Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Emergence" or Emergency?

The value of studying Spiritual Philosophy is that our thinking mind never truly thinks the same way twice, because it is an evolving and expanding energy that is emerging through the physical process of growth and change as it searches for the love that it senses. Our thinking mind is an emerging consciousness that cannot be complete by itself, because it remembers itself as one part of a Trinity of Consciousness. Spiritual Philosophy helps the thinking mind to emerge from the depths of fear into an open-minded understanding of itself and its chemical design of energy as the most important source of life upon Earth. Emergence from the chemicals of the Universe into the pattern of human life with a thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses as a Spirit Consciousness is our pattern of evolution.

Emergence is the pattern of our thinking mind, loving emotions, spirit senses and our physical body as the whole of us as chemical energy that is evolving to Know Thyself. Our physical body emerges from the chemical energy of the sperm and ovum. As our thinking mind emerges from its cocoon of fear, it is emerging into the truth of itself as the love of our chemical design. Spiritual Philosophy defines what it means for the "biology" of us to discover the origins of ourselves as energy and matter. Our physical body is the matter of us, but our thinking mind, loving emotions, and spirit senses are the Spirit Consciousness of us as the purity of Spirit energy.

As we emerge from our external thinking mind into an internal thinking realization of the changing sub-structures of thought, we begin to see how our thinking mind is emerging from a fear of life to a love of life. As our thinking changes, our perception of self and our life changes. For example, as our thinking mind emerges from its fear, it begins to recognize its own potential to expand its patterns of thinking and understanding itself, not only from the "now" of our physical reality, but the truth of our chemical origins of life begins to shine through our cloud of fear and we begin to see the entire pattern as the origin of us, as the pattern of creation, and as a pattern of constant emergence as we move from our beginning level of thinking to higher and higher levels of our Dual Soul thinking as we begin to live our patterns of enjoyment and love. Growth and change are our evolving patterns of emergence from our fear to love. We have lived this pattern of emergence as the development of new life and its emergence into the physical world of Earth from the pattern of chemicals that are found in the sperm and ovum themselves.

We cannot wear a cloak of gentleness to hide a fearful and competitive personality and live as a Spirit Consciousness at the same time. Competition, jealousy, and fear are all energies of inequality and untruth. These are hardened transitional approaches to life that are motivated by an intense and personal fear of growth and change that will not allow us to emerge into our loving emotional self and live our lives peacefully in the beauty of our Spirit Consciousness as a thinking mind, loving emotions, and infinite spirit senses, until we accept growth and change as our evolutionary patterns of life. We each have a choice to make. No one can change us but us. Emerging from our fear into our love can only happen when we are willing to change the thinking mind from fear to love. It is our choice to be unhappy or to be happy as human beings who at last have the option of Knowing Thyself, which provides us with the inspiration of change and growth. We are the only life form on Earth that has the capability of using our thinking mind to Know Thyself. Once we Know Thyself, we can heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and as sensory beings.

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