but most of all we have changed how we “see” ourselves as human beings, which has supported us in looking at ourselves to find the means of change that supports our growth.

Once we recognize that we are eternal beings as energy that create multiple physical lives for ourselves to live, all of the physical changes that we have lived begin to make sense. We must use what we know and begin to understand ourselves as eternal  human beings, and we must understand our relationship to the air, water, soil, Earth, and the “energy” that we live within our human body. We have been taught that we are physical human beings and we are, but what does it mean to be physical? It literally means that as physical human beings we must learn to understand ourselves as energy beings, take care of ourselves, and think in a different way if we want to live and enjoy our physical lives for longer periods of time from our energy potential. As human beings we are dependent upon Earth with its air, foods, and water to survive.  When we die young, we are missing the lessons of our physical life, which we must ultimately learn by living countless lives until we can "Know Thyself."

As we learn to think about ourselves as eternal beings, we begin to keep ourselves healthier, happier, and we keep our thinking mind open to change as a means of expanding our Spirit Consciousness as our eternal energy of life. Growth and change are always our personal responsibility. No one else can grow and change for us. If we study the design of the human body, the thinking mind, the loving emotions, and the Spirit Senses, we are studying Spiritual Philosophy as our pattern of creation, life, growth, and our eternal life as energy beings. This is an essential change of thinking for us to understand, if we want to know ourselves and the mystery of “disease” that is capturing our attention as it interferes with our health, our happiness, our life, and our Spiritual growth. We must look internally at our inherent energy design.  We do not have to be sick. We can live for hundreds, even thousands of years once we learn to change our belief systems and our thinking, clean up our environment, and protect our human body and mind from all foreign chemicals that are not a part of our human cellular design.

Our change begins one person at a time. We cannot live with our ancient beliefs and we cannot live in fear any longer and evolve as human beings. Our Spiritual Energy is designed as an eternal energy.Our physical energy is designed as a one-life-at-a-time energy. When we die we create a new physical energy that we call a human body. It is time that we begin to think about ourselves in a totally different way if we want to protect our human design, Earth and the space around us that we call home.

Learning to live our Ethical Values in how we eat, our relationship with family and friends, our relationship with ourselves, and our interaction with all people both young and old can help us, because with these changes we can learn to live our Ethical Values continuously, and we will become a more Spiritual and a healthier and happier physical human being. Our energy change and growth are always our personal responsibility. No one else can change for us because no one else can grow for us; therefore, the more we focus on the physical, the less we understand our internal and eternal energy.

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