Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Basics of Healing - What We Are Still Missing

Hippocrates said, Let food be our medicine. In the multi-media news, we read all about new studies focused on one chemical or another, and another new product (usually drug) that claims it will help us feel better, give us more energy, help us sleep, relieve our pain. Then come the lists of potential side-effects, like an afterthought. The food and drug industries are seeing that as consumers age, illnesses increase, and marketers for those industries are now targeting "chronic illness" as the inevitable,increasingly visible, economically influential new demographic. Editorials report that a cultural shift is happening, where we see health problems as lifestyles rather than diseases. This shift in perception is a positive one, but what are we still missing?

We are what we eat! Products that are gluten-free, sugar-free, heart-healthy,low-fat, cholesterol-free, etc., are still manufactured products marketed to make money. Our chronic diseases and pains are finally getting us to think more carefully about what we ingest, and our choices about life or death - next, we must think about our relationship to Nature and the pure food of Nature that will support us in health. Everyone does not have to plant their own garden to choose fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for their daily diets. Resources abound, now, in most places in our country, and with a little effort, we will quickly discover how much better we feel and how much money we will begin to save on our "disease-care" as we feed our bodies and minds the chemicals that are created to sustain life. This doesn't mean no chocolate, no desserts, no breads! This means we must educate ourselves and begin to appreciate that We are what we eat!

Before we can understand healthy eating, we must understand that we are chemical beings that are responsible for the maintenance of our physical, mental, emotional and sensory health by living a life of prevention of disease thorugh our cellular chemical balance. When we have disease, we also have the ability to restore adn rejuvenate the chemical balance within our cellular physical body by eating the pure foods of nature, drinking the purest water of nature, and breathing the purest air of nature that we can find. We are making ourselves sick, diseased, and near-death by the foods, water, and air that we are meant to live from. To heal, we must be willing to accept a nutrient-dense lifestyle with our health returns. As we contaminate our environment, we contaminate our physical body, which creates our multiple disease syndromes. We have been taught some erroneous beliefs that are gradually killing us, such as: All food is good food. I am perfect as I am. There is no need for me to change.

As we contaminate our environment with pesticides, herbicides, genetic engineering, food processing chemicals, and other chemicals that are foreign to our chemical design, we are gradually killing ourselves as we slowly poison our internal chemical cellular design which creates our internal chemical imbalance and disease. It is the poisoning of our cellular design that creates all diseases except for infectious diseases. We are susceptible to infectious diseases because we are destroying the function of our immune system with the chemicals that are poisoning us, which lowers our immune system and leaves us susceptible to many forms of cellular diseases.

Essential minerals are part of our cellular design that our body cannot replace. We must eat and drink the minerals that we need. When we eat organically from mineral-rich soil or drink water that is high in minerals, we begin our healing process.

I suggest supplements because when our body is compromised with disease, time is of the esence. Nerve health is supported by the supplementation unti our cells can return to their normal chemical balance. Vitamin E is essential to our nerve health and should always be used in heailng our body. My recommendation is Vitamin E - 2000mg/day - (1000mg AM/PM) plus the Organic by Nature Plant-based supplement system.

We have three generations of foods that are given to us to use as human beings to maintain our health and happiness. All foods should be organically grown and produced. First Generation - Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Grains, and Seeds and all plant foods; Second Generation - Fish, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, and all animal flesh foods; Third Generation - Foods that are produced by the Second Generation animals, such as eggs, milk, and honey. I have written more specifically about this and a maintenance plan for healthy eating in my first book, The Joy of Health: A Spiritual Concept of Integration and the Practicalities of Living.
If we want to be healthy, we must begin to think about ourselves as chemical beings, and about the fact that it is our nervous system that gives us life, and that keeps us alive. Without this knowledge, we continue to compromise our nervous system in every way we can imagine, and think nothing of cutting nerves to eliminate pain, removing organs to "get rid of disease," creating one more product in our search for the next "cure." We are created to be self-healing organisms. We have forgotten this in our search for cures, and our focus on disease rather than health.

Neural depolarization is my energy healing technique which helps to balance the nervous system and facilitate our body's own regenerative response to the chemical imbalances, including pain, which accumulate into deadly diseases. I hope you will begin to think about health and our nervous system as our life-support system as you eat, drink, breathe, and interact as an energy being in your daily life. Testimonials on my web site are a few examples of the relief that clients have found from chronic pain, MS, glaucoma, dyslexia, fibromyalgia, and more. We will continue to update these.

As the New Year begins, I wish you more health and happiness than you thought possible!

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My God, all of these wonderful articles and no comments....

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I started a site similar to yours!

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