Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Are Energy Beings First

Once we begin to understand that we are energy beings first, and physical beings second, we will be more conscious of our air, foods, and water which are designed to support the energy of our human body with the chemicals it needs.  If we did not have "energy" we would not be alive.  Therefore when we support our energy with the chemicals that it needs to stay healthy, we are supporting our Spirit, Soul, and human body in health and happiness.  Our body is a marvelous design and it will take our "beating" for many years before it collapses.  We must begin to look at our body as a chemical energy design.  As a chemical energy design our body needs the chemicals that are found in the air, foods, and water to support its human chemical design.  It is important to keep our energy design healthy because we need to live a healthy and productive life, and when we die we need for our human design to be intact so that we can come back into a new life in a healthy state.

Many people do not believe that we live more than one life, but as "energy beings" we live eternal lives.  Energy never dies but it does change form (Albert Einstein).  We can and should believe this finding of Einstein's because he is the first scientist that I know of that has proven that we live eternal life as an energy being.  Bruce Lipton is also in the process of showing us the beauty and eternity of our chemical cellular self as human beings.  We must at this time in our lives look very seriously at the "one life belief" syndrome that we have and seem to cherish.  We basically live eternal lives as an energy being and we create new physical matter with the help of new parents that gives us an opportunity to continue with our growth process as a Soul and Spirit Energy.   When we learn to look at our body with a new energy concept, we will cherish every life that we have lived, which will increase our past life memory and allow us to live the eternal truth of who we are, which will allow us to shed our fears of life and living.

I have lived many lives before I began living this one and I vividly remember many of my past lives as a Nurse that relate to the life that I am living now, and I remember many lives when I was not a nurse.  My memory came with me at my time of birth (captured in the energy cells of my consciousness) and I spent my childhood and since vividly engrossed in comparing my past life memories with my current observations.  I have been teaching Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, and I have always known that I am teaching from past life memory.  Spiritual Philosophy is our secret to health, happiness, and a long life of living our Ethical Values.   As I have been teaching through these years, I have many memories that come up from my past lives as a Philosopher.  These lives feed my memory of Philosophy, which is a joy to feel, and to live as an ancient memory.  Philosophy makes more sense to me every day that I live and grow.  As I watch television I can easily see that we as a human species could benefit immensely from learning and living Spiritual Philosophy, which could help us with our understanding of life and truth.

As an RN I spent many years in hospitals and in HLA and DNA Research.  To me this research clearly showed that we live more than one life.  The Scientists that I was working with could not acknowledge this phenomena when I challenged them with the concept, but they also did not say that I was wrong.  I always faced the "we don't know" syndrome, which was perfectly normal.  Now I feel like Bruce Lipton is getting closer to the reality of proving that we do live more than one physical life as human beings.  It makes sense because how could we ever grow and learn everything that we do learn in one short physical life time?  The energy of our body is a reflection of our chemical design as a Spirit Consciousness.

I teach Spiritual Philosophy from my ancient memory, which I enjoy immensely.  Nothing else has ever made sense to me in this lifetime except relating us to our ancient memory, which is the true source of health within us as energy beings.  As I teach this ancient Philosophy, I begin to see precisely how we have been designed as energy beings and how all of the Universal Energy works together to create Earth, other planets, and our Universe.  Energy can answer all of the unanswered questions about who we are once we can understand the ancient philosophy that we have always struggled with.  As humans we are getting closer and closer to opening our thinking mind to our ancient memories, which is what Spiritual Philosophy is all about.

Read my books and join us in my classes to learn a new version of yourself as an energy being.


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