Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living Courage

Courage is a fabulous word that probably explains the human being better than any other word in the language that we speak, because we must use our courage to evolve in our evolutionary growth and change as a thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses, and as a physical being that uses the whole of self in our living. It takes courage to live, to grow, and to change on a day-by-day basis, because courage is our constant pattern of evolution as a Spirit Consciousness that is growing into Knowing Thyself. We face many challenges to our "courage of living." Today we are facing the challenge of war, disease, and death at early ages. Our wars, epidemics of disease, and our early deaths are challenging our courage to comprehend that we are consciously growing and changing the way that we think, live, and behave. Our belief in living only one physical lifetime is an enormous hindrance to our growth and change as an evolving Dual Soul.

When we are supposed to change the way that we think but we resist change, we attempt to get our attention in some form that will force us to change physically to show us the pattern of evolution, which always adds the dramas of diseases to our lives and to our deaths. We resist change through the use of our mind control, which we believe is showing our superiority as thinking beings. When we think externally instead of internally, we are not being honest with any aspect of our physical life. Superiority is not an ethical value but it is an ego value, and as we combine our control issues with a superior attitude about life, we become obnoxious to people who are genuinely attempting to change and grow through the normal patterns of our Dual Soul growth and change.

When we feel better about living, we will live longer, stay healthier, and remain young for the majority of our lives. Today we can see people that are diseased, aged, and afraid to think from the very early years of their lives. These people are not living with courage because they are focusing their thinking mind on their "fear of death." When we have the courage to accept that we are energy and that energy never dies, we will be able to see the truth of eternal life.

Why are we making ourselves sick? Why are we vulnerable to disease? Why are we killing each other? Why are we dying from disease and disasters? What is it that we do not recognize within ourselves? Why do we resist change and growth? Change and growth are the primary reasons that we live courage as a human species, so why do we live in the fear of life and the fear of death? Once we realize that we all have courage as an inborn energy pattern within our thinking mind, we begin to understand that growth and change are an integrated pattern that we are always living in our physical lives, whether or not we understand this inborn pattern of energy. Absolutely no one is conceived and unable to grow to some point, because without change and growth, we die. When we add the dramas of disease and war, we have to look very carefully at how we are creating our own opportunities to experience life as we live our fears of disease, war, and death. Once we understand the Spiritual patterns of our Dual Soul and Spirit Consciousness, we will have the courage to look at the reality of our own physical creations, and perhaps we will decide to be kinder to ourselves and to others as we live our internal patterns of growth and change with courage.

Changing our ancient beliefs is an act of true courage for each human being. It takes courage for us to look at ourselves truthfully and to negotiate change in a loving and peaceful way.

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