Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Doctor - A Poem by Kathy Oddenino

A Doctor

Nakedness and ignorance was the base
from which he met this world face to face.
He grew gradually of both body and mind
from infancy to maturity, an unknown time.

His technical skills he obtained from a book,
he learned to judge by a touch and a look,
he wrote his boards and received his paper,
but being a true Doctor comes much later.

How can one measure the depth of growth
that one must acquire as proof of worth?
Compassion and kindness can never be taught
but must be learned by living the part.

What good has he done if he treats only pain
and lets man wander alone and in vain?
Better to remember man as a whole
than to pick and choose an organ or mole.

Man learns best by doing and seeing,
he can only begin his art by being.
Those given the grace to relieve man's suffering
will be eternally blessed by their offering.

Schools and license can a Doctor make,
but without compassion he will be a fake.
He should thank God if it is his fate
to acknowledge this fact before it's too late.

ca. 1965

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