Monday, May 17, 2010

Spiritual Ecstasy

Most of us as humans have heard the theory of Spiritual Ecstasy. Spiritual Ecstasy has accomplished wonders for the human race because our Spiritual Ecstasy has given us hope by triggering our emotional love. There is also a Scholarly Ecstasy which is our intense desire to understand ourselves in relationship to Earth, Nature, the Universe, and to all humans that live on Earth, and there is a religious Ecstasy that occurs when we “think” that we are communicating with the God that we believe to be our Savior. We also experience a physical human Ecstasy when we have a dramatic sexual experience. As human beings we do not walk around all day in our entire life thinking that we are living in a form of Ecstasy, but in fact when we can feel happiness in our life and in our living, we are living a level of Ecstasy within our emotional self.

Human beings have had to learn the fine art of “being emotional” which shows us our growth and expansion as we expand our thinking mind into our loving emotions. As we expand our thinking mind into our emotional self, we have created the capability within our thinking mind of knowing thyself. Knowing thyself is another means of expressing our Spiritual Ecstasy as we consciously integrate our thinking mind into our loving emotions. Spiritual Ecstasy does not come from an outside source, but it occurs as an internal function when we feel the happiness and joy of our collective mind and emotional growth. Our Spirit self is the most complete part of our human design and it is the energy design of us that we use to recreate a new physical body with each of our patterns of life and our human deaths.

As we become attuned to our internal energy, we can feel the dramatic changes that occur within our human body as we experience the growth of our internal energy. The very first change that we make in our energy field is within our thinking mind. This helps us to understand the wisdom of thinking and studying. When we study we grow our thinking mind, loving emotions, and our Spirit Senses, which is the growth and change that we are responsible for within our Spirit Consciousness. As we grow and change, we become increasingly happier with who we are and we begin to treat ourselves with the love that we require. If we find that we are not happy with ourselves, we must do the internal work of examining ourselves and our behaviors to discover what is creating our internal imbalance. We never lose our balance because of other people. We lose our energy balance because we allow other people and our own internal mind to create a dramatic level of imbalance within itself through our internal energy drain.

Our own “jealousy” towards other people is probably our most ferocious energy that affects our state of thinking and emotions as it drains us. We should never look at another person and covet their energy. Each of us have our own energy fields or we would not be living human beings. Because we each have our own energy, we can never make ourselves something that we are not designed to become. Our growth and our change depends upon changing our thinking and behaviors. If we never change our thinking and behaviors, we will never change ourselves, and this is a very evident energy that anyone can witness. As we refuse to honor ourselves, we will consistently dishonor other people. Understanding ourselves is the primary purpose of studying Spiritual Philosophy. When we understand ourselves as Spiritual Energy, we will have the internal power to live in Ecstasy in every aspect of our physical lives. We will never need to “copy” another person, because we will have expanded the person that we are.

Knowing thyself is the beginning of our Spiritual Ecstasy as an energy that we can and should use to conduct our life, including our relationships. Spiritual Ecstasy allows us to live our physical life through an absolute understanding of happiness and joy because we are an eternal Spirit Energy. Our physical life is some what like playing a card game. We might think that we have a hand of aces up our sleeve, but the energy that gives life to our physical body may be playing with a different hand. Sometimes it can be imperative to our Spirit Energy to change our physical focus and begin a new focus. Life is always about the Dual Soul lessons that we are learning, which we must learn in relationship to our physical reality. No one else can ever live our lessons for us. Lessons are always pertaining to the activity of our physical life and what we are learning. The more that we feel in “tune” with our Dual Soul lessons, the more comfortable we will be with our physical life. When we do not know ourselves we will challenge ourselves with opportunities to grow and change as physical lessons.

To show everyone how interesting life really is, while I was sitting at my computer writing about our Spiritual transition as the Ecstasy of our Spiritual self, my granddaughter called me. She and her boyfriend have just bought a new home which they have recently moved into, and which she is very conscious of sharing with the previous owner who recently died. As energy beings we live eternally, but sometimes the transition from one life to the next life is not always easy or fast, because most people are not taught that we are energy and when we die we begin a new life in a new body in a new place. When we live with an awareness that we are energy and that we live multiple physical lives, we will not be afraid of leaving one life to enter a new life. If we live with a fear of death, we cannot live in the Spiritual Ecstasy that we deserve to live in at our time of death and rebirth. This helps us to understand why our fear of death must be changed, so that we can complete our transition and move forward into our new life.

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Barkha said...

Hi Kathy
I am out of words to express my admiration for the profundity in your thoughts on spiritual ecstasy. I honor and simply love the way you have explained us living beings as element of energy and how this poignant element is a clue to our relationships, change and behavior. Your posts are mindful in conveying that spirituality is about experiencing the energy around, feeling the ecstasy within and knowing the purpose of living. Kathy, people like you are like gem stones that share their light through wisdom and self awakening.
Barkha Dhar